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Belltech 2019+ RAM 1500 (6 Lug) lowers the front of your vehicle -3” to -4” and the rear -4” or -5”. Our lowering coilovers use high-quality, multi-functional components that include a finely tuned Belltech damper with a large damper body and 35mm independent rebound and compression valves. The coilovers use a progressive rate polymer, open-cell bump stop with OE top mounts. Spindles complete the front end lowering another -2”, settling your vehicle closer to the ground. The rear showcases Street Performance shocks. Large 2.2” (55mm) damper bodies are used with 35mm independent rebound and compression valves. To achieve -4” or -5” in lowering, coil springs and 1” spacers are included. For a full 5”, the spacer is removed. A 1-3/8” diameter solid front sway bar and a 13/16” diameter hollow rear sway bar is included. Other kits with varying lowering ranges for the 2019+ Ram (6-Lug) are available on



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