F-100 TAKEOVER TOUR It’s about time someone told those C10 guys who’s boss

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It’s about time someone told those C10 guys who’s boss—or at least showed them that the F-100 community is building just as many badass F-100s as there are C10s while dealing with a more limited aftermarket support system.

The F-100 Takeover Tour is just what it sounds like: an attempt to take over the show scene from the C10 crowd. It started in 2022 at the F-100 Grand National show in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, as a way to get all the F-100 guys together outside of the show grounds. The “Takeover After Dark,” as it was called in Tennessee, was the brainchild of Kyle Howard of Outcast Autoworks and Daniel Houston of Huey Fab, who brought on several F-100 product companies, including Soulless Innovations, John’s Rods Drop Beams, Fat Fender Garage, F-100 Performance, KC’s Paint Shop, Ford Muscle, and Hellish Hay Haulers.

Shortly after Takeover After Dark, these guys got together and hatched the idea of using a “takeover” as a tool to get the F-100 crowd out to more events. They decided to take it nationwide in 2023 with the first F-100 Takeover Tour happening at the Altered Metal Car and Truck Show in Rayne, Louisiana, in March.

Takeover Tour organizers had 20 pre-registered F-100s prior to the show, with a total of 38 showing up over the weekend. Tony Bearb with Eclectic Art Photography set up a photo shoot and hangout time outside the show grounds, where 19 F-100s from the show attended. When Sunday rolled around, it was time for the Altered Metal awards ceremony. Four F-100s took home specialty/best-of awards out of 15 total awards, as well as many placing in the top 75.

So far, the Takeover Tour has had massive support from show promoters all across the country. In fact, the next Takeover Tour is happening at the Classic Truck Throwdown in Conroe, Texas, on June 30-July 2, 2023. All ’48-’98 F-Series trucks are welcome to join in the fun.

If you would like to keep up with Takeover Tour events, follow them on Facebook and Instagram at @F100takeovertour, and keep an eye out as they post event pages for future events.


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