OBS Builder’s Guide Vol 4 is NOW AVAILABLE for preorder! Your ultimate guide to restoring and customizing the 88-98 Chevrolet OBS pickup.

From the editors of Street Trucks Magazine comes the all-composing guide to restoring and customizing one of the most popular body-style trucks ever released. Chevrolet’s 88-98 Fullsize trucks and SUVs spawned a massive sub-culture of passionate enthusiasts, artists, and gearheads worldwide. With over 800,000 OBS (Old Body Style) trucks built and sold within the first year of production, it’s easy to see why this is one of America’s most beloved bodies. The OBS Builders Guide is here to document this trend-setting truck and bring you the best how-to tech, feature stories, manufacture spotlights, event coverage, and new product reveals that relate. In this book you will see things like:

  •  Suspension upgrades and modifications like air-ride, static drops, and even lift kit installation
  •  Engine Performance upgrades and LS-style motor swaps
  •  Body Restoration, Metal Modifications, and Rust Repair
  •  Interior Upgrades, Electrical, and Audio Enhancements
  •  New Parts Guides and Model Specific Press Releases
  •  Paint Styling Trends, Tips, and Tricks
  •  Wheel and Tire Size/Style Options and Looks
  •  Braking upgrades for Street and Competition use
  •  Tends and Ideas to help your truck stand out from the rest!

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