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New Product Showcase | ALL THE LATEST PARTS FOR YOUR C10

Independent Rear Suspension

IF YOU’RE LOOKING FOR THE ULTIMATE IN versatility in a suspension system for your Chevrolet C10 pickup, look no further than all-new bolt-on independent rear suspension kits and frames from Heidts Automotive.

The back-half IRS kits allow for a wider tire and lower ride height while providing improved handling without sacrificing ride quality. Adjustable coilover shocks, Currie Enterprises third members, and C4 or Wilwood brakes round out a complete C10 solution.

Available for popular 1967-’72 and 1973-’87 C10 models, the systems can be built into three unique kits—set them up as a standard IRS, or add Heidts’ full frame with IRS and IFS or full frame with IFS and a four-link rear.

Heidts Hot Rod

Handle It!

EDDIE MOTORSPORT’S BILLET ALUMINUM EXTERIOR AND interior door handles are equally stunning and welldesigned. Precision CNC machined from high quality 6061 T6 aluminum, the handles are now available in five distinct custom styles and eight different finishes including chrome plating. Proudly engineered and machined in Rancho Cucamonga, California.

  • Precision CNC-machined from high quality 6061 T6 Aluminum
  • Five distinct styles and eight custom finishes to choose from
  • Direct replacement for your stock door handles
  • Won’t “pit” or crack like cheap imported replacements
  • Available for 1967-1987 Chevy Truck
  • Engineered and machined in Rancho Cucamonga, California

Eddie Motorsports

Spider Cords

SPIDER CORD VARIABLE LENGTH HOOK BUNGEES GIVE YOU THE POWER to adjust the cord as long or short as you need. One Spider Cord can replace multiple fixed-length bungees and is great for camping, marine, automotive and general-purpose uses. Designed to go from 7 inches to 70 inches in one cord with no fuss!

  • Variable length: From 7 inches to 70 inches stretched to tackle any job
  • Longer Lasting: UV-stabilized and constructed from nylon braid, Spider Cords are 10 times more abrasion-resistant than traditional bungee cords
  • Smart Solution: Can be easily re-adjusted while still attached
  • Versatile and Handy: Replaces multiple fixed length bungee cords and has many uses
  • Available with hook and carabiner or with two hooks


Rear End Housing

CURRIE’S NEW FORD 9-INCH HOUSING AND AXLE packages for 1973-’87 2WD C10 trucks are the perfect performance rear end for your classic or custom C10 build. Built to the legendary Currie Standard, package includes a new Currie Centurion heavy duty Ford 9-inch housing with heavy duty suspension brackets installed in the OEM locations and 31-spline performance axles. Housing includes all third member studs installed and the Torino style late model large bearing housing ends. Axles options include the 5 by 5-inch and 6-lug wheel bolt pattern drilled in them, wheel studs installed, ¼-inch thick heavy duty bearing retainer plates, and tapered Timken style wheel bearings pressed on.

This unit will allow for the use of any ABCS brake kit including the 11-inch drum brakes, 11-inch Ford Explorer disc brakes, Performance Online Ford 9-inch disc brakes and Wilwood disc brakes.

Performance Online

Fuel Injection Service Kit

HAVE YOU RECENTLY CONVERTED YOUR CLASSIC TRUCK TO FUEL injection? The Maddox basic fuel injection service kit provides everything needed to perform accurate running, residual, rail and flow rate pressure tests on most fuel injection systems. The kit includes the necessary adapters, hoses and fittings to run tests on most vehicles. Comes with hose sections, clamps and repair kit.

  • Performs running, residual, rail and flow rate pressure tests.
  • Adapters for a wide number of vehicles
  • 3.2-inch dual scale gauge reads pressure from 0-100 PSI (0-700 kPA)
  • Pressure relief assembly with 70-inch hose to bleed off fuel pressure after testing
  • Includes ¼-inch and 5/16-inch hose sections, hose clamps, repair kit and durable blow mold case

Harbor Freight

Extra Shiny!

NOW YOU CAN GET AN EDDIE MOTORSPORTS S-DRIVE SERPENTINE PULLEY DRIVE SYSTEM IN THE company’s extra-shiny Bright Clearcoat finish. It’s a high-gloss polished finish sealed with Eddie’s ultra-durable Fusioncoat clearcoat used in the marine industry. Nobody is going to outshine your engine compartment with an S-Drive system under your hood—and Eddie Motorsports says it costs no more than a system without the clearcoat.

The S-Drive systems work every bit as good as they look, too. Engine accessories—water pump, alternator, power steering pump and A/C compressor—are driven by a six- or eight-rib serpentine belt depending on the application. The pulleys and brackets are CNC-machined aluminum, and all fasteners are stainless steel. You also get a high-quality Gates belt tensioner, and systems for GM LS engines come with an SFI-approved harmonic balancer.

Eddie Motorsports S-Drive serpentine pulley drive systems are available for these engines:

  • Small and big block Chevy
  • GM LS Gen III/IV

Summit Racing Equipment

Sign Up!

SAY GOODBYE TO BORING WALLS with this two-sided 8-inch-by-40-inch metal Chevrolet Super Service sign with bold LED lights that look awesome lit or unlit.

Summit Racing Equipment