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If you own a truck then you will want to check out our latest parts counter, with newest custom truck parts!

Wanting to stay up to date with the newest manufacture and the parts they are proving for the the custom truck scene. Look no further our parts counter has you covered, read along and you can check out what new and find links leading directly to the company.

Coil Covers from Eddie Motorsports

LS Coil Covers from Eddie Motorsports for your custom truck The ignition coils on your LS3 engine do a great job making sparks, but they won’t win any awards in the looks department. Fortunately, you can dress them up with Eddie Motorsports Coil Covers. Made in the USA from quarter-inch thick billet aluminum, the covers are available in your choice of smooth or ball-milled styles, with or without a cutout for the stock oil filler tube. Mounting stands that bolt to the stock GM valve covers are included.

Eddie Motorsports

Go Billet with LS Fabrication! Cant have a custom truck with out some billet parts.

custom truck parts, billet glovebox door and speaker grilleLS Fabrication offers custom truck parts such as this a billet glovebox door and speaker grille for ’47-’53 GMC or Chevrolet Advance Design trucks. Pieces are CNC milled from 6061 aluminum and come with a machined finish. Speaker grille cover has the ashtray removed. All required mounting hardware is included.

LS Fabrication

One-Ton Adjustable Height Gantry Crane from Summit Racing Equipment

One-Ton Adjustable Height Gantry Crane from Summit Racing Equipment

We had to add this to our custom truck parts counter. Want to yank the engine out of your car? Do you need to lift the cab of your Super Duty out of the way to change the head studs on your Power Stroke? The Summit Racing Gantry Crane is up to the task. Its all-steel construction and 2,200-pound load capacity mean it eats heavy loads for breakfast. The crane adjusts from 94.25 inches to 141.5 inches in height and spans 94 total inches to accommodate the widest vehicles.

Summit Racing Equipment

 Bed Strips from BedWood is next on our custom truck parts list.

Bed Strips from BedWood for your custom truck BedWood is proud to announce a detailed variety of 100% USA-made bed strips. Made from 430 BA magnetic stainless steel or a carbon cold-rolled steel, BedWood bed strips are ultra-high quality. Each kit can come either punched, unpunched or as a hidden fastener bed strip for your custom truck. All are available in practically any length for those custom applications.

BedWood bed strips are compatible with any application that requires them. Best of all, installing a set of BedWood bed strips guarantees that you have some of the highest quality bed strips available on the market today. BedWood bed strips are not just form and function, but they bring an extraordinary style, too.


Fuel Tank Sealer Kit from KBS Coatings!

Fuel Tank Sealer Kit from KBS CoatingsNext on the custom truck parts counter is KBS Coatings Auto Fuel Tank Sealer Kit contains everything you need to clean, prep and permanently seal up to a 25-gallon tank. The system will remove and stop rust on the inside of the tank as well as form a tough, fuel impervious coating that also seals small pinholes and seams.

This three-step all-inclusive kit consists of KBS Klean to clean the tank; RustBlast to effectively etch the inside of the tank and dissolve rust, corrosion, metal oxides and tarnish; and Gold Standard Tank Sealer, which is a superior, single-component, ready-to-use coating to seal the fuel tank.

KBS Coatings

Bronco Power Steering Conversion From Summit Racing Equipment!

Bronco Power Steering Conversion From Summit Racing Equipment Convert your V-8-equipped Bronco to power steering with this Borgeson kit. It includes a remanufactured steering box, power steering pump, universal joint, bracket and pulley, and hoses.

Summit Racing Equipment

LS6 Valve Springs From Summit Racing Equipment!

LS6 Valve Springs From Summit Racing Equipment!If you’re working with a ’01-’09 5.7L or 6.0L GM LS, then give these Summit Racing LS6-style valve springs a look-see for your cam swap. The beehive-style single springs are a drop-in for the factory springs and can handle cams making up to 0.550 inch of valve lift. It’s also a good choice for Gen I small block Chevy with Vortec heads; add a set of +0.050- inch retainers or locks, and you’re good to go when looking up custom truck parts.

Summit Racing Equipment