RESTORATION RIOT | Replacement and Upgrade Parts You Need! C10 and F100

Replacement and Upgrade Parts Galore

In this modern age, we expect more bang for our buck, even if we must invest a few more dollars in order to get it. Building a respectable truck isn’t cheap, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a dependable, cool-looking performer without having to starve. From exterior products to get the image of the truck you’ve been dreaming about to interior parts to make extended road trips more comfortable, there’s something to satisfy everybody’s taste and bank account. Having options really is the best thing you could ask for when diving into any custom project.

Restoring an old truck isn’t just about what you can see inside and out, it’s also about how it feels and what you know is stashed under the hood or on the chassis. Engine and suspension components are literally the driving force of any ride and having both systems up to snuff will make all the difference in how much you enjoy your truck.

With that we’ll let you loose to wander around some of the products that can assist you in realizing your best possible truck. There’s no right or wrong way to do it, just build smarter, not harder.


1963-72 7.5-inch C-10 Raised Bed Mounts

MSRP: $249.99

GSI MACHINE HAS designed these bed mounts to work with any kind of rear bridge setup to raise your factory bed floor 7.5 inches from stock in order to clear the bridge. If you’re looking to ’bag your truck and are worried about maintaining a factorylooking bed section, these mounts will definitely help make that happen. The kit includes four bed mounts that bolt right into the factory frame location, as well as all necessary hardware.

GSI Machine & Fabrication

1973-80 C-10 7-Inch LED Headlights

MSRP: $389.95

THESE LED HEADLIGHTS not only increase light output, which dramatically improves safety and visibility at night, but the solid-state, bulb-free design resists damage from shock and vibration. The DOTcompliant headlights are more energy efficient and last longer than conventional bulbs. Low and high LED beams are built right into the housing.

LMC Truck

1969-72 C-10 Cargo Light With Third Brake Light

MSRP: $49.99

HERE’S AN IDEAL replacement for your busted cargo light lens. This one features 18 white LED cargo lights and nine red LED lights. It’s epoxy coated and fully sealed. It has a cool, clear look when not in use, and a minimalist look when the lights are on.

United Pacific Industries

Wood Bed Kit

MSRP: Complete Kits Starting at $455

THERE’S NOTHING MORE timeless than a plank wood bed floor. MAR-K can make pretty much any and all of your wood bed floor dreams come true with everyday wood types such as pine and oak, and it can take you into the realm of the exotics with African teak, Honduran mahogany and zebrawood. Even if you haven’t heard of those types of wood, it’s always nice to know you have options. All kits are also available with polished, aluminum or steel strips to get the exact look you’re going for.

MAR-K Manufacturing

1973-87 Mild Tubz

MSRP: $729/set

THE NEW MILD Tubz from Slosh Tubz focus on static-dropped or mildly ’bagged C-10 pickups. These bolt-in fenders are about 2 inches taller than stock and are widened for a clearer turning radius. The Tubz have also been smoothed and are available contoured to go around the factory AC or for smooth firewall applications. The gloss black gel coat is perfectly fine to install as-is, and it also makes a prime base for custom paint. Also available from Slosh Tubz is a battery relocation bracket and side filler panels.

Slosh Tubz

1967-72 C-10 Silverline Billet Hood Hinges

MSRP: Starting at $599.95

ADD A LITTLE style under the hood with All American Billet’s hood hinges for 1967-72 C-10s. These bad boys are machined from 6061-T6 aluminum and are offered in three finishes: machined, polished and the premium Silverline option featuring black anodized details. These hinges not only look killer, they are engineered to operate smoothly and last forever.

All American Billet

1973-87 Fleet-Side Clear Taillights

MSRP: $160

WITH SO MANY different LED taillight options on the market, it’s refreshing to see clear tails again. The cool thing about these is that even if you don’t plan on keeping them clear, they serve as the perfect base for a custom paint job (or order them smoked). Klearz even offers these OEM-quality lenses with or without reflective red strips, so the selection of tail looks is plenty. Regular LED and sequential LED light kits are also available, along with high-quality chrome trim.


1973-87 One-Piece Window Kit

MSRP: $749.88

THERE’S A WIDESPREAD love/hate epidemic with vent windows going on, but this one-piece window kit receives nothing but positive attention. This kit eliminates noisy vent windows in favor of the smooth appearance and operation of a single pane of glass. The window is specially cut, which allows for ideal sealing around the window and easy roll-up/down functionality. All felt channels, a custom scraper kit and all hardware necessary for installation is included in the box.

