” Nightmare ” An Online Exclusive

Just when you thought Halloween was over , we bring you Katelynn Holdens “Nightmare”

Nightmare Chevy’s conception began at Mini Truckin Nationals 2018. Katelynn Holden and her boyfriend Ronnie Pelman were at the show when she received a call from family that her grandfather was hospitalized and not doing well. They left early the next morning for the hospital and arrived before he passed later that day.


Long before it became Nightmare Chevy, the 2000 Chevy Silverado was purchased in 2000 by Scott Crosslin. Scott decided to lower it in 2004 and cruise it around. In 2006, with the help of Rocky Bryan, he decided to add air ride, shave the door handles, gas door, wiper cowl, taillights, and a cali combo. They smoothed everything out and painted it orange and black.


For those who don’t know, Ronnie Pelham has one of the cleanest Saturn wagon on Hydro’s. Traveling around the show scene with Ronnie, Katelynn wanted her own custom vehicle. After purchasing Scott’s 2000 Chevy on Christmas Eve in 2017, they had it repainted purple before Mini Truckin Nationals 2018. After everything was taken care of at home, plans for Nightmare were put into motion.


Nightmare was dropped off at Graham Paint and Body where they began the rebuild by updating the suspension. An Airlift 3P manifold, Airlift 2600 Dominators on all four corners, and 3 – 5gallon air tanks. Finishing up the suspension is 4  26 x 10 Strada wheels with 305x30x26 Lexani rubber.


List of modifications is plentiful, Scott and Rocky previously shave the door handles, gas door, wiper cowl, and taillights. They added a 50inch LED taillight, cali-combo to the rear, raised the bed floor, and added wheels tubs. A 2002 2500 HD hood was installed along with Street Scene billet bumper and grille.


Teigh And Marian Graham stripped Nightmare to bare metal and started prepping the body for paint. After massaging the body to perfection Teigh laid down House of Color Pavo Purple to the panels of Nightmare. Before the clear was laid down David Morgan of Dyno Designs used Createx Colors to showcase his amazing air brushing talents paying tribute to the iconic animated movie The Nightmare Before Christmas. Characters from the movie grace the entire truck. David added a tombstone with her grandfather’s information on it which was a huge surprise for Katelynn. Finishing up with a Graham Paint and Body and a Dyno Design tombstone. Once all the airbrushing was finished Teigh laid down lots of clear after midnight on Saturday morning of Mini Nats 2019. After a few hours dry time Nightmare was loaded up and headed for Maggie Valley to debut at Mini Nats 2019.

   Katelynn would like to thank Ronnie Pelham, Teigh and Marian Graham, Dyno Designs, Xtreme Lows.

Owner:  Katelynn Holder

Truck:  2000 Chevy Silverado

Name:  Nightmare

Location:  Woodstock GA

Club:  Xtreme Lowz


Engine : 5.3 Chevy V-8 with custom air intake, Headman Headers, and Flowmaster exhaust






Chassis/Suspension : Air, Airlift 3P Manifold , 2600 all 4 corners, 3 5 gallon Tanks, 2in Drop Spindles, 10’ Frame Notch, and Tublar control arms, modified rack and pinion





Wheels/Tires:  26 x 10 Lexani Strada with 305-30-26




Exterior:  Hood-2002 2500 HD, Grille Streetscene Billet, Bumpers  Streetscene Billet,  Body Mods: shaved door handles, gas door, wiper cowl, taillights, cali combo, rear tubs, raised bed floor, 50in LED taillights, 20 gallon fuel cell

Paint Color: Pavo House of Color purple-
Painted By Graham Paint and Body

Graphics and colors Nightmare before Christmas  Themed

Createx Colors  By Dyno Designs


Interior: Black Aligator leather covers all interior not painted. Rear Seats out of 85 Astro van Gauges, 2002 Escalade Cluster,  Steering Wheel Billet Spec. ,
Console Custom Built

Stero; Head Unit- Pioneer, Amps__Kicker and

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