IT’S OFFICIAL! With over 450 votes, the 2019 Street Trucks truck of the year winner is this beautiful Ford F100 from the crew at Flo AirRide! Mike Alexander set out to make a splash in the F-100 community and partnered with some of the best in the biz to ensure success. This 1962 F-100 build sports some rather unique features, starting with swapping on a 1964 F-100 bed. The foundation began with a full-frame GSI chassis bumper to bumper. From there the team designed a one-of-a-kind look and stance to compliment the craftsmanship that now rested beneath. The GSI chassis was stripped and immediately sent off to powder, while the cab and bed were torn apart for the 90-day thrash. That’s right, this entire truck was built from the ground up in three months flat. CLICK HERE TO READ THE FULL STORY AND SEE ALL THE DETAILED PICS!!