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Top 10 Trosley Truck Toons!

Goerge Trosley is one the top truck cartoon artists in the country. We are proud to have him as our staff artist and we love showing you his work. Which one is your favorite? Got an idea for a drawing? Let us know!

Here are our top 10 drawings currently online at Street Trucks!

  1. Now that he’s invented the wheel I wonder what kind of crazy thing he will come up with next.
  2. Apparently The The Meaning of Life!
  3. Cindy, Will You Marry Us?
  4. Hey Neighbor, I’ve Got an Idea..
  5. And Do You, David, Promise To Love, Honor and Cherish Cynthia As Well?
  6. I played my truck’s VIN numbers in the state lottery and won $20,000
  7. Thanks Eddie, It was a Wonderful Ear Shattering, Nerve Blitzing, Adrenalizingly Memorable Evening
  8. It’s Eleven o’clock…. do you know where your kids are?
  9. A penny for your thoughts?
  10. After a slew of complaints and imaginary issues, now….. now we finally have something to work on