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New Parts Counter for your classic F100 truck!

American Racing Shelby Cobra SL

Introducing the American Racing VN407 Shelby Cobra SL. It is available in 17-, 18- and 20-inch sizes in either Full Polish, Mag Gray Center, or Hot Rod Black Center. The two-piece design uses a cast aluminum center welded to a forged aluminum outer barrel so it can be built in custom widths and backspacings. In fact, the wheel can be built in eighth-inch backspace increments to get that perfect fit. This is important on trucks that have front suspension and brake modifications as well as swapped rear axles. The wheels can be custom built so that spacers/adaptors are not needed. The VN407 can be drilled in the popular F-100 bolt patterns and accepts an option tri bar spinner cap. Check out the full line of American Racing wheels at www.americanracing.com. 

CPP 400 Series Steering Boxes

Classic Performance Products’ powerful 400 Series power steering box will give you a great road feel and allow for a direct replacement for your stock manual steering box. CPP’s high performance 400 Series boxes utilize the stock inverted flare hoses, 3/4”-30 rag joint and works with our custom pitman arm to make a direct connection to your steering drag link. Conversion kits include 400 Series power steering box, pitman arm, hoses and rag joint. Kit contents may vary between certain applications. Power steering boxes for 1953-56 F-100 and 1957-60 F-100 starting at $379 each; conversion kits for 1953-56 F-100 and 1957-60 F-100 starting at $539 per kit. For more information, visit CPP’s website www.classicperform.com or call 714-522-2000 for a catalog.

Lokar Throttle and Kickdown Cable Mounting Brackets for Edelbrock Pro-Flo 4 EFI

Lokar introduces its new Throttle and Kickdown Cable Mounting Brackets for Edlebrock’s Pro-Flo 4 EFI systems, allowing for a clean and simple cable installation. The brackets are available for both early and late versions of the Pro-Flo 4 with 4150 or 3878 throttle bodies, available with or without provisions for cruise control and in Lokar’s Brite or black anodized finishes. All mounting hardware and return assist springs are included, and as with all Lokar products, each bracket is manufactured in the USA and comes with a lifetime warranty. For more info, call 877-469-7440 or visit www.lokar.com. 

Fuel Tank–in-Cab Gas Tanks for the ’61-’72 Ford F-100 F-250

Auto Metal Direct has metal and so much more. The company’s newest development is for the ’61-’72 Bumpside Ford trucks: AMD reproduction in-cab fuel tanks for the ’61-’72 Ford F-100 and F-250 trucks. Correct for use on models without the evaporative emissions control or EEC. It’s made like OE on all new tooling. Each tank is manufactured to original specs and is a great starting point for getting your truck back on the road. Stay tuned for AMD’s all new stainless steel sending units coming soon. These OE quality components are the perfect touch to your restoration. Call 877-575-3586 today for full details or visit online at www.autometaldirect.com.

All New OE Style Dentside Cab Mounts by AMD

Auto Metal Direct is known for its premium muscle car and classic truck restoration parts. From gas tanks and sending units to glass replacements and body panels, the company’s latest release is aimed at the Dentside Ford truck. AMD has completed development and now offers OE replacement cab mounts for your ’65-’79 Ford truck. These new premium versions will save you hours of time in fit and finish over anything else available.

These two-piece design cab mounts are made just like the originals and are correct where applicable for the parking brake cable indentation. There are universal options available, but they do not offer the same metal thickness like original and aren’t exactly correct, especially for the early ’65-’66 trucks. AMD focused on being able to offer the best quality possible.

After extensive testing with restoration shops, all the body techs agreed these are far superior to anything else available. AMD even went as far as to offer the correct access plate as well, a part often lost, damaged or rusted out. Known for top quality OE style sheetmetal and restoration products, AMD continues to support Ford truck enthusiasts and restoration professionals by helping you save time and labor with premium quality reproduction parts.

Stamped from high quality OE-gauge steel on AMD’s exclusive new tools, each cab mount features correct as original shape, size, bends, curves and holes. Like all AMD parts, these items arrive EDP-coated to help protect against rust and corrosion prior to installation. These OE quality components from AMD are the perfect touch to your restoration. Call 877-575-3586, or visit us online at www.AutoMetalDirect.com and social @autometaldirect.

CPP’s Tilt Steering Columns for Ford F-100 Trucks

Classic Performance Product’s five-way adjusting tilt columns are designed for those who want a modern column at affordable pricing! Made from stainless steel tubes, the columns come in 28-, 30-, 32-, 33- and 35-inch lengths. They’re available for automatic column shift and all floor shift applications. The universal columns come with a 1-inch DD output shaft. The column shift columns come with both three-speed and four-speed shift indicators. Plain, chrome and black finishes are available. For more information, call 714-522-2000 and order a catalog that features CPP’s complete line of parts and accessories.

DEI’s Black Seaming Tape Provides Several Solutions

Black Seaming Tape - 1.5" x 15' - Design Engineering, Inc

When it’s time to stick together, look for high-adhesive Black Seaming Tape (#10039) from Design Engineering, Inc. Ideal for use with DEI’s popular Black Floor and Tunnel Shield kits, the durable tape also works great as a universal solution on wood, steel, aluminum, plastic and fiberglass. Use it to wrap and protect wires, cables, hoses, fuel lines, seams and more, providing protection from direct heat up to 400 degrees F.

“Made with a glass fiber scrim and high-temperature adhesive, this durable black tape hides seams and edges on our Black Floor and Tunnel Shield or can be used by itself to add a quality, professional finish on interior heat and sound-control projects,” says Mike Buca, DEI product manager.

Offering excellent abrasion and solvent resistance, DEI’s Black Seaming Tape has a low profile at just 0.007 inch thick, comes in 1.5-inch by 15-foot lengths, and is made in the USA.

By the numbers, the tape delivers:

Tensile strength: 175 lbs/in
Dielectric strength: 2500V
Adhesion to steel: 50oz/in
Adhesive: good to 311°F

For more information about Black Seaming Tape (#10039) and DEI’s complete line of performance heat and sound control products, visit www.designengineering.com.

Lecarra Steering Wheels

Each Lecarra steering wheel is handcrafted in the USA, including its Mark 4 Double Slot, Mark 9 Elegante and the ever-popular Banjo style. The Mark 4 and Mark 9 are machined from aluminum and are offered in polished or black powdercoated finishes, whereas the Banjo is hand crafted from polished stainless-steel spokes. A variety of hub adapters allow for a virtually unlimited number of vehicle fitments, and with 12 colors choices of hand stitched genuine leather wraps, you’ll be sure to find a Lecarra steering wheel that fits you perfectly. For more information on Lecarra steering wheels, visit www.lokar.com.