WE SCOURED THE GLOBE FOR THE BADDEST PRODUCTION F-100 CHASSIS OUT there to bring them all together in one place. There are a ton of advantages to purchasing a rolling chassis for your classic truck build, starting with the fact that these top companies put a lot of time (and moola) into engineering a well-thought-out solution from start to finish. Performance, handling, comfort, design, options and personal preference are features to consider when picking out the perfect foundation for your build. Here’s a look at the finest rollers we could find:

Art Morrison GT Sport Chassis for 1953-’56 Ford F-100s

Art Morrison Enterprises

Art Morrison has been a leading chassis builder for decades. Mandrel bent rail services, custom made-to-order rolling chassis, the works. It’s no surprise the company’s GT Sport Chassis line leads the way for muscle truck and classic truck enthusiasts alike. Up front you’ll find AME’s “Sport” independent front suspension with beefy 1 5/16-inch diameter upper control arms, upsized poly-bushed rod ends that work in concert with the premium coilover shocks and anti-sway bar, both of which are adjustable. A four-bar rear suspension with “Johnny-Joint” rod ends and a panhard bar keeps the reinforced Ford 9-inch rear end solidly planted for optimum acceleration and cornering. Adjustable coilover shocks tailor the handling and ride to your requirements.

Art Morrison Customizable Ford Chassis for ’48-’79 Ford Trucks

Art Morrison Enterprises

AME also offers “engineered to fit” exact year, make and model truck chassis custom rollers. No compromises here! Your choice of ride height and stance, superbly engineered suspension package provides vastly improved performance and handling, beefy 2×6-inch main rails with precision mandrelformed 2×4-inch 180-wall subframes. Frame is fixture-welded to assure proper alignment of all suspension components with choice of AME’s own IFS, Sport IFS or Air Spring-Plus front suspension. Triangulated four-bar, fourbar or Air Spring-Plus rear suspension options, and through-frame passages for 2.5-inch or 3-inch exhaust provide lower center of gravity and ample ground clearance.

GSI Machine and Fabrication Ford Line ’61-’64 F-100

GSI Machine & Fabrication

GSI’s 1961-’64 F-100 air ride or coilover chassis is engineered with optimized suspension geometry to minimize camber movement throughout the suspension travel and help to eliminate bump steer. GSI’s lower control arm alignment cams allow for quick and easy suspension alignment. GSI’s tie rod adapter kit works with the suspension to eliminate bump steer and make alignment easy, and the rear is designed to accommodate a wide wheel setup (24×15-inch wheels). The GSI air ride or coilover chassis has been designed and developed using the latest technology available in manufacturing. Laser scanning a chassis is the best way to achieve proper fitment of all chassis components. High quality CNC laser, CNC water jet and CNC press brake machines ensure all parts will fit together at the welding bench and during installation. They also combine a full CNC machine shop in house to manufacture every piece to strict quality standards.

BSI Performance ’53-’56 F-100Chassis

Bodie Stroud Industries (BSI Performance)

BSI Performance offers a ’53-’56 (other years available for custom order) fat fender chassis that delivers performance, handling, weight reduction, simple and super clean welds/fabrication with zero grinding. Designed and styled to be unique and clean, upgrades consist of Brembo/Wilwood brakes, complete Coyote or LS packages, engine/trans mounts of your choice, Magnaflow exhaust systems, fuel systems, rear end and radiator upgrades, and more. BSI chassis comes complete with BSI upper and lower control arms and four-link bars with patented EZ-Aline camber/caster adjusters integrated for quick and easy adjustments on the fly. Offering everything from rails to complete rollers, BSI has decades of build experience to deliver!

