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The Canadian C-10 Party of the Year!

When you think of Canada, trucks might not be the first thing that comes to mind. Most would instantly think hockey and maple syrup, ahh! Well not over here in Alberta; this is truck country, home to trucks that once worked the land while in their prime that now have been resurrected for a second life on the road.

In Canada, you’re lucky to get six months of good weather to enjoy cruising in your classic truck, so Kevin Stickel, Darren Oberten and Justin Tippett decided to make that experience even better by creating the first “Git On Up” truck show, geared strictly towards GM trucks.

Nestled snugly between Calgary and Edmonton is a small community called Didsbury, or as the locals say, “Dids.” This is where Kevin and the boys decided that July 1, Canada’s Independence Day weekend, would be the best possible time of the year to host the event.

Saturday morning kicked off with a fun cruise through the countryside on wide-open two lane roads with rolling hills and family farms all along the way. The air was crisp and the rumble of trucks was music to our ears.

Sunday was the day of the show which was open to the public to register a vehicle or simply spectate. The local community answered the call, bringing more than 100 Chevy and GMC trucks to the one-day event. The streets, were lined with burnout marks, spectators and truck builders alike. The mood in the air was one of accomplishment and success.

One of the great things about these types of family friendly events (especially the first year) is the ability to bring people together with nothing but good intentions and for the love of General Motors. The Git On Up show did exactly that. There were young builders new to the hobby showing up left and right along with older builders who have been passionate since the trucks were new at the dealership. Hot Rodders, off-roaders and a few low-riders made the variety of the show a little something for everyone. As we have seen in the past, the standard in the C-10 community is nothing less than a wonderful mix of great people and cool trucks.

I feel that this show will continue to get bigger and better every year from here on out.

Canada clearly has the trucks, they have the enthusiasts and now that they have a premier GM show they can call their own. So if you’re free next July….Git On Up to Canada!