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Our parts counter has you covered… The Right Hardware for Your Hauler!

Precision Shift!

First up on our parts counter is this B&M Precision SportShifter is engineered for 1995-2004 Toyota Tacoma 4WD and 1996-2001 Toyota 4Runner with 3.4L engine and R150F manual 5-speed transmission. This stylized precision shifter reduces shift throw by 35% over the factory shifter and includes many of the key features found in the company’s race-proven shifters, including a 303 stainless steel stick assembly, a CNC machined T6061 aluminum base, glass filled nylon pivot ball and a black B&M logo shift knob for a firm, yet positive shift action.

B&M Precision SportShifterB&M


  • Shift throw reduced by 35% for quicker shifts without increasing reverse detent
  • CNC machined blue anodized T6061 aluminum base
  • Billet 303 stainless steel lower stick with a fully isolated upper stick
  • Includes a black 5-speed shift knob with B&M logo and shift pattern
  • Engineered specifically to provide precision shifts
  • Relatively easy installation

LS Alignment

If there’s one Achilles heel of the GM LS engine, it’s the lack of dowel pins on the timing and rear covers. Without the pins, the seals don’t align properly and they leak. Summit Racing’s Pro LS Cover Alignment Tool centers the seal openings in the covers with the centerline of the crankshaft to guarantee that the seals stay aligned during installation to prevent leaks. The tool makes it easier to install the seals too!

Summit Racing Equipment


Auto Metal Direct’s newest release is a glovebox for the ’73-’91 Chevy and GMC C/K Trucks and SUVs. AMD has made all new tooling and offers these premium versions for a perfect fit and finish to your truck. It’s a perfect complement to the company’s recently released glovebox doors.

Made like OE, each glovebox is made from high quality injection molded ABS plastic for an authentic fit and appearance. Includes built in door hinge and is offered for trucks with or without factory A/C.

Auto Metal Direct

Dodging Filters

PPE has designed a superior filter for the 68RFE transmission, which features an extended filter cup that houses 57% more specially engineered 10-micron filter media. Additional engineered features include a steel adapter, 81% larger passages for higher flow, a spring-loaded anti-drain-back valve with a silicone O-ring, a coil spring to eliminate blow-by and a perforated metal center tube that provides core-strength for the filter media.

Compare these upgraded features to the stock OEM filter and you will understand that the PPE Premium High-Efficiency Transmission Fluid Filter is your best choice for the best performance.


Lifted Control

BILSTEIN introduces new B8 Upper Control Arms, designed to correct geometry and increase suspension travel on lifted trucks and SUVs. Performance improvements of the B8 line include better alignment specs on lifted vehicles, and an optimized ball joint angle to reduce stress and gain wheel travel and clearance for larger shock and spring packages.


Magnum Grip

Parts counter Stealth Magnum Grip Pro-Stick shifterThe new Stealth Magnum Grip Pro-Stick shifter is a console shifter designed for use in swap applications using a NAG1 transmission. The side buttons in the grip handle retain the factory digital manual shift capability of the NAG1. The CNC machined billet aluminum Magnum Grip handle has an ergonomic fit and feel and features replaceable side grip plates along with a MIL-Spec black anodized finish for good looks and durability. Includes a Super Duty shift cable, brackets, levers and easy to follow instructions.


  • Precise gate action and an ergonomic magnum grip ensure
  • 1 inch taller than standard Pro Stick
  • Removable grip sub plates
  • Low profile to accommodate old school console
  • Shift buttons retain factory digital manual shift capability of the NAG1



Outlaw SUV stainless steel cat-back exhaustFlowmaster introduces our new FlowFX Extreme and Outlaw Extreme stainless steel cat-back exhaust systems for popular truck and SUV applications. These systems use a FlowFX or Outlaw style muffler for a deep powerful sound and increased performance. 3.0-inch Mandrel bent 409 stainless steel tubing is used for maximum exhaust flow and durability. The systems have a turndown style dump exit right after the muffler to eliminate the over-axle tailpipe.


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