Carolina Classic Trucks

Front Fender Emblems

MSRP: $89.99

CLASSIC INDUSTRIES CARRIES OER reproduction emblems of all kinds to replace the broken or missing versions on your truck. Each emblem is die-cast, chrome-plated and painted with correctcolored accents for an exact OEM appearance. Even the back of the emblems is manufactured with correct markings, but these are officially licensed GM Restoration pieces, so it’s no surprise that you’re getting top-shelf quality.

Classic Industries

1967-86 Honeycomb Grille

MSRP: $1,500

FOR THOSE WHO want to add a different spin to the front end of their C-10, the honeycomb grille from Jast Performance provides just that. The ¼-inch-thick aluminum water-jet grille with fabricated surrounded is a quality addition to your truck’s grille shell and has been designed to bolt right into place.

Jast Performance

1970-72 Mirrors With LED Turn Signal

MSRP: $65.51/each

WHETHER YOUR TRUCK’S factory mirrors are damaged or you’re looking for an easy updated upgrade for the exterior, Union Pacific’s side mirrors with LED turn signals are the perfect products at a great price. They have won an NSRA safety award and have been designed to offer modern function with a classic appearance.

United Pacific Industries


Solid Wood Grip Steering Wheel

MSRP: $245

PRECISION MILLED FROM hardwood blanks created from 18 individual segments, CON2R’s wood grip steering wheels are able to be grain matched and are finished by hand to ensure the highest level of quality. Incorporating any type of wood into your truck’s interior will immediately bump the class level up a few notches.


1947-87 14-inch Half-Wrap Steering Wheel

MSRP: $229.99

FOR A MORE subdued steering wheel appearance, Brothers now offers a wide assortment of custom steering wheels in many options. This blackon- black example features a retro GMC logo horn button and black vinyl wrap. The center is constructed from machined aluminum and can either be ordered in a powder-coated matte black finish (as shown) or polished.

Brothers Truck Parts

1967-72 C-10 Kick Panels

MSRP $89.99

RETROSOUND’S KICK PANELS mount easily into classic C/K series GM trucks and fit most 6.5-inch speakers for a wide range of compatibility. The speaker mount is angled to direct sound upwards towards the listener’s ears, not at the ankles. Panels come in a textured black finish that can be left as-is or painted to match the interior. The kick panels are available blank or with speaker and RetroMat sound deadening material as upgrades.


1967-72 Gauge Bezels

MSRP: $195

WANT A QUICK and easy (not to mention affordable) method of upgrading your dash to fit with the rest of the interior space? Clayton Machine has the answer with its new gauge bezels featuring three completely different looks: carbon fiber, brushed aluminum or hot-rod pinstripe. The bezels will work with stock or direct-fit aftermarket gauges and are a great way to get a one-off look without the one-off price.

Clayton Machine Works

1967-72 Direct Fit Pedal Arms

MSRP: Contact for Pricing

MACHINED FROM 6061 aluminum, Lokar’s pedals are designed to mount directly into the factory locations on all 1967-72 C-10s for a modern twist on a classic design. Lokar also offers different styles of pedal pads to choose from, as well as matching throttle assemblies that feature adjustable arms, 48-tooth fine spline and Delrin bushings for smooth operation.


1973-87 HDX Instruments

MSRP: $1,295

DAKOTA DIGITAL HAS outfitted some of the most popular truck models with state-of-the-art instrumentation, and now, the beloved squarebody 1973-87 pickup can be hooked up in similar fashion. A TFT-display has been added in each large opening for ultimate customization. Black or silver alloy gauge-face options are available, and the HDX system allows for independent illumination colors for the gauge readings and needles, as well as message centers for the perfect color coordination.

Dakota Digital

Billet Aluminum Interior Door Handles

MSRP: Starting at $70

EDDIE MOTORSPORTS OFFERS a wide range of interior handles, in many styles and finishes, constructed of CNC-machined 6061 T6 aluminum. Door handles and window crank applications are available, along with matching window vent cranks to get the exact look you’re after. Designed to be compatible with GM shafts from 1949 to present.

Eddie Motorsports

1973-87 Square-Body Series Pro Dampening Kit

MSRP: $379

TOGETHER WITH VIBRO Solutions, Squarebody Syndicate now offers a complete four-box kit of 2mm dampening material that will cover the inside of the cab from firewall to back wall, as well as cab roof and doors. Vibro dampening material acts as a sound and vibration absorber, which is really the best addition to your sound system possible. Audio signals go up while annoying road noise volume goes way, way down.