Scott’s Hot Rods Ford Chassis Line

Scott’s Hot Rods

Each and every Scott’s chassis is built to order per the vehicle and customer specs. Coilovers (casual cruiser to Pro Touring) or airbags (lay frame/rocker, adjustable on-the-fly ride height), and you definitely won’t find any leaves or drum brakes here! Scott’s chassis are 100% TIG Welded 2x4x.120 wall tube frame rails with one-piece 2x4x3/16-wall tube IFS crossmember and an eight-point 1 1/2-inch DOM tubular chassis crossmember. Includes tubular upper and lower A-arms, 1 1/8×1/four-wall DOM with stainless steel CNC machined fully adjustable rod ends and oversized serviceable press-in ball joints. Also includes Aldan American single-adjustable coilovers or airbags and shocks and manual rack-and-pinion, as well as Moser Ford 9-inch housing and 31-spline axles, 1 1/8×1/four-wall DOM tubing link bars (adjustable RH- & LH-thread) with four-bar rear end housing brackets, all Grade-8 hardware and a lifetime guarantee.

No Limit Pro-Tech Chassis ’61-’70 F-100s

No Limit Engineering

No Limit Pro-Tech Chassis for 1961-1979 F-100s will deliver improved handling, ride quality and performance for your classic hauler. Each chassis is custom built to your specifications. These chassis include the famous No Limit Wide Ride IFS with a 61.5-inch track width and proven No Limit Fat Bar Four-Link for the rear. The main chassis platform is 2x6x.120 wall rails, with a stout 2x6x.188 wall X-member. Exhaust porting and a drive shaft loop is standard. The formed front and rear rail sections are 2×6-inch blended down to 2x4x.188 wall. Base chassis includes the frame, cab, bed and bumper mounts, complete fat bar rear suspension with single adjustable coilovers, Mosier H.D. housing and axles, and brake line plumbing (High Nickel Steel). Will fit up to 11-inch wide front wheel with a 315 tire and 12-inch wide rear wheel with a 345 tire; wider wheel tubs required.

No Limit’s Big 10 Chassis 1948-1960 F-100s

No Limit Engineering

NO Limit’s Big 10 Chassis for 1948-1960 F-100s is sold as a complete roller. This includes: complete front suspension, including power rack-and-pinion, front sway bar and disc brakes; Ride Tech billet coilover shocks standard front and rear; complete trailing arm rear suspension with rocker arms and links standard; Mosier-Ford 9-inch rear end with 31 spline axles, 60-inch overall width with all brackets welded in place; brake pedal, booster and master cylinder, valving and all brake line plumbing included; motor and transmission mounts; motor adapter plates, motor poly mounts, trans poly mount and rack-and-pinion fittings. No Limit Big 10 chassis is one of the most complete chassis packages on the market and can include custom running board mounts as needed.

Fatman Fab 1948-1979 Ford Truck Chassis

Fatman Fabrication

Get the improvement you crave with the precision and proven geometry in the Fatman Ford truck chassis. Fatman Fab manufacturers a complete 1948–1979 Ford truck chassis with multiple options to make your classic perform exactly as you want it to! As an accredited manufacturer, Fatman can supply this chassis with a legal VIN number and a Statement of Origin to help you title a complete reproduction build or restoration. Fatman’s frames are built using heavy 0.188-inch wall rectangular tubing for more strength and engineered from front to back.

RS 1967-1972 Slammed SPEC Series Chassis

Roadster Shop

RS SPEC is an engineering-focused approach using the latest in manufacturing technology to build the lightest, strongest and easiest-to-install complete chassis system. These technologies have been used to streamline procedures resulting in lower cost and shorter lead times. The SPEC IFS is engineered to deliver outstanding performance wrapped in a user-friendly package. A completely new proprietary suspension geometry has been designed to provide the best balance of ride quality and performance. The engineered solution is designed with aggressive 4-inch ride height that will lay rockers on the ground with air bag suspension. Frame rail designs to accommodate mini-tubs and up to 12-inch-wide wheels and rear frame kick up are engineered for minimal bed modification while allowing the truck to lay rockers on the ground for the ultimate in lows.

