A Special Touch for Sergeant Square

The Ingenious LS Fabrication Custom Gas Door Filler

We are excited to unveil one of the most innovative additions to our military charity truck build known as Sergeant Square. Engineered by LS Fabrication, this custom gas door filler is a masterfully designed game-changer, seamlessly blending functionality with originality.

At the forefront of the 1973-1991 Squarebody Chevy/GMC taillight fuel filler kits, LS Fabrication has crafted a solution that redefines gas cap relocation without the need for repainting. This product is a testament to LS Fabrication’s dedication to precision and superior design, utilizing cutting-edge 3D scan and CAD design technology to create a part that’s not only highly accurate but also seamlessly integrated into the truck’s design.

The installation process was as smooth as it gets. Placed directly behind the driver’s side taillight, the custom gas door filler ensures a clean, hidden alternative to the traditional gas cap location. This choice perfectly positions the filler on the correct side when pulling up to the pumps—an attention to detail that reflects every aspect of the Sergeant Square’s design.

During SEMA Show 2023 debut, this custom gas door filler from LS Fabrication turned heads and sparked conversations. Its CNC laser-cut 18-gauge steel construction, paired with a high-polished 1.5-inch stainless steel LS engraved fuel filler spout, speaks volumes about its quality and craftsmanship. Here’s how we made it happen.

01. When we left off, the fuel tank from Boyd welding was installed on the new All American Chassis, and we were ready to start plumbing the gas lines.
02. To add some channel style, we polished the bottom of the fuel cell so if anyone looked underneath the truck it would have a mirror finish.
03. We used all new PTFE fittings from Hot Rod Fuel Hose to guarantee everything was tight and there would be no leaks.
04. We also used this new Hot Rod Fuel Hose Corvette-style fuel filter, which can keep up with the demand.
05. All the lines were run down the side of our All American Chassis with new steel braided hoses from Summit Racing.
06. With the chassis complete and the fuel system finished, it’s time to get it over to the body shop to mount the bed and fuel filler.
07. Before Shane Murphy at Street Dreams laid color on the truck, he will make sure the new LS Fabrication taillight fuel filter fits correctly and opens properly.
08. The uncoated steel assembly allows for painting or powdercoating, giving owners the ability to match it perfectly to their truck’s exterior.
09. After Dack fit the frame in the taillight housing and mounted it with a few rivets, he checked the function by opening and closing it making sure there was no resistance.
10. One of the most remarkable aspects of LS Fabrication’s offering is its versatility. The kit’s compatibility with both LED taillights and stock GM lights further emphasizes its adaptability.
11. LS Fabrication’s commitment to customer satisfaction is evident through the inclusion of comprehensive instructions, ensuring a hassle-free installation process.
12. The LS Fabrication custom gas door filler has seamlessly merged practicality with sophistication.
13. As the editor of C10 Builder’s Guide magazine, witnessing the Sergeant Square adorned with this LS Fabrication custom gas door filler is a testament to the extraordinary lengths enthusiasts will go to create a truly exceptional vehicle.
14. For those seeking an ingenious, hidden alternative for their Squarebody’s gas cap, the LS Fabrication custom gas door filler stands out as the pinnacle of innovation and design.
15. LS Fabrication’s custom gas door filler elegantly installed behind the driver’s side taillight of the Sergeant Square, debuted at SEMA Show 2023.


LS Fabrication

Boyd Welding

Hot Rod Fuel Hose