AN UPGRADED AUDIO SYSTEM IS SUCH A PERSONAL THING BECAUSE MOST OF THE TIME YOU’RE USUALLY THE ONLY ONE WHO EXPERIENCES IT ON A DAILY BASIS—WELL, UNLESS YOU CRANK IT HIGH AT ALL TIMES, WHICH WE’RE SURE YOUR NEIGHBORS AND RANDOM PEDESTRIANS MUST APPRECIATE JUST AS MUCH. Whatever. A high-tech, high-performance sound system is designed to enjoy at high volumes, so we condone the practice of playing it loud and proud at every possible opportunity.

To assist in building the audio setup of your dreams, we’ve scoured the marketplace to find the latest and greatest, as well as a couple tried and true products to get your truck rockin’ and rollin’ for show season and beyond. With so many quality options to choose from, there are definitely a lot of great audio products at prices to fit nearly every budget. Searching for the latest head unit featuring cutting edge multimedia technologies? How about drop-in factory replacement speaker upgrades? Would you like to drop some heavy bass into the mix? If you answered yes to one or all of those, we’ve got you covered.

Follow along and start a shopping list based on these killer audio goods. No matter what make, model or year truck or SUV you’re looking to upgrade, there’s a perfect component combo to increase its audio signal production, as well as its functionality. Whether you’re building for show or simply upgrading your daily driver, these premium products will no doubt enhance your driving experience.


HERE, YOU’LL FIND a great amount of tech-heavy double-DIN and single-DIN head units that are geared up to provide the ultimate personalized multimedia/sound experience possible. Stay connected to your personal devices while still being able to fine-tune audio/video playback to achieve the clearest sound signal imaginable. No matter what type of truck you own, you can find a quality aftermarket receiver to fit it perfectly.

12.1-Inch Audio/Video/Nav Receiver for ’14-’18 Silverado/ Sierra

Designed specifically for ’14-’18 GM Silverado/Sierra models, Phoenix Automotive’s audio/video/navigation receiver retains all factory functionality (except CD playback, but who needs that?), while adding a fully functional Andriod tablet capability to the truck. Other highlights include access to the Here WeGo navigation system, use of MirrorLink and other media players, as well as the Google Chrome browser and the ability to install any Android app. Of course, the receiver is Bluetooth ready to give you full wireless enjoyment of all entertainment functions while you drive.

Phoenix Automotive

Santa Cruz Head Unit

With so many products out there that cater to C10 platforms, Retro Manufacturing saw the need to take care of the guys with ’88-’94 GM trucks. The Santa Cruz head unit has been specifically designed for these pickups, as it is the only OEM style radio replacement offered for this class of GM vehicle. The Santa Cruz gives its owner the ability to maintain a factory appearance and functionality while significantly upgrading to modern audio technology. Built-in Bluetooth and SiriusXM compatibility come standard.

Retro Manufacturing

iLX-W650 and KTA-450 Power Duo

Pickup trucks don’t usually offer loads of room for that sound system you’ve been dreaming of. There are ways to play it safe, while also getting the audio signal you’ve been longing for, and Alpine’s Power Duo helps make it possible. The iLX-W650 head unit and KTA-450 are “stackable,” and join forces to create the most powerful double-DIN head unit on the market. The Power Duo fits perfectly in factory replacement scenarios, so you’ll be able to squeeze the capable fourchannel amp with 100 watts of power per channel behind the head unit and won’t have to sacrifice an inch of available cab space. That makes the easy swipe control, navigation function, and Apple CarPlay and Android Auto systems seem like bonus material.


SPH-10BT Single-DIN Head Unit

Who doesn’t want a double-DIN size screen in their older truck? Sometimes, there just isn’t enough dash space for that, but Pioneer has done its part to make it possible. Pioneer has a cool single-DIN head unit that features a flip out monitor to give the double-DIN appearance, and they have this SPH-10BT unit that turns your cell phone into the actual receiver screen, which is one of the most unique functions on the current marketplace. Dock your smartphone right into the unit’s built-in cradle, and then connect (wired or wirelessly) to the Pioneer Smart Sync app for a whole new driving experience. Enjoy navigation capability, hands-free calling, messaging, voice command to a single-DIN receiver and a whole lot more.


