Full Suspension Solution  for C10 Square Body Trucks

 Now available, this C10 Square Body suspension upgrade for all four corners of your square body pickup has an all-new torque arm design for the 1973-1987 Chevy C10. With these all-new, engineered- from-scratch systems, truck owners can add modern performance to a pickup that was originally designed for utility, all without needing to remove the bed of the truck, although it is recommended for an easier process. QA1 engineered this unique bolt-in torque arm design which maximizes performance without the inherent binding issues of other four-link systems. 

Dialing in the stance will be easy with the adjustable coilover system—you can easily achieve 4 to 7 inches of adjustment below stock. The major benefit of the torque arm design is that each component is designed to perform one function. This provides superior control over suspension movement, resulting in a smooth ride and great handling characteristics.

“If you didn’t know better, you would never know you were driving a vehicle with a bed on it,” says Damien Brase, QA1 fitment technician and owner of a 1983 C10. “The ride quality and handling are nothing like what you would expect from a pickup. I never would have guessed it could handle as well as it does now.”

The drivability of your classic truck will be greatly improved with 7 degrees of added caster and a fully adjustable ride height thanks to the adjustable coilover shocks. When pairing the front and rear QA1 suspension systems, not only can you lower your C10, but you’ll also have that perfect level stance that you know you want. The multiple adjustability options let you tailor the QA1 system to create the performance you desire, so your truck can handle those corners and curves like a sports car.

Both front and rear systems use QA1 shocks, with the choice between our double or single adjustable shocks. All QA1 shocks are 100% dyno tested, serialized and proudly made in QA1’s Lakeville, Minnesota, facility. The suspension comes powdercoated with all necessary hardware for installation. Complement these systems with C10 sway bars from QA1 for an even more impressive ride.

We chose QA1 for our square body build for the simple reason that we wanted a painless, DIY installation with no wiring, running air hoses or dealing with leaky systems. Just a solid stance, a smooth ride and some really nice new parts for our truck! Over the next few issues, we will rip apart the suspension on this all stock squarebody and show you just how simple it is to have a corner carving, tire spreading squarebody. Let’s do it!

The truck of the day is this 1977 Chevy C10 Squarebody short bed. This is the perfect truck to bring back to life and we may even keep the topper, what do you think?

These kits include your choice of QA1’s proven single or double adjustable coilover shocks so you can change the valving to meet your specific needs. Along with a variety of high travel spring rate options, the shocks allow for ride height adjustability and are 100% dyno tested and serialized. With superior control over suspension movement, you can easily dial in the stance for a smooth ride and great handling characteristics. 
On-the-car adjustable valving
Designed to support larger/wider wheels and tires
Easy, bolt-in installation—no need to remove the bed
Made in the USA
Tubular sway bars are the easiest bolt-on upgrade to reduce body roll, keeping your tires firmly planted on the road when under hard cornering.
Sway bars are specifically tuned for your vehicle’s handling needs
Can be used with both QA1 control arms and factory control arms
Can easily be bolted on in minutes
Made in the USA

QA1’s Control Arm 2.0 was designed to be the lightest, strongest, and best-looking control arms the company has designed to date. These American-made control arms will ride better, corner harder and launch faster than anything you’ve experienced in the past. 
Street Performance – Polyurethane bushings isolate road noise for a smooth ride while simultaneously reducing bind for improved handling. Long-term strength and durability come from QA1’s maintenance-free ball joints, which come pre-installed in every arm. 
Pro-Touring – QA1 low-friction ball joints have 1-inch longer upper ball joint studs to improve camber gain and overall cornering grip. The use of ultra-low-friction composite bushings eliminates flex and delivers bind-free movement.
Drag Race – Off the line, racers can now tune their launch characteristics through an adjustable droop stop. Improved weight transfer and bind-free movement comes from QA1 low friction ball joints and ultra-low-friction composite bushings.

QA1 engineered a unique bolt-in torque arm design that maximizes performance without the inherent binding issues of other four-link systems. The major benefit of the torque arm design is that each component is designed to perform one function. This provides superior control over suspension movement, resulting in a smooth ride and great handling characteristics. The adjustable coil-over system gives 4 to 7 inches of adjustment below stock.

With the parts ordered, it’s time to clear some room. Luckily we have our buddies’ massive garage to work in—we just need to move around some of his project trucks. We’re all the same!

Christmas for gearheads happens all year long when we order parts for our trucks—especially when they come so well packed with the logos of the manufacturing company. QA1 does it right!

We are replacing the factory frame on this truck as well since it is broken completely in half in the engine bay. How did this even happen?

One thing that is so nice about this kit is that it comes powdercoated from the factory. No need to test fit before coating your suspension parts.

This truck also needs a new engine, so we are going to bolt in this 6.0-liter LS engine straight out of a Chevy Tahoe. Some Dirty Dingo engine mounts will make the transplant smooth and simple.

With all the parts unboxed and accounted for, it’s time for the planning process to begin. This will be a simple bolt together build but an action plan is still needed. So sit back and let us get organized, next issue we will start making bolts fly!