Squarebody Syndicate

1967-72 Sport XR Door Panels

MSRP: $831.97

TMI PRODUCTS MAKES upgrading your truck’s interior almost too easy. From seats to center consoles, and way more, it can outfit the entire cab from floor to ceiling. TMI can also assist in upgrading the doors with its Sport XR door panels. They feature premium black vinyl with contrast stitching in a color of your choice along with grommet inserts available in either black, stainless or brass. Installation is as simple as can be; you’ll be amazed by how quickly your cab improves.

TMI Products

1967-72 Basic Interior Kit

MSRP: Starting at $549.95

LOOKING TO COMPLETELY gut your truck’s ratty old interior and start from scratch? Well, it’s not as hard (or expensive) to do with LMC Truck’s Basic Interior Kit. The package comes complete with a plastic dash pad cover, plastic door panel set, padded armrests and a molded carpet kit, as well as a vinyl bench seat reupholstering kit. Save some cash by ordering everything seen here in one single package, and avoid the headache of piecing together all of the correct part numbers.

LMC Truck

Deep Dish Salt Flat AC Vent

MSRP: Starting at $175

LOOKING FOR AC vents to match your salt flat wheels? If so, there’s nowhere else you are likely to find them except from RestoMod Air. The billet aluminum vents mimic the timeless wheel design that everyone loves, and the amount of engineering that has gone into creating them is amazing. From the precision CNC machining to the ribbed layers of the Deep Dish housing, these vents are just as cool as the wheels themselves.

RestoMod Air

Waterfall Center Console

MSRP: $499.98

TMI PRODUCTS HAS already dialed in the classic truck interior game, and now it has a brand-new trick up its sleeve. This waterfall center console isn’t like any of the others it’s designed so far; this one features a built-in armrest with storage area underneath. If you want to add bucket seats and need a console solution that not only looks great, but also creates a way to store a few extra items, this is the piece for you.

TMI Products

300-Watt Bluetooth Stereo

MSRP: $329.99

AVAILABLE FOR ANY year C-10, Brothers Truck Part’s top-of-the-line Bluetoothenabled drop-in stereo requires absolutely no cutting of the dash for proper installation. It simply wires up and fits right into the factory mounting position. Get the latest in today’s wireless connectivity and hands-free phone operation in an easy-to-use stereo package designed specifically for your truck.

Brothers Truck Parts

Gen-IV SureFit AC System

MSRP: $1,479.99

VINTAGE AIR’S GEN-IV air-conditioning systems are model-specific, so you can rest assured that it’ll fit perfectly in your truck and will blow cold air in the cab come summertime. All Gen-IV kits are delivered with an evaporator kit, a condenser and drier package, brackets, mounting hardware and complete instructions to help you every step of the way. Get the Vintage Air kit that is made for your specific truck model from Summit Racing.

Summit Racing

Undercover II Speaker Enclosures

MSRP: $165/pair

WHOEVER SAID THAT it’s impossible to squeeze in a complete (and thumpin’) audio system in your single cab C-10 hasn’t seen the Undercover II sealed woofer packages yet. These give you way more sound than you bargained for considering that they were designed to stash under your seats or back wall. Each unit features one 8-inch woofer and two Piezo tweeters, and measures only 3x11x12.5.

Custom Autosound


1963-72 C-10 Extreme Drop Spindles

MSRP: $269

CPP’S EXTREME DROP spindles for C-10 pickups were designed to be the perfect blend of late-model strength and technology in a vintage application. The spindles use a bolt-on sealed bearing and hub assembly and are ideal for trucks running 20-inch or larger diameter wheels.

Classic Performance Products

1963- 87 C-10 Adjustable Shock Absorbers

MSRP: $139.95

BOLT-ON BILLET HIGH-PERFORMANCE shock absorbers are available in different lengths, which make them great to use with lowered suspension heights. The single adjustable shocks are designed as direct replacements for OE shocks and greatly improve handling and ride quality.

Aldan American

1963-72 C-10 Adjustable Trailing Arm/Carrier Bearing Cross Member

MSRP: $249

THIS UNIT BOLTS in at the top and side of the frame rather than using bolts on the bottom. Exhaust ports accept up to 3-inch-diameter pipe. The raised center section will accommodate a raised driveline, and the unit features multiple mounting positions for trailing arms.

All American Billet

C-10 Front Control Arm Suspension Kit

MSRP: $1,504.80

GAIN RIDE HEIGHT adjustability and up to 7 degrees of caster with QA-1’s coil-over conversion for 1963-87 C-10 trucks. The kit includes a lower control arm, an optional upper control arm, an upper mounting bracket, a single or double adjustable coil-over shock and a high travel spring, and all necessary hardware.


