Straight Out of HELL

Details for Days

No introduction needed with this insane Mini. It hit the scene in a HUGE way back in 2010 with its unique graphics and a style that rocked the mini-truck world. The truck took a bit of a hiatus for several years, eventually ending up in very capable hands—those of my buddy Charlie. Finding out that he now owned the truck and was truly enjoying it, there is no better feeling. He’s bringing hell back to the show scene in a big way and putting in the time to renovate it back to its former glory. Some like them low, fast, and loud. This killer mini is the entire package. 

Like a stalker, Charlie followed Straight out of hell everywhere it went. Determined to add the radical Mini to his collection.  

You may already know another of Charlie’s trucks, an ’87 Nissan hardbody name “Out of the Blue,” which has a literal fish tank in the tailgate. It’s fair to say the mini-trucker genes run deep with this one. Starting young with his first mini at the age of 19, Charlie plunged into the custom scene with his 1993 Toyota standard cab. After many hours and several dollars invested, he was shipped out with the Navy, serving his country overseas building a life for his family.

The artwork alone speaks for itself.

Putting his mini-truck passion on a short hold but never losing touch with the help of “Mini Truckin” magazine, he put his sights on Straight Out of Hell for the first time. The fire was lit, the bug had bit, and he knew owning a radical mini was in his future.


After his military tour was complete, the mini-trucker bug latched on once again, and he began collecting. After owning several trucks—from a Mazda B2200 and his ’87 Nissan—we now find ourselves looking at the radical mini he always wanted.

Like a stalker, Charlie followed Straight Out of Hell everywhere it went. He was determined to add the radical mini to his collection. Charlie always looked for the opportunity to own the iconic truck, first laying eyes on it in person at Showfest 2010 and later seeing it at Midwest Dragfest. When the truck later came up for sale, Charlie pulled every string, used every trick in his arsenal, and moved heaven and earth—including sweeping his wife Elisha off to a “romantic” weekend getaway suspiciously pulling an empty trailer. After a quick snatch and grab, and the truck was officially theirs!


The artwork alone speaks for itself, literally keeping your eyes glued for hours as you find something new each time you blink. Each of the skulls has its own style and personality. Figures weave in and out of the door jambs, body lines, and into the dash. The most radical is the spider on the passenger side that rips in half when you open the door. Peeking through the window, you find an interior like no other. It’s a biomechanical masterpiece that makes you cringe, laugh, and scratch your head. There are seats shaped like a spinal cord and a collage of skulls with other mechanical parts pushing through the entire interior. Surprisingly enough, the seats are actually more comfortable than they look.

For wheels, Hell Raiser is rolling on 18-inch KMC Clutch with 215/35R18 front and 225/35R18 rear tires.

When opening the hood, the madness continues wrapping around 350 small block that is subtle yet throws you back in your seat. A full custom sheetmetal bed floor, sliding rag top, and a cherry on top with a painted to match blower on the hood … yep, I’d say this one is the total package.

 Charlie adopted this killer mini with full intentions of restoring to its glory days and enjoying the hell out of it. Literally breaking necks everywhere it goes…    

When opening the hood, the madness continues as it wraps around 350 small block that is subtle yet in your face.

Straight Out of Hell was proudly bought not built. Charlie adopted this killer mini with full intentions of restoring to its glory days and enjoying the hell out of it, literally breaking necks everywhere it goes, watching people pulling off the road to see in person, and setting the bar for what I consider a radical build.

Mix this with the best people you will ever meet and some of my best friends, and you simply cannot beat it. So sit back, stay a while, and enjoy the view. Flip through these pages and feast your eyes on this iconic mini that found its forever home … trust me … I asked.



Charlie & Elisha Rehrig

  • 1994 Toyota Pickup
  • Purchased March 3 2020 in Crescent Iowa 
  • Club : Acrophobia


  • 350 ci small-block
  • Holley Street Avenger headers/exhaust
  • Shorty block Huggers with heat tape
  • Dual MagnaFlow exhaust
  • Polished 305 heads
  • Edelbrock four-barrel carb with shotgun scoop
  • MSD Ignition
  • 700R4 transmission
  • Custom driveshaft
  • Optima RedTop Battery
  • Custom radiator
  • Billet pulleys
  • High-torque mini starter
  • Locarno shifter
  • Painless wiring kit
  • Performed by Mike Baker and Solar Pro in Warrensburg, MO.

Body Mods

  • Shaved: Hood squirters, door handles, mirrors, door locks, firewall, taillights, Cali combo, gas door, brake lights, antenna, wipers
  • 4.5-in Bodydrop
  • Handmade rockers
  • Toyota 4runner front end, radiator support, bumper, 4×4 fenders.
  • Custom sheetmetal bed with rounded bed corners
  • Round trailer fenders
  • flush-mount LED taillights
  • 40×40 ragtop
  • Performed by Kyle Osborn, Easy Scrape, Josh Zumwalt, and Creative Classics


  • Front: Custom upper control-arm mounts, reverse trailing bars with shocks on bars, drop spindles, notched control arms for steering.
  • Rear: Four-link with front Firestone 2500 and rear Firestone 2600 bags.
  • 2 Vieira 550s Compressors
  • Air/Hydro Accessories: Lowrider Depot 3/8-inch lines and MIC valves
  • 2×4 box tubing on back half and sealed up to use as air tank
  • Stretched frame for long-dead extended cab
  • Performed by Kyle Osborn, Easy Scrap, and Guilty by Design in Joplin MO.


  • PPG Toyota Galactica Gold and Black with color shift pearl.
  • Performed by: Jon Wiggins of Creative Classics
  • Airbrushing performed by Jonie Nichals


  • Kenwood Head unit
  • Mids and Highs: Four lanzar 6x9s. Performed by Kyle Osborn and Easy Scrape


  • Seats: Tubing, tractor pans, and foam sprayed with Ameristar bed liner
  • Dash: Rolled steel and painted with Dakota digital gauges.
  • Misc.: Fiberglass floor with bones and skills molded in with bed liner, power windows, corrugated pipe in headliner, and biochemical door panels

Tires / Wheels

  • Tires:  215/35R18 front and 225/35R18 rear
  • Wheel: 18-inch KMC Clutch with front wheel drive offset






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