Behind the scenes at TMI Interiors!

Behind the Scenes at an Industry Icon

One of the most popular series of articles we have been running lately is our Made in America series, which features some of the top manufacturers in the industry. We go behind the scenes to see how these companies are run and meet the incredible people behind the brand. Next in our radar is a place we’ve been waiting to visit for a long time: TMI Products Inc. It’s a family-owned company that was founded in 1982 by the Tuccinardi brothers. They began simply by making factory-replacement Volkswagen door panels in their family garage in Torrance, California.
Nearly 40 years later, TMI is now widely known for high-value interior automotive components like seating, interior consoles, floor coverings, door panels, headliners and even convertible roof assemblies. From prototype to production, TMI’s streamlined processes make it possible to have high volume or short-run projects that are still profitable and affordable. TMI offers bone stock concourse replacement interiors for a multitude of popular vehicles, as well as completely off-the-wall custom upgrades for a wide range of vehicles. The company’s classic truck line is a complete aftermarket replacement interior that comes ready to bolt right into your classic truck, right out of the box!
Not that we need a reason to visit Southern California, a trip to TMI’s headquarters is a great way to make the most out of it. After spending a few days at the Pomona Auto Show, Solomon headed over to TMI for a one-on-one tour. This place is way more impressive than we expected, and you can be confident when ordering from this great company!

TMI’s massive facility is impressive from the outside, but after we entered and headed into the production area, we were shocked with the entire functioning operation.
Massive machines and a super clean work area are not what most would expect with an automotive interior company. Walking around the floors of TMI was exciting and informative, and the team they have assembled to produce their product is strong and talented!

As we headed into the headquarters of TMI Products, we had to stop and take a peek at these two unbelievable custom trucks. TMI has these on display to show the quality of work they offer their customers. So impressive!

This Squarebody went with a plaid pattern for the seat inserts and we love it. A great blend of style and uniqueness.

Large shelves full of fresh, uncut material take a majority of the space in this facility. Having something special for every customer is important and challenging, but TMI handles the logistics exceptionally well.
Computer-aided design helps TMI Products create quick and accurate patterns in nearly any material requested.

With the patterns cut, workers can start assembly based on the order they are processing.
TMI also makes molds in-house for a multitude of products including seat cushions, door panels, center consoles and headliners.
These cushions are fresh out of the mold and ready for covering once the edges are trimmed up.

Next is the material retaining clips. These pieces keep the material tight wrinkle free.

These cup holders will be wrapped and mounted into someone’s custom center console. The molds are hardened and ready for an order. They could be yours!

No need to use your old rusty factory seat frames either. TMI builds their own frames in house, and they are solid!

Wrapping a dashboard is no easy task, but the pros at TMI make it look easy. Perfect stitches and flawless material that quality control is what makes TMI so great!
TMI offers new headliners also, and the packing is specifically designed to arrive in perfect condition.

Door panels are a specialty at TMI and we were shown exactly how these pieces are developed. Years of learning and problem solving helped TMI get to this level, and it’s impressive!
Had to get one last look at this roadster on the way out. So sick!

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