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Chevy LT Victory Pulley System

Concept ONE introduces an all-new pulley system for the Chevy LT family of engines. The LT Victory Series pulley system’s clean and simple design can be tailored with a variety of custom options and finishes for great appearance and function. Every Concept ONE pulley system incorporates top-quality components and a compact design—for ample clearance in both original and aftermarket chassis.

The Chevy LT Victory kit includes:

• Ultra-small polished SD-7 compressor with billet manifold

• Aluminum power steering pump from Lares Corp.

• Exclusive Concept One billet aluminum pump-mounted mini reservoir

• Edelbrock cast aluminum water pump

• Polished 165-amp Powermaster one-wire alternator

• High-performance Fluidampr SFI-approved harmonic damper

• Crank pulley, water pump pulley, alternator pulley and power steering pulley

• All brackets, covers, belts, tensioner and chrome hardware needed for an easy install

Four different finishes are available: Machined, Polished, Anodized Clear and an ultradurable Anodized Black Hardcoat.

Concept ONE Pulley Systems



Applying the proper amount of clamp load to a rod bolt is perhaps the most crucial operation in assembling an engine. Too much or too little torque can lead to engine failure. Measuring bolt stretch provides a 100% reliable method of getting the correct clamping load.

Industry-leading fastener manufacturer ARP has taken accuracy to the next level with the introduction of a digital stretch gauge that measures to the ten-thousandth (0.0001″). ARP’s new digital rod bolt stretch gauge has many important features, not the least of which is an easy-to-read digital display. Accurate readings are ensured through opposing ball and pin-type probes which center on the bolt. ARP’s part number 100-9943




MegaSquirt MS3Pro Standalone Systems for GM LS Engines. Setting up and tuning an EFI engine for ludicrous power used to be something best left to a dedicated tuning shop. They handled the wiring and programming and tuning—and charged you a pretty penny to do so. And that is still a valid way to set up and tune a serious EFI engine. But thanks to DIY AutoTune, there is an alternative. The company makes programmable engine management systems based on the tried-and-true MegaSquirt architecture that gives you the tools needed to dial in your engine for maximum power and performance. If you have the patience and willingness to learn, you can do the tuning you used to pay someone else to do for you.

Summit Racing Equipment


Vintage Wires

The unique design of Vintage Wires allows customers to add the old-school look of classic fabric-covered ignition wires to their build while incorporating the convenience and safety of modern wiring systems, making them a popular choice for vintage racers and other classic projects.

Vintage Wires® uses a proven spark-carrying technology, 7.8 mm EPDM Silicone Insulation, spiral wound suppression core and a lacquered cotton braid covering. Universal Ignition Cable Kits are available for four, six and eight-cylinder applications. Boots, terminals, dialectric grease and installation instructions are also included.



Direct Fit

AutoMeter’s Direct Fit Instrument Clusters fit your dash with no modifications needed. The gauges are set in an ABS plastic panel that replaces the factory panel—they install using the existing factory mounts and hardware. The gauge cluster wiring harness connects directly to vehicle’s existing instrument board for an easy plug-and-play installation, and the panels have cutouts for factory accessory controls, air vents, and radio if applicable. They’re pretty much goof-proof.

Each Instrument Cluster comes with a 3 3/8 inch diameter electronic speedometer plus 2 1/6 inch diameter electrical gauges for oil pressure, water temperature, fuel, and voltage. Most kits also have a 3 3/8 inch electric tachometer. You even get a choice of gauge styles:

• American Muscle

• Cobalt

• Designer Black

• Sport Comp

• Ultra-Lite Series

AutoMeter Direct Fit Instrument Clusters are available for most popular 1965-1983 Chevy, Ford, Dodge, GMC, Plymouth, and Pontiac vehicles.

Hot Rod Sleeves!

Prevent heat from damaging wiring and linkages and from heating fuel and important fluids by installing the Hot Rod Sleeve™ from Heatshield Products. Plastic loom material does not protect wiring and fluid lines from the negative effects of heat exposure. The Hot Rod Sleeve is a great alternative that is designed to protect wires and fluid lines from heat, and it looks great!

Made from a specially designed and formulated weave that expands and contracts, the Hot Rod Sleeve is perfect for wiring bundles, fluid lines and linkages to protect them from heat exposure. Protecting fuel lines from heat exposure decreases the risk of vapor lock (especially on carbureted vehicles). Preventing brake lines from overheating can keep you from losing brake function. And stopping wiring bundles from getting too hot reduces amp loads and avoids electric shorts.

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