BOSS Audio BVCP9685A 6.75-inch Stereo

Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are built right in to the BVCP9685A double din car multimedia receiver. With a big 6.75-inch capacitive touchscreen monitor, you will be able to easily select CarPlay-related icons as well as all other system settings and configurations.

BOSS Audio

KW-V950BW 2-DIN Head Unit

What’s big about this head unit from JVC is the addition of wireless access to Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, which both add a more intuitive way to use your iPhone- or Android-powered devices. This is JVC’s most advanced multimedia receiver to date, and with most brand new vehicles not even offering this level of sophistication, it’s kind of a big deal to incorporate this into a truck you already own. Connect up to five devices wirelessly so everybody can take turns playing music from their library, and connect to messaging, navigation and communication apps through your smartphone of choice.



WITHOUT SPEAKERS, you have no sound, and with there being so many sizes and styles to pick from ranging from two-way coaxial, components, subwoofers and custom powered enclosures, selecting the right combination for your truck has never been more exciting.

P 20 F Subwoofer

While some audio system builders may subscribe to the “bigger is better” mentality, Focal is looking to change that with their 8-inch P 20 F sub. It offers both high power and compactness in a single package. While those two characteristics oftentimes negate each other, they now can perform simultaneously, especially when building a smaller size, sealed enclosure.


MultiPro Tailgate Audio System

Owners of a 2019 GMC Sierra definitely need to take advantage of Kicker’s MultiPro Tailgate Audio system. The independent 100-watt audio system comes with a pair of weatherproof speakers pre-installed, as well as an on-board USB charging port, a 3.5 mm audio jack, and full Bluetooth compatibility. It can be turned on and off automatically when the tailgate is raised or lowered. Turn any time in a parking lot into a full-blown party.


BOSS Audio BAB10 Amplified Car Subwoofer

A built-in amplifier powers the 10-inch subwoofer. No need to have a subwoofer housed in a box and a separate amplifier. If you have a small cabin to work with, the BAB10 will provide the rich bass that every sound system cannot do without.

BOSS Audio

Pioneer TS-D69F 6×9 2-Way Speakers

Right off the bat, 6×9 speakers are well known for delivering a full-bodied sound, and choosing a quality speaker like Pioneer’s TS-D69F coaxial two-way will work wonders in any truck’s cab. This particular model speaker falls into Pioneer’s D-Series, which provides broad and balanced frequency response with a sound stage that will surely bang well on your eardrums. The 26 mm polyester soft dome tweeter and aramid fiber interlaced injectionmolded polypropylene of the speaker cone make for crisp audio signals with the ability for high output and extreme low bass notes.


Stadium GTO 600C Component Speaker System

The easiest way to get better sound in your truck is to change out the factory speakers, and the best replacements for door speakers are component systems. JBL’s GTO 600C components feature a gap switchable crossover, Plus One glass fiber woofer cones that offer impressively high SPL performance. Oversize 35 mm woofer voice coils can offer maximum power handling with very low distortion, which makes these speakers ideal for amplification. They don’t call this the Stadium line for nothing—choose from eight models within the lineup to build the best sounding system for your truck.


Punch 12-Inch 300- Watt Powered Truck Enclosure

With this great “all in one” bass solution, you’ll get a Rockford Fosgate Punch 12-inch subwoofer, a 300-watt internal amplifier and a slim design enclosure that has been designed to work for universal truck applications. Space is most definitely an issue in the cab space of a pickup, and Rockford Fosgate has definitely kept that in mind when creating this powerful package. The enclosure is equipped with quick release input and power connectors, so when you really need the extra space, the entire unit can be removed in no time at all.

