2019 Wheel and Tire Guide for Classic Trucks

Wheel and Tire Guide for Classics

WHEN IT COMES TO WHEELS and tires, everyone certainly has their own style and favorite wheel company of choice. With wheels being possibly one of the easiest modifications you can make to update or customize your classic truck, it’s also one of the hardest choices to make. Which wheel will complement the look and style of your build the best? Have no fear. We’ve compiled a short list of some of the most popular makes and brands out there to help get you started on your hunt.

From full one-off custom wheels to three-piece, billet, steel or cast wheels, there is a choice out there that will fully create the exact look and stance that you’re after. Matching your wants with your needs and, of course, your budget, just make sure that you go with a reputable company that will stand behind the quality of its product. You will thank us later. Happy hunting!

 American Racing

Available: 17-inch to 28-inch custom forged wheels built to spec and 14- to 22-inch cast wheels


Atturo AZ850

The AZ850 is a performance tire designed for the modern SUV and Sport Truck. Asymmetric tread design features different inside and outside tire contours to achieve optimum balance across the tread face. This design evenly distributes the pressure of the contact surface to enhance comfort and handling.

The unique compound and tread design of the AZ850 were specifically engineered for the contemporary performance utility vehicle. 

  • Reduced rolling resistance
  • Cooler and increase stability at high speeds
  • High-tensile steel belts and jointless nylon bands
  • Secure braking, handling and durability
  • Available in 18-22-inch sizes 


American Force Wheels 

Available: 20- to 30-inch heavy duty forged wheels


Coker Tire  

Available: 14- to 18-inch whitewall tires


Billet Specialties 

Available: 18- to 26-inch billet wheels custom-built with multiple finishes


Budnik Wheels 

Available: 15- to 24- inch custom billet wheels available in multiple finishes


Coys Wheels 

Available: 17- to 22-inch cast wheels available in different widths and backspacing


Detroit Steel Wheels 

Available: 18- to 22-inch steel wheels available in multiple backspacing and finishes


Deluxe Wheel Company 

Available: 20-inch wheels that replicate a 15-inch wheel and wide white so you can run big brakes with a more traditional look


Curtis Speed Wheels 

Available: One-off wheels of most sizes and fitments


Evod Industries 

Available: 15- to 24-inch one-off wheels custom created for each vehicle


Hot Rods by Boyd 

Available: 17- to 24-inch custom billet wheels and repair


Lexani Wheels 

Available: 19- to 32-inch custom wheels, multiple options, made to order


Intro Wheels 

vailable: 15- to 28-inch billet custom made wheels and fi nishes


Raceline Wheels 

Available: 17-inch to 28-inch billet wheels custom built to order


Rocket Racing Wheels 

Available: 16- to 18-inch wheels with many bolt patterns and back spacing options


US Mags 

Available: 15- to 30-inch billet wheels custom made with multiple fi nish options


TOYO Tires 

Available: 15- to 26-inch tires


TSW Alloy Wheels 

Available: 17- to 22-inch cast wheels


US Wheel 

Available: 14- to 18-inch wheels available in many bolt patterns