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For anyone who knows him, it may seem like Kyle Osborn’s garage is a revolving door. There seems to be an endless stream of incredible vehicles in and out of his ownership year to year; usually owning at least 2-3 of those builds at a time. As if that is not enough, Kyle has a tendency to even buy back builds he has owned in the past if the price is right and the sentimental attachment is there. Upon starting this incredible ’55 GMC in front of you, the intentions were simple, a quick build and flip for cash to fund his many other habits on wheels. As many enthusiasts know, it never is easy to say goodbye to a build that catches you in the feels; and this truck has done just that to Osborn. After remembering how nice having a vehicle he did not have to baby around due to perfect pain, and could also be enjoyed for family activities, it is hard to say when Kyle will be able to let this one move on to a new home, but only time will tell.

Everyone approaches starting a truck build differently. Kyle Osborn is the same way, and in this case he was building this as “what would sell.” To give you a breakdown of what we mean by that, we will make you a quick explanation list to help the class understand. One of the biggest musts to have for a marketable truck is a popular, yet unique look. You want it to be unique enough an owner can picture it being their own, and not be exactly like EVERY truck an event. Be careful when approaching this step though, because you would never want to create such an out there look that your buyer market becomes limited. Lucky for Osborn, the natural dark green patina on this old GMC is everything you could ask for in that category; aged, unique, and very popular right now. (Plus, not having to put any extra money into exterior finishing will give a better turn around time AND profit margin.) God bless nature right??

What else is important you may ask? Reliability. Having a truck that will start up every try, drive to and from whatever destinations with no issue, and be a blast to the entire time while doing so is possibly the most important thing a vehicle can have. While fixing up old motors is fully do-able, for the power Osborn and his friends enjoy laying down in daily Missouri life, the LS V8 is the only way to go to achieve both sides of the goal. Choosing a 5.3L V8 out of a 2005 Chevrolet, this old dog definitely can do some new tricks. Along with a modern transmission and updated electric fans to keep the old girl cool; the LS was tuned by his friends at KC Max Performance. After dealing with a few issues with the motor 3 weeks before his drive down to the Good Guys show in Iowa, Kyle along with his friends Jesse and Dennis had to pull the motor to install a new cam and cam bearing setup. While the motor was out, he went ahead and took the extra step of painting the engine compartment copper pearl to match the theme of the truck; and damn does it set off the bay well.

The rest of the theme is obvious, choose cool SH*T. Luckily for us, Kyle fluently speaks that language so it comes naturally to him. The boxed in stock frame using front sectioned control arms, a rear 2 link Watts link setup, and Firestone airbags on all four corners insured not only the reliability he wanted from the truck… but the capability to REALLY lay it out hard.

Moving inside the cab, this 1955 time capsule really sets itself apart by housing Raw Hide leather on the seat as well as the door panels. As if the copper painted dash wasn’t enough, the steering wheel out of a ’55 Belair looks phenomenal tying it all together. After all that work, it has been tough for Osborn to let go of the truck, especially since he has enjoyed using it to kayak with his family PLUS being the Ying to the Yang of the other 5 window truck in his garage… which is immaculate and purple. That being said, bring him the right stack of cash and we bet he will let you bring it home.

Kyle wants to give a special thanks to Pat Cox, Steve Pfost, Justin Mornout, Christopher Tisdale, Harley Smith, Jesse and Dennis Burger, Mike Ladd for all their help. Also and especially to Crystal and Kensley Osborn for putting up with his hobbies and lending a hand when they were able to as well.

Truck Specs: 1955 Chevrolet 3100 5 window
Owner: Kyle Osborn
Hometown: Harrisonville, Missouri
Club: Los Creepos
Estimated Cost: Over $20k
Reason for building: Originally to flip sale, but then it grew on him as a daily driver

Stock boxed in frame
Second-gen Camaro subframe boxed in with custom back half
Custom driveshaft
Chevrolet 10 bolt rear end
Power master cylinder
Steel and braided brake lines
Air Zenith Compressor
3/8th stainless hard-lines and manifold valves
Camaro steering box
Shop: Justin Mornout and Kyle Osborn

Front Suspension:
Front sectioned control arms
2600 lbs Firestone airbags
Monroe front shocks

Rear Suspension:
Rear 2 link w/ Watts link
2600 lbs Firestone airbags
Monroe rear shocks
Shop: Justin Mornout and Kyle Osborn
Exhaust: Hooker Headers
3” exhaust custom 2 into 1 by Pat Cox
Custom exhaust exit by passenger fender

Engine-  2005 Chevrolet 5.3 LS V8
Custom engine mounts
Car style oil pan
Wrinkle finish painted
Aluminum radiator
Electric fans
Custom air intake
Tuned and dyno’d by KC Max Performance
Shop: Jesse Bunger and Dennis Bunger
Transmission- 2005 Chevrolet 4L60 automatic
Speedway Transmission Cooler
Tuned by KC Max Performance
Shop: Certified Transmission in Gladstone

Wheels:  Wheel Vintiques 12 series
Front: 15×7”   Front tires: Diamondback Classic 3” white walls
Rear: 15×10”  Rear tires: Diamondback Classic 3” white walls

Original weathered grille
Stock cut and welded grilles
Cut to fit wheel wells
Single mounted bumper light
Shaved hood emblems
Frenched exhaust opening
Shaved firewall
Classic Industries repop fuel tank
Shop: Justin Mornout and Kyle Osborn
Paint: Copper pearl painted firewall
Frame painted semi-gloss black
Shop: Justin Mornout & Mike Ladd

Slam Specialties air ride remote
Snowden seat-foam seat wrapped in cowhide / brown ranch leather
Cowhide door panels
Dolphin off-white gauges
1955 Belair steering wheel
Smoothed dash
Shaved radio
New door handles
Tall shifter
PSI harness

Christoper Tisdale / carpet by Taylor Made Customs
Interior paint by Mike Ladd

Kicker Bluetooth amp
Stock location speakers
Full sound deadened interior