Rockford Fosgate

X-Series Subwoofer

Truck owners not only looking for big bass, but SMART bass will love what Alpine’s X-Series subwoofers have to offer. The X-Series subs feature what Alpine calls ID (Image Defined) technology, which focuses on sound accuracy that can be finely tuned in the terms of spatial imaging and depth of sound stage. What this does is allow one of the company’s high performing X-Series subwoofer offerings to perform great on its own, but even better with an X-Series amp that can take full advantage of what it’s truly capable of. Get the latest in Alpine’s subwoofer technology in either 10- or 12-inch options.


Punch 12-Inch 300-Watt Powered Truck Enclosure

With this great “all in one” bass solution, you’ll get a Rockford Fosgate Punch 12-inch subwoofer, a 300-watt internal amplifier and a slim design enclosure that has been designed to work for universal truck applications. Space is most definitely an issue in the cab space of a pickup, and Rockford Fosgate has definitely kept that in mind when creating this powerful package. The enclosure is equipped with quick release input and power connectors, so when you really need the extra space, the entire unit can be removed in no time at all.

Rockford Fosgate

Undercover II Powered Hidden Subwoofer

In the same vein of keeping sound upgrades under the radar, Custom Autosound’s Undercover II system not only provides more bass, but it provides a fuller-range sound signal while being able to be stashed under your truck’s seats, which is incredibly helpful in older single-cab pickups. The Undercover II unit is only sold in pairs, so one under each side will dramatically increase the overall sound quality inside of your truck. Each housing features an 8-inch woofer and two Piezo tweeters, and adds 200 watts of sound per unit. The Undercover II doesn’t have to be stuffed under the seats though—it can easily be mounted to a wall or anywhere else the 3-inch high by 11-inch wide by 12½- inch deep frame makes the most sense.

Custom Autosound Mfg.


A STEREO SYSTEM is only as good as the amps that are powering it. From moderate to competitiongrade audio packages, we’ve rounded up a batch of amplifiers that have been designed to optimize the performance of your BOSS Audio Systems truck’s audio components.

BOSS Audio Systems PF1800 Phantom

This powerful two-ohm stable amplifier features 1,800 watts max power with a MOSFET power supply for better performance to get your vehicle rocking. Customize the sound with low and high pass crossover, bass boost and remote subwoofer control. Bridge channels offer more power and flexibility. The Phantom Series are full-featured amplifiers that offer eye-catching multi-LED backlit illumination and customization for high quality sound and performance.

BOSS Audio

Kicker 4.0 Amp w/ FlexTune

Now are the days of instant gratification and being able to create shortcuts at nearly every turn. In the world of mobile audio, Kicker has developed its new 4.0 amp and FlexTune app for Kicker-equipped GM audio systems. Using your connected device, the FlexTune app links to your Kicker-equipped Bluetooth LE to add bass or increase the clarity. A graphic five-band EQ makes tweaking the sound simple. From there, name your custom preset for easy recall. Fine tuning your sound system really can’t get any easier than that.


ALPHA Super D-Class Hybrid 5-Channel Amp

For those who crave a robust sound system, a five-channel amp might be the way to go. The Hifonics Alpha hybrid amp is a combination of full range and Super D-Class, which blend together to easily create well over 1,100 watts of pure audio power. If you want to make life easy and run with a single amp to provide enough juice to your trucks entire stereo setup, look no further.


VX1000/1i Monoblock Class D Subwoofer Amp

JL Audio’s latest monoblock Class D amplifier is capable of delivering up to 600 watts into 4 ohms or an incredible 1,000 watts into 2 ohms. What makes those figures so impressive is the fact that this amp is rather compact. Aside from this amplifier’s somewhat small but huge personality, JL has also increased its user-friendliness by placing all connections on one side, making it much more simple to mount and wire up in tighter, more concealed locations. Another selling point to this amp is that instead of typical control knobs used to make adjustments, configuration can be made through a compatible smart phone with the JL Audio TuN software app installed.

