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Extra-Long Flex Head Ratcheting Wrenchest

Stop scraping your knuckles trying to use a wrench where your hands don’t fit. EZ Red’s Extra-Long Flex Head Ratcheting Wrenches feature a slim design that can reach just about anywhere, and their extended length allows you to apply the extra torque required to remove frozen or stubborn bolts and nuts. Additional features include:

  • Made from durable machined steel with a chrome plated finish
  • Extra-long spline with 180-degree flex heads
  • Exceeds ASME/ANSI torque specifications
  • Included sizes: 8mm x 10mm; 12mm x 14mm; 13mm x 15mm; 16mm x 18mm; and 17mm x 19mm

Summit Racing Equipment

Motor Coater Kit

This all-inclusive and user-friendly system consists of KBS Klean to clean surfaces, RustBlast to remove rust and corrosion, and Motor Coater, which is a durable engine enamel that has deep and rich pigment for excellent coverage. Motor Coater is currently available in 39 colors. Motor Coater is a high performance, high gloss paint that can withstand temperatures of up to 450°F and is impervious to oil and gas. It matches OEM standards, and with proper surface preparation will not blister, flake, crack, or peel. Motor Coater has excellent spread ability and is easy to apply by brush, roller, or by spraying.

KBS Coatings

Bolt-In Suspension for Fords

Ridetech’s complete bolt-in suspension system for the classic Ford trucks removes the entire factory front crossmember in favor of the company’s bolt-on front crossmember and replaces the old rear leaf spring with a 4-link. This package can be ordered with either Shockwaves or coilovers, both of which will help get your classic Ford sitting—and performing—better than ever.


Key Features – Front  

  • Removes bulky, heavy, poor handling twin I-beam suspension
  • Bolt-in cradle is super strong and strengthens the front of the truck while providing structural mounts front control arms—utilizes substantial “H” style design compared to other “I” style crossmembers
  • Superb suspension geometry, built without compromise—vastly superior to adapted salvage yard “Crown-Vic suspension swaps” or “street-rod style” / Mustang II front systems with optimized roll centers and anti-dive
  • Increased camber gain with tall spindle, 5-8 degrees caster for improved high-speed stability
  • Fits 14-inch and larger wheels. If using more than 4.5 inches of backspacing, 18-inch wheels are required
  • Motor mounts options for modular Ford, Ford FE, and small block Ford, Chevy LS/small block/big block
  • Entire system saves approximately 130 pounds from the front of the truck

Key Features – Rear  

  • Removes factory leaf spring suspension and bracketry
  • Complete parallel 4-link with panhard and C-notches
  • Works with coilover or Shockwaves air suspension
  • Includes R-joints on all links for smooth, bind free, quiet operation and long life
  • Optimized roll center and anti-squat (60% anti-dive) for amazing traction and elimination of wheel hop
  • High quality satin black powdercoat finish
  • Reduces rear weight by 50 pounds

HyperSpark Master

Holley’s HyperSpark Master Kits were designed to make upgrading your ignition on a Sniper EFI-equipped engine simple. When installed concurrently with a new Sniper EFI system, the combination creates the easiest to install EFI conversion on the market with only four flying lead connections required. This harness requires just one connection to a switched power source, battery positive, battery negative, and fuel pump power.

The pre-terminated connectors and a built in 40A relay provides power to all the components within the system. With the included Sniper EFI Main Harness you no longer need to run multiple wires to provide switched power for each individual component. This not only helps prevent wiring confusion, but it will also speed up your install time and clean up your engine bay. Just route the harness and pre-terminated connectors to your HyperSpark coil, distributor, and ignition box, and plug them in.



  • Plug-and-play Sniper EFI main harness replaces the standard Sniper EFI harness
  • Designed for existing or new Sniper EFI installations
  • Complete ignition system in a box, including: HyperSpark ignition box, HyperSpark ignition coil, HyperSpark distributor (for your application), and a plug-and-play main harness
  • HyperSpark distributors feature a Hall Effect crank trigger sensor providing a noise-free RPM signal to the Sniper ECU
  • 135mJ of spark energy when used with the HyperSpark ignition coil, ensures complete combustion
  • Integrated ignition coil bracket simplifies mounting the Ignition coil

Cold-Gold Sleeve

The Cold-Gold Sleeve offers superior thermal protection with a distinct appearance for wiring harnesses, fuel and brake lines, and linkages

  • Rated for 1,100 degrees F continuous radiant heat, up to 500 degrees F direct contact heat
  • Built-in high-temp hook and loop fastening system makes for easy installation and removal when necessary
  • Specially formulated Cold-Gold outer layer helps to deflect up to 90% of radiant heat along with protection during first minutes of a fire incident
  • Made in the USA

Cold-Gold Sleeve reflects up to 90% of radiant heat away from protected components, even with minimal air space. Multi-layer thermal barrier insulation topped with specially formulated Cold-Gold outer layer provides continuous protection against radiant heat up to 1,100 degrees F, and up to 500 degrees F of direct-contact heat protection. Cold-Gold Sleeve also offers short-interval protection from flame during the initial stages of a fire incident, providing extra time to deploy fire suppression before serious damage is done to protected components.

Heatshield Products

Billet Door Handle Cups

Add some class to your ride’s interior with these spring-loaded universal door handle cups. These billet door handle cups are CNC machined from 6061-T6 aluminum and come in three finishes: machined, polished, and black anodized. Hardware is included, and they’re sold in pairs. Made in the USA.

All American Billet

Wider Tub Bed Floor for Squarebody Trucks

Auto Metal Direct’s newest development is ’73-’87 Chevy/GMC bed floors for the shortbed Fleetside trucks. But this isn’t just an ordinary bed floor; it is designed to accommodate 4-inch-wider bed floors to go with the company’s very popular 4-inch-wider wheel tubs. AMD has eliminated the need to fabricate the bed floor to install the wider tubs. Now you can purchase the all-new bed floor and directly bolt in the wider tubs! This saves huge on time and money when having to fabricate the floor.

Auto Metal Direct