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Hot Rods by Boyd

PerfeC/Ktion| ’93 Chevy C1500

It Doesn’t Get Any Better You know those trucks that are awesome at first glance, and then just keep getting more awesome once you really start staring for ...

GROUND FORCE | ’95 Chevy S-10

Everyone wants to build something legendary but, even so, it’s a relatively rare occurrence. It takes a well-trained eye and lots of determination, especially i...

Replay | Bodydropped 2011 Chevy Silverado

Boredom can hit anyone, but maybe not quite as fiercely as it hits those who have “finished” their project truck. Sure, there’s the enjoyment of finally being a...

Pro Sub | ’64 Chevy Suburban

Fun For the Whole Family! As the owner of Pro Performance, Travis Dulgerian deals with a lot of awesome rides on a daily basis. Because of this, his standard...