Sparks in the Ozarks 2021

Sparks in the Ozarks 2021

Sparks in the Ozarks 16 at the River Ranch Resort in Noel, Missouri, brought the quiet town alive on the first weekend of October 2021 with the event’s custom vehicles in town. Presented and hosted by Definite Obsessions Car and Truck Club, Sparks in the Ozarks benefits the JDRF and the local first responder departments. In 2021, a special donation went to the Noel Fire Department’s toy drive for kids.

Sparks shattered its entry and spectator numbers by the hundreds, coming in at 353 entries—with still some room to grow next year. Several vendors were on hand again to share their wares, including Drop Em Wear, Gooch Freehand Pinstriping, Naked City Pin Garage, Totally Low, WormWorks, Low Label and KIK.

Once the sun went down Saturday night, it was time to hit the drag session on Main Street. Custom vehicles lit up the town as they competed to see who could put on the best sparks for the eager crowd.

After the weekend of amazing weather and good times, Definite Obsessions and DJ Maze handed out some of the coolest awards you’ll see at any event—and they did so smoothly so that participants could safely get on the road.

Definite Obsession is already preparing for its 17th show in 2022 presented by Hammered Weekend Wear. Be sure to check out the show’s social media page for all the updates and announcements.

Sparks in the Ozarks 2021Sparks in the Ozarks 2021

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