Memories From Mexico | FULL EVENT COVERAGE

Mexico is a country known for its rich heritage and cultures that stem from the many influences which helped mold the nation. While driving down to the heart of Mexico, towns get smaller and spread out farther away in certain areas where cobblestone roads end up becoming more common by the minute. At first glance, a custom truck scene doesn’t seem like a possibility in this area. Most of the trucks seen driving around are work trucks dedicated to hauling fruit, animals, or delivering errands into the town. A lot of these trucks are family heirlooms, passed down from generation to generation, each taking the same road their family did before them. Although despite these common conditions, there’s a surprising hidden culture that is thriving year after year. It’s one that exudes what this great scene is all about, good times and even better memories. 

Our destination was the city of Aguascalientes, which is called “el corazón” meaning “the heart” of Mexico because it lies in the middle of the country. This city is often considered, by its locals, to be one of the safest and cleanest in Mexico. Also, the city of Aguascalientes is known as “the land of the good people” and well known for the Spanish colonial buildings in its historic center. This is also where a group of guys called The Chevroleteros who share the same passion as we do. They banded together to produce a truck show with goals to bring the country together and intentions of pushing the custom truck scene further. Their vision was clearly well-received as we watched more than 700 trucks come from all over the country including Mexico City, Guadalajara, Zacatecas, Chihuahua, Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Queretaro, and more.

The event took place in Isla San Marcos, a fairground that proved to be the perfect venue. Overlooking the show grounds is La Catrina, a small lake surrounded by palm trees and a large grassy area for trucks to post up. This space, along with a large tented arena for the main part of the show set the scene, and you couldn’t have asked for a better backdrop. Beautiful builds from teams like Ground Zero, Custom Trucks GDL, Team Billet, Trucks Performance MX, Las Foringas GTO, and so many more came out to put their creations on display. We saw a bunch of traditional lowriders on display, a whole fleet of old-school American muscle, quite a few chopped up lead sleds, as well as some really trick VW bugs too! 

After checking out the large variety of customs and classics it was clear that the old school rides were king of this contest. We saw nearly every year, make and model show up representing their own unique styles and influences from around the country and even the US. Bagged trucks were everywhere even though many of them had to build their kits and pieces to do get their fitment right. Mexican ingenuity plays a huge role in this society since ordering kits from the US is just too expensive for the average enthusiast. Some old school trucks were even fully restored to their factory spec glory years, while others chopped up their trucks to meet their visions head on. Check out the chopped up a C10 someone made into a dually tow-pig, how cool is that? Mr. Intro from Intro Wheels and his son also came down from Santa Ana, California just to take part in this growing scene. This event happen to only be an hour away from where he grew up and he was thoroughly impressed with this massive amount of people that showed up to take part. Unlike most shows where cliques, clubs, and even brands draw lines of separation, the atmosphere here was one of family as spectators drank together, dissected builds with one another, and helped each other find the missing pieces to their personal build puzzles. That weekend wasn’t just an event to show off accomplishments or projects, but a celebration of the progress and traction the scene is continuously moving forward with. Never did I imagine to find such a treasure in Mexico, but it’s a show that’ll be on my must-attend list for years to come.