Giving our Squarebody the Street Strip advantage!

The D.U.I. Advantage

 Like most truck junkies, we have quite a few projects laying around the Street Trucks garage. It’s hard to keep them all well-maintained and running, which is why we make it a priority to maintain the fleet whenever we are waiting for parts. Currently, we have a Summit Racing crate engine on order for Project Playboy, and if you’re in the market for a small block, you know how hard they are to get right now. So for now, the Playboy OBS will have to sit off in the corner and watch us work on something else. 

This week we turned our attention to this poorly running 1985 Chevy C10. The small-block Chevy 350 is missing a spark, and the wires are in pretty rough shape. A quick tune-up on a classic driver generally makes for a fun and relaxing weekend with some buddies (if you’re into that sort of thing). The options we have for the C10’s new parts are factory replacement from the auto parts store or performance upgrades from an industry leader like Performance Distributors. After some basic cost comparisons and a rundown of the actual advantages, it was pretty clear to us that the Street/Strip D.U.I. distributor kit is the only option that will meet our demands and expectations. We want our trucks to start strong the first time and run great every time, so we placed our order online and told some friends to come hang out on the weekend.

The moment we fired up the truck with our newly installed Performance Distributors kit was a feeling only other gearheads can comprehend. Since you’re reading this far in, I’m quite sure you know the feeling. Follow along below as we walk you through our process to make this classic Chevy run like a modern machine.

We are adding serious firepower to our 1985 Chevrolet small-block engine with the Street/Strip D.U.I. from Performance Distributors.
Our truck runs rough once we finally do get it running. We had to pull it outside because it was hard to breathe in all the smoke.
Part of the D.U.I.’s performance comes from the custom-calibrated advance curve. A special weight and spring assembly is hand-fitted and dialed in using a Sun Distributor Machine for a precise timing curve that will match the specifications of your engine and vehicle. The super smooth advance provides instant throttle response and maximum power throughout the rpm range with no pre-detonation.
Vacuum advance is provided for improved fuel economy and cleaner spark plugs. The D.U.I.’s high-output spark comes from a 50,000-volt coil and Dyna-Module. The high-voltage coil allows spark plug gaps to be opened up to a massive 0.055 inch. The combination of the larger gap and longer duration spark provides the most complete combustion of the fuel mixture possible for increased horsepower and torque.
LiveWires offer low resistance and high temperature protection through the 8mm wire that is covered by a heat-treated fiberglass sleeve that protects the wire up to 1,400 degrees F. LiveWires do not require any assembly. All sets are custom fit and numbered at each end for the correct cylinder. Colors available are black, blue, orange, purple, red, silver, and yellow.
Billet wire looms will not only keep the wires apart, but offer good looks as well. These billet separators are held together with Allen head screws that are mounted flush within the loom. These separators are designed specifically for the LiveWires and will not pinch or damage the protective heat sleeving.

First we removed the #1 spark plug and turned the crank pulley using a ratchet and socket. Using a thin flat-head screwdriver, we could feel with the cylinder was at top dead center. This will ensure the truck has the correct timing when the new distributor is installed.

Now we can simply remove the old distributor cap. Additional benefits of this upgrade include quicker starting, smoother idle, and better fuel economy!
The distributor now needs to be removed. It’s a good idea to take a photo at this moment in case you need a reference later on.

The distributor tie-down is unbolted, the wire harness is unplugged, and the old unit comes out nice and easy.

All D.U.I. caps have brass terminals for optimum conductivity and superior resistance to corrosion.
Factory mounting locations make this install a smooth operation, and we are very impressed with the quality of these parts. Don’t be fooled by the cheap rebuilt and so-called “performance” aftermarket HEIs. Insist on a quality distributor.
All sets include a tube of dielectric grease that is applied to the plug boots to prevent voltage leakage and boots and terminals from sticking to the plug.

LiveWires are built with a high-temperature sleeve that protects the plug wire from the extreme under-hood temperatures. The sleeving is made from a non-flammable heat-treated glass braid and provides heat protection up to 1,400 degrees F.

LiveWires for GM D.U.I.

  • High temperature rating
  • Numbered for each cylinder
  • No radio interference
  • Low resistance value
  • All sets ready to install
No cutting, splicing, or crimping is required. Billet separators hold together with Allen head screws and are designed specifically for the LiveWires.
The first fire and and cruise down the road went great! We had absolutely no problems with this install, and the parts from Performance Distributors performed beyond our high expectations.


Performance Distributors


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