Godzilla Accessory Drive

Looking to swap Ford’s newest engine into your project? Holley’s High-Mount Accessory Drive systems for the Ford 7.3L bring the accessory drive systems together in a combination that’s designed to work for you!


SBC LS Firing Order Camshaft

Running a small-block Chevy cam with a GM LS engine’s 1-8-7-2-6-5-4-3 firing order improves combustion chamber cooling for reduced detonation and air/fuel mixture distribution. It also reduces vibration and bearing wear, all of which mean horsepower and torque gains.

Summit Racing Pro SBC LS Firing Order Hydraulic Roller Retrofit Camshafts are precision ground from USA-made premium billet cores. They are available in seven profiles ranging from a smooth-idling towing cam to a big duration stomper that’s ready to tear up the track in your bracket race car.

Summit Racing Equipment

’73-’91 Rear Gravel Shield

Classic Industries recently unveiled reproductions of the original rear bumper gravel shield designed for use with 1973-’91 Chevrolet and GMC Fleetside pickup truck models. Each shield is manufactured to factory specifications featuring a correct design and appearance. It’s ready to install with no hole drilling required. It fits lefthand driver side, mounts to the rear bumper brackets, and is a filler between the rear bumper and the bed.

Classic Industries

Wilwoods for Raptors

Performance trucks are the new muscle car, and Wilwood has engineered direct-mount, bolt-on brake upgrades to increase their braking performance. They’re engineered to fit most 17-inch or larger wheels on the 2010-’18 Ford F-150 (and related SUVs), 2010-’14 SVT Raptor,

Wilwood Brakes

Borgeson Street & Performance Quick Ratio Chevy OBS Power Steering Box

Expanding on its wildly successful Street and Performance Series of steering gears, Borgeson Universal now offers the only quick ratio power steering box to replace the Delphi 800 series in the 1988-’98 Chevrolet OBS trucks. This all-new power steering box has a quick 12.7:1 ratio with a firm, modern steering feel. The Borgeson Street and Performance power steering box will bolt directly to the stock location and fit to the original power steering pitman arm, steering shaft, and power steering hoses.


’63-’87 C10 and C15 Stage 5 Coilovers

This high-performance coilover suspension kit for the ’63-’87 Chevy C10 and GMC C15 truck is far superior in handling and performance. The new lower tubular arms include three lower shock positions to tailor your suspension for all driving styles. Aldan’s high-tensile coil springs are designed as a direct fit and true stand-alone coilover suspension. Ride-height-adjustable shock saddle allows adjustment up to a 2-inch drop. The entire system is bolt-on, or you can choose to also weld the frame plates in place. Requires rack-and-pinion steering; it’s not compatible with a gear box. Made in the USA.

Performance Online