JL Audio

LoC-22 Two-Channel Line Out Converter

If you drive a fairly new truck, ripping out the factory head unit may not sound like such a great idea, especially if it’s hooked up to a factory amplifier. If you’d like to keep that factory stereo and amp right where there but add more speakers, subs and an aftermarket amp to it, JL’s LoC two-channel line output converter can help. Chances are, that new stereo is pretty well loaded with navigation, climate controls, voice-activated functions and other built-in factory features that might be too valuable to lose, so why not build upon what is already there?

JL Audio

EQS755 Equalizer

If you’re serious about getting the very best performance from an older sound system or even brand new equipment, an equalizer can help with that. Clarion’s EQS755 seven-band graphic equalizer gives you superior control all across the audio spectrum, with frequency adjustments in the 50 Hz to 16 kHz range. This gives you the most access to fine-tuning the power and quality audio signal from your sound gear. Tweak and set the audio output to what sounds best to your ear, and enjoy your tunes better than ever before.



THESE PRODUCTS really allow for a truly customized level of audio/multimedia bliss. From products that create a mobile Wi-Fi hot spot, and better incorporate beloved cell phones into the stereo system, it’s all here, and then some.

2019 Chevy Blazer Rear Seat Infotainment System

GM has introduced a rear seat infotainment package that comes complete with dual 8-inch LCD monitors mounted to each front seat headrest, which creates an in-vehicle network. The package also comes with two pairs of wireless headphones, a single remote control with multiple inputs such as USB, SD card and a mini HDMI port. A companion app allows for front seat passengers to control both monitors, which will be great for racking up extra points at shows or keeping the kids occupied during your next extended road trip.


AT&T Harman Spark

Even though the AT&T/Harman Spark unit wasn’t quite developed solely for audio systems, it’s powerful Wi-Fi hotspot function will prove to come in handy when streaming audio and video files from a smartphone. But just in case you need the Spark’s other important functions, including emergency crash assistance, vehicle diagnostics, location information and a roadside assistance manager just to name a few, rest assured it can definitely do a lot more than enhancing your next streaming sesh.


Bullet Antenna

Your antenna is technically a big part of your truck’s stereo system, especially if you depend on it to pickup AM/FM signals. With that said, ditch your ugly factory antenna and get yourself a slick Bullet antenna from VMS Racing. It’s constructed from high quality T-6061 billet aluminum and is available in a variety of anodized and powdercoat finishes.

VMS Racing

MagicMount Charger

Most modern car stereos are used to stream music from cell phones, and to help keep the party going, that smartphone has got to be charged. Scosche utilized this common knowledge and created the MagicMount phone charger that is available in a universal model or in ever growing vehicle-specific offerings as well. The MagicMount charges cell phones quickly, and device-safe Neodymium magnets used on the surface holds phones securely during charging.


NotcHead USB Dash Charging Port & Bezel

Sometimes even the slightest modernlooking piece of equipment can throw off the attention to detail inside of a vintage pickup. To keep things looking old school while giving you the ability to easily charge your cell phone, this old-school looking bezel (and included charging cable) from NotcHead will look right at home on your truck’s dash and comes in machined, polished or black hard anodized finishes.


Full Throttle Automotive Battery

The Full Throttle battery is a true high-performance unit, and is built to the highest standards to be put through even the toughest of tests. The 99.994% pure virgin lead that is used in the Full Throttle cell helps it last longer, while a very low internal resistance allows for quicker charging times. Unlike wet batteries, this AGM style can be mounted vertically or horizontally, and also eliminate the need to worry about corroded terminals or cables.

Full River Battery

Sound Deadening Mats

To truly attain the best sound quality possible, do yourself a favor and install a layer of sound control matting. LMC Truck offers sound control mats by the sheet or in larger packages to get the job done right. Not only does this material keep road noise out and your in-cab music sounding pure, but it also helps control temperature, which is especially important with older trucks with far less insulation. If you’re planning on replacing your carpet anyway, take the extra step to lay down a layer of sound control mat—you’ll thank yourself after the first drive.

LMC Truck