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1966 F-100 | BLACK VENOM

This F-100 Always Strikes First Cody Roussel saw a hole in the game, a hole that a slammed fourth-generation F-100 could fill nicely. It’s easy to forget that...

1977 Chevrolet Cheyenne Named Elwood

If It Aint Broke,  Fix It! My Dad once told me "Son if it ain't broke, don't fix it till it is". That comment came after he saw me customizing a car and he did...

SILVERADO SAINT | ’07 Silverado Shortbed

Bouncing Back from a Total Loss  There are certain groups of people out there who don’t let any type of unfortunate event disrupt their involvement in what the...

POPE’S PUDDING | 1968 Ford F100

A Winning Recipe WHEN YOU HAVE THE perfect recipe, you often want to keep it to yourself. Sure, you might let your friends taste your delicious cookies or pudd...

RESALE RED | 1964 Mercury M-100

I SOMETIMES MAKE inappropriate jokes about what I call the “color chart” when referring to a buddy’s skin color and the way that person is treated in different ...