We think it’s time to give back! Street Trucks magazine is partnering with Mission 22 for a unique charity project designed to raise as much money as possible for this amazing nonprofit organization. We have all seen themed charity truck builds in the past. But we intend to do something a little different with Sergeant Square. Instead of creating a military-themed truck or building a vehicle to give to a deserving service member, we hired one of the nation’s top truck designers to create the ultimate-looking and most desirable Chevy Squarebody on the planet. We have some new great sponsors on board including https://www.lmctruck.com/ https://www.allamericanbillet.com/ https://www.qa1.net/ https://www.sloshtubz.net/ https://www.currentperformance.com/ https://ebcbrakes.com/ https://www.feslerusa.com/ https://nexentireusa.com/ https://www.vintageair.com/ https://www.classicindustries.com/ https://www.ppgpaints.com/ https://www.lgbilletusa.com/ https://newvintageusa.com/