Must… Not… Cut… Up…

In the world of classic trucks, few models hold a candle to the illustrious 1967-1972 Chevy C10s. With their unique design and quality construction, these vintage beauties have captured the hearts of enthusiasts far and wide.

When it comes to the final-year 1972 C10 pickup trucks, you’ll find a diverse array of examples out there. Some owners boast unrestored models, wearing their original patina with pride. These trucks are like time capsules, bearing the scars and stories of decades past. Each dent and scratch tells stories of a hardworking past, making them a cherished sight for collectors and history buffs.

For those seeking a polished gem, restored models are a labor of love. Meticulous owners carefully revive every detail, sourcing original parts to recreate the truck’s former glory. Restored C10s shine like jewels, embodying the essence of their heyday while still turning heads on modern streets.


And although the crux of our focus here at C10 Builder’s Guide is customized C10s— you know, the rebels of the pack—we have to give credit where credit is due when it comes to extremely clean, restored, stock examples. After all, it’s essential to preserve a percentage of these trucks in their original factory configuration. As the popularity of customized C10s grows, finding unrestored or restorable models becomes increasingly challenging. Once a truck is heavily modified, returning it to its factory state can be an arduous task, often requiring scarce or expensive original parts, especially when you insist on using only factory GM parts.

Preserving unrestored C10s ensures that future generations can experience the raw authenticity of these vintage workhorses. It allows us to connect with the past and appreciate the unfiltered beauty of history. Each original model is a piece of the automotive timeline, a snapshot of a bygone era.

The 1972 Chevrolet C10 is more than just a truck; it’s an emblem of American automotive heritage. Whether unrestored, restored, or customized, each one holds a special place in the hearts of enthusiasts. By preserving a percentage of these legendary trucks, we safeguard their legacy and keep their stories alive for generations to come. It’s a nod to the past and a promise for the future—a commitment to cherishing the timeless charm of the 1972 C10.

In the end, no matter how the trucks are maintained or modified, the spirit of the 1972 Chevrolet C10 pickup truck endures—a symbol of American craftsmanship, style, and the enduring bond between man and machine.


This ’72 Cheyenne Super is owned by Dewayne Stephens and is an amazing example of exactly what we’re talking about. The Cheyenne Super was the top-of-the-line offering on the C/K trucks, so this model has it all, from woodgrain and full instrumentation (no idiot lights) to the 402 cubic-inch big block backed by a Turbo 400 transmission. And, let’s not forget about the A/C!

Dewayne has owned plenty of custom C10s over the years, but he just couldn’t bring himself to modify this one, although the temptation was definitely there. Just take a look at this thing and you’ll see that he went the exact opposite of customizing, with the truck now completely restored. Every single nut, bolt, and panel was painstakingly brought back to original condition or replaced with an original-style equivalent.

In fact, the only thing on this truck that’s not just like original is the fresh set of BF Goodrich Long Trail T/A tires, which show just 112 miles worth of wear since the truck’s restoration, but we can’t fault him for having a set of modern radials to keep things safe and comfy when Dewayne goes out for a short cruise.

Don’t worry about Dewayne, though—he hasn’t lost his penchant for customizing trucks, but he does realize that it’s important to save a few from the Sawzall. So, the next time you see a stock, classic C10 rolling down the road, take a moment to appreciate its legacy and the dedicated owners who keep the spirit of these vintage trucks alive!

Build Specs


  • Dewayne Stephens
  • Asheville, NC
  • 1972 Chevy C10 Cheyenne Super

Chassis & Suspension

  • Factory front sway bar
  • Factory heavy-duty rear springs
  • Factory power disc front/drum rear brakes
  • Factory hydraulic booster
  • Chevy 12-bolt rear end with positraction

Wheels & Tires

  • Factory GM 15×7 steel wheels with wheel covers
  • 235/75R15 BFGoodrich Long Trail T/A tires

Engine & Drivetrain

  • Chevy 402 cubic-inch big block engine
  • Original points ignition
  • Original style dual exhaust
  • Turbo 400 transmission

Body & Paint

  • Restored original sheetmetal and trim
  • GM Midnight Black and Frost White two-tone paint

Interior & Stereo

  • White Madrid vinyl bucket seats and center console
  • Factory AM/FM push-button radio
  • Factory air conditioning
  • Factory tinted glass
  • Factory tachometer and gauges
  • Factory tilt steering column


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