Front and Rear Sway Bars for C-10

MSRP: $519.90
AVAILABLE FOR 1963-87 C-10 (front) and 1963-72 (rear), QA1’s sway bars are designed to improve performance and handling, and they’re available individually or in pairs (front and rear).


1973-87 C-10 Flip Kit With Notch

MSRP: $267.80

WITH SQUARE-BODY C-10 pickups rising in popularity, it’s reassuring to see that there are drop kits available to fit tight budgets. This flip kit will drop the rearend a solid 6 inches by relocating the rear axle from beneath the leaf spring to above. The kit comes complete with a C-notch, which is a must when lowering the back end this dramatically.


DS2 Shocks

MSRP: $44.95/each

DESIGNED SPECIFICALLY FOR 1947-87 Chevy and GMC trucks, Western Chassis’ DS2 shocks are perfect for stock height applications and lowered trucks as well. The high-performance valving, hardened chrome piston rod, low-friction Teflon seals and guide bushings and OEM-style mount bushings make the DS2 shock perfect for your truck.

Western Chassis

Hyper-Flex Performance Bushings and Mounts

MSRP: Contact for Individual or Package Pricing

YOUR TRUCK IS going to need its old bushings and body mounts changed if you want it to ride/handle to your liking. Energy Suspension has you covered with single parts or complete kits, including engine and transmission mounts, body mounts and control arm, leaf spring and sway bar bushings.

Energy Performance

1963-70 Deluxe Disc Brake Conversion Kit (Five- or Six-Lug)

MSRP: $675

IF YOU WANT to upgrade your truck’s factory braking system without going broke, look to Western Chassis’ all-inclusive disc brake kit. It comes with 12-inch rotors, GM pads and calipers, all bearings, seals and hoses, stock height or 2.5-inch drop spindles and all necessary hardware to convert to discs at the wheel. You’ll be glad you made the change after the first test drive.

Western Chassis


1973-87 C-10 LS Engine Adapter Kit

MSRP: $99.99

GOT AN LS you’d like to plant inside your truck’s engine bay? Performance Online has just what you need to make it happen. The LS engine mount adapter kit is specifically designed for 1973-87 Chevy and GMC trucks and will ensure proper frame location alignment (and even includes more than 1 inch of adjustment for finetuning engine position). The kit does allow for use of factory clamshell mounts. Consider your power problem officially solved.

Performance Online

Streamline Valve Covers

MSRP: $224.95/Pair

THE STREAMLINE SERIES valve covers are available in tall heights with a 1 ¼-inch-diameter breather hole positioned between the rockers to reduce oil splash. The high-grade aluminum covers come powder coated or media blasted for a ready-topaint finish for maximum customization.

Billet Specialties

Delray Wheels

MSRP: Starting at $254/wheel

THE GUYS AT MOB Steel/ Detroit Steel Wheel Co. get it. They understand that old-school trucks deserve to roll on wheels built with soul. The Delray is just one of Detroit Steel’s cool wheel offerings that feature throwback styling mixed with today’s demand for increased diameter sizes (18s-22s) and finishes, including raw, black and white colors with flat and gloss options. Also choose from a selection of caps and lug covers to cook up the best look for your C-10.

Detroit Steel Wheel Co.

OE Six-Lug Wheel

MSRP: Starting at $84

Sometimes classic trucks need to have classically inspired wheels to look their best. Wheel Vintiques has your ride covered with its vintage-look 15-inch steel wheels built using modern materials and equipment.

Wheel Vintiques

1964-66 C-10 Bow Tie Hubcap Set

MSRP: $269.99

FINDING ORIGINAL HUBCAPS is getting tougher, but these reproduction versions from Classic Industries can alleviate the stress of tracking down an elusive OEM set. These here are chrome plated, include bow-tie logos in the center and are officially licensed by General Motors.

Classic Industries

Widowmaker 6 Universal Muffler

MSRP: Starting at $154

YOUR TRUCK’S OLD muffler may be rusted out, so why not swap in the Widowmaker 6 muffler, the latest addition to Black Widow’s lineup of performance products? With a 6×5-inch body profile, it’s the company’s smallest muffler offering and its most aggressive. This unit is ideal for those who want a straight pipe sound with maximum volume.

Black Widow Exhaust

Optima Battery

MSRP: $281.99

THE FIRST ORDER of business for any restoration should be swapping out the economygrade battery for an Optima, especially if you’re planning to add audio gear or any other type of electronic accessories. Get better cranking power and cycling capability with a heavy-duty cell that was designed to provide consistent power output with much faster recharges.

Summit Racing