On the Level: Crown Suspension’s Dodge Ram 4WD Leveling Kit

We hear from late-model 4WD owners all the time about the easiest and quickest method to change the overall appearance of their stock truck. Of course new wheels and tires are always the first suggestion, but for anyone who wants more, the natural next step is a change in suspension altitude. Big lift kits just aren’t for everybody. First of all, they can get pretty expensive. Secondly, installation can be too complicated for most people to handle at home, which makes paying a shop to install the kit an absolute necessity. Sure, any truck is going to look bitchin’ after all that, but the big kits are just not something every truck owner wants or needs for their rig.

The perfect middle ground is a front leveling kit. These babies will quickly and painlessly lift the front end 2 inches to the rear height. Two inches might not sound noticeable, but the bump makes a big difference, especially when paired with cooler wheels and beefier tires. Crown Suspension’s new 2-inch leveling kit for ’14-plus Ram 4WD eight-lug models (also fits 2500 and 3500 of the same years) are comprised of four easy-to-install pieces: two strut spacers (one per side) and two shock extender brackets (factory shocks can be reused). Yep, those are the only parts required to level the front end save for a little bag of hardware. Not only does this kit represent the most economical lift option, but it will also help maintain that invaluable, cushy factory ride quality. If you’re relatively handy around a set of tools, you can easily handle this installation at home, but it would only take a couple of hours of a pro technician’s time,in case you want to compare shop quotes.

We dropped in at Crown Suspension HQ in Brea, California, for a first-hand view of just how quick and easy it is to add some attitude to a factory-fresh ’16 Ram 4WD. The job went smoothly, and we were kicking back, with grub in hand, admiring the results precisely at lunchtime.

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Crown Suspension (714.671.9500)
Black Rhino Wheels (800.479.9723)
Atturo Tires (224.637.1110)


Editor’s Note: A version of this article first appeared in the August print issue of Street Trucks Magazine.

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