1985 Chevy C10 Squarebody Interior Upgrades with TMI

In previous issues, you may remember following the restomod of this 1985 Chevy C10 Squarebody truck. We have completely modernized it with a new 6.0L LS engine, a new adjustable ride height suspension system from QA1, and a much safer and more capable four-wheel disc brake package from Wilwood. The truck is now a solid and reliable daily driver that rides like a modern vehicle, though it still has the smooth styling of a classic American truck. It’s the perfect combination, in our humble opinion. 

The only thing that looks old and outdated is the interior, but we have a plan for that.

We have worked with quite a few interior shops in the past building out custom seat covers, unique door panels, and even hand-wrapped dash panels. Unfortunately, we have always had one problem after another with custom installs that reply on an individual local interior shop to come through on time and budget. With this truck, we have a hard deadline to complete the build so we can cruise on the Hot Rod Power Tour, so to guarantee a successful conversion with a clean look and cool style, we turned to the one team that has perfect the process.

TMI Products has been committed to developing innovatively designed, American-made integrated automotive products for more than 35 years. TMI is without a doubt the industry leader for custom interiors for your classic vehicle by offering molded door panels, headliners, carpet kits and, of course, complete seats packages. The company has plenty of patterns to choose from, lots of different seating configurations for your particular need, and all the mounting brackets necessary for your ride. We implore you to head over to www.tmiproducts.com to start building your kit today!

Our 1985 Chevy C10’s stance is absolutely perfect thanks to a full coilover suspension system from QA1. The front springs and shocks were replaced with coilovers, along with the rear leaf springs. We also added a set 2-inch drop spindles from Wilwood brakes.

We also swapped out the original small block engine for a rebuilt 6.0L LS stuffed with new internal parts from Summit Racing.
Now that we have a solid running/driving truck to take on the power tour, we focused our attention to the interior. Installing this amazing TMI Products bench seats is top on the list. It even came with a bracket specifically for this truck.
TMI Products also built these matching door panels to go along with a new seat. The blue plaid is perfect for this truck, and the distressed gray leather complements it perfectly.
The door panels are being installed first, so naturally we needed to remove the old ones to get them out of the way. These are still really nice though, so we will save them for a separate project.
To install the door panels, we just needed to mark a few mounting holes using the paper template TMI sent along with the set.
Voilà! It really is just that easy to have a custom set of door panels thanks to the amazing craftsmanship from TMI Products.
We also ordered a matching dash pad that slips over the factory dash inner structure. Using the factory mounting holes, it literally takes 15 minutes to install. You can do this yourself with zero experience with interiors.
Pretty sweet right? The pattern is killer, and the stitching is perfect. Not one flaw in this complete kit!
With the brackets and seats mounted you can start to see the finished look. We also installed a new carpet kit and heat resistant padding from DEI.
Here is a closeup look at the pattern in the seats. Love the distressed leather look and feel. So soft!
You may be surprised to hear that TMI Products also offers a complete headliner kit for this truck. As long as your truck already has a headliner, it will pop right in. If you do not have a headliner from the factory, you will need to source all the plastic mounting panels from another Squarebody.
I mean come on, that looks amazing! This transformation only took about three hours in our garage with basic tools and knowledge. TMI completely took the guesswork and stress out of custom interiors.

TMI Products has been committed to developing innovatively designed, American-made integrated automotive products for more than 35 years. 

That smile says it all, and you can have one, too! Just jump online and head over to www.tmiproducts.com to start building your kit today. It could ship in just a few weeks, and you will be cruising down the road in style!





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