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A man who needs no introduction, Mike Alexander has taken the role of the C10 Builders Guide Editor. Mike is no stranger to being editor of a magazine. Instead of telling you about Mike, we did a interview with him to let you know about him and what to expect in C10 Builders Guide issues.


ST: What is your name and give us some background on you?

Mike Alexander – began my editorial career as staff editor at Mini Truckin’ magazine back in 2002/2003, worked my way up to Editor in chief, and eventually Editorial Director and been involved in print magazines for more than two decades now. Also founded Slam’d Magazine and FLO Airride and currently am the Brand Manager at Air Lift Performance, been involved in the custom automotive industry since I was 16yrs old.

ST: What titles of magazine are you editor of? C10 Builders Guide

MA: What made you get into editing? Use to write letters to the editors of truck magazines as a kid and always wanted to run a magazine

ST: How do you get into editing? College, degrees?


MA: Mostly self taught with several mentors along the way (Tito, Finnegan, Johnny O and more)

ST: Give us a day in the life of Mike Alexander editor of C10 BG.

MA: Everyday is FUN no matter what challenges are faced! Always up to something here, juggling two kiddos, family, full-time automotive career at Air Lift and helping on several magazines these days. Always keeping creativity churning with several projects, exciting new things in the works in the airride community, and these days keep a great work/life balance to ensure that family, fun, and work all get the proper attention. Although sleep could probably be bumped up a bit on that list too since that still doesn’t happen as often as it should lol

ST: What criteria are you looking for when you choose you vehicles for this month’s issue?

MA: Different, complete, custom, badass – expression; always the right balance of custom and style with a nice expression of the owner/builder

ST: What Criteria are you looking for when you choose a cover?

MA: To me personally a cover has to do a few things well: 1. First and foremost our job is to SELL magazines, so a cover has to help do just that. 2. A cover MUST stand out from the crowd (this can be a variety of things, but it must do them ALL WELL) 3. A cover must represent in my personal opinion “the best” of what we’re trying to present (if it’s a paint and body issue for example, “the best” quality in that arena, etc)

ST: How do you choose what shows to cover for your magazine?

MA: For C10 particularly the show has to have a good attendance of quality C10 builds for it to make sense here

If you do live events, how do you choose what live events to cover?

ST: Who are some of your influences?

MA: So many great mentors and influences have turned into some of my best friends through the years – it’d be impossible to name them all but some that really stand out along the way would include; Johnny O, Tito, Finnegan, Bob Grant, Bobby Martins, Kevin Wilson, Anthony Carri, Phil Fowler, Michael Phillips, John Beebee, Solomon Lunger, Tim Dunaway, Tony Leal, John Jackson, Brandon Perry, Jesse James, and several others in the business space but all of these people have helped shaped in some way over the years.

ST: What are your thoughts on the current and future state of the industry?

MA: I’m generally a pretty positive person so you won’t get doom and gloom here. Do I feel print is at a crossroads? Naw, just continually evolving and we’ll always push and find a way when we love what we do. The custom automotive industry in general will of course see a slow shift over toward electric and other new-age trends and as always us “hot-rodders” will find a way to “screw them up good and call them custom” haha – peace!