Acme Chassis Air & Coil Ford Chassis Line

Acme Chassis Factory

ACME Chassis Factory line of Ford truck chassis are currently available for all Ford trucks and SUVs from 1947-1997. Acme frames come set up for airbags or coilovers and have a ton of options for suspension choices/ configurations. All chassis are built using the latest high-end technology and are completely 3-D modeled. From there, the front rails are constructed from laser cut and CNC formed 3/16-inch cold rolled steel. The rear rails are precision built to tight tolerances. The lower control arms are designed and built with laser cut plates with internal gussets, much like a trophy truck. The upper arms are fully adjustable for camber and caster alignment. The rear suspension features a triangulated three-link with fully boxed lower links and a tubular upper link or a parallel four-link with a watt’s link. All machined parts are produced with CNC machines to exacting standards and tolerances. The chassis and components are all assembled and fully welded in precision jigs and fixtures to ensure a perfect fit, every time, with ‘bag on bar style rear suspension, ride-quality and performance and engineered into every single build. Give them a call today to customize your next project roller!

RS 1948-1956 REVO IFS Chassis

Roadster Shop

The Roadster Shop 1948-1956 REVO IFS Chassis has been created from the ground up, leaving behind the antiquated Mustang II geometry and ride quality where it firmly belongs: in the past. Controlled roll centers, eliminated bump steer, and CAD optimized camber and caster curves provide a suspension that offers the absolute best combination of ride quality and street performance. With 5.5 inches of wheel travel and positive and negative bump stops, the REVO front end allows smooth articulation through the full range of motion, creating the most comfortable, balanced and street friendly dynamics possible.

A new and innovative integrated sway bar design allows the use of a 1-inch OD splined sway bar tube, with no external mounting necessary. The carefully designed packaging leaves one of the smallest crossmember footprints available today, leaving you with more room and clearance to position your drivetrain where you want it without compromise.

The REVO front end has been designed from scratch using the latest CAD development software and design processes. Roadster Shop designed and manufactured 115 unique components for this suspension, allowing a fresh design template to build the ultimate IFS without compromise.

Schwartz Performance 1948-1952 G-Machine Chassis

Schwartz Performance

The Schwartz Performance 1948- 1952 G-Machine Chassis replaces the old, weak frame that your cab/bed, suspension components and engine are currently mounted to. With the G-Machine Chassis, your Ford F1’s body will encounter much less flex and better ride quality, resulting in an all-around better performing vehicle. A bolt-in design integrates all of the original core support, cab and bed mounting points, and the floorplan does not need to be cut out, although some transmissions will require tunnel modifications. It’s designed to accept big block and small block Ford engines, as well as DOHC mod motors like the 4.6L and 5.0L Coyote (rear sump oil pan required on all engines) and can cater to virtually any engine/trans combos out there. All G-Machine Chassis allow for up to 345 mm-wide rear tires if you mini-tub the bed sides. Moser full-floating 9-inch rear is narrowed to 60 inches to allow fitment for deeper dish wheels. Different rear end widths available as well. Schwartz Performance can also make any post-1952 Ford truck chassis as well.

Speedtech 1953-1956 F-100 ExtReme Chassis

Speedtech Performance USA

The Speedtech ExtReme chassis provides you with an easy-to-install, high-quality, USAmade F-100 chassis system that’s customized just for you. It can include heavy duty tube rails with fully welded and internally gusseted box style front and rear chassis clips, high clearance upper and lower front control arms assembled with greaseable Delrin bushings and heavy-duty ball joints that allow up to 315 mm tires up front. Your package can include new ExtReme aircraft spec 7075 T73 Forged aluminum spindles with heavy duty C7 Corvette hubs and tuned, adjustable, splined sway bar with street, autocross and ExtReme race options. A Sweet Mfg. race bred performance power rack-and-pinion steering paired with JRI single adjustable shocks with Speedtech valving and Draco springs in your choice of spring rate create the ultimate in performance handling! Includes Torque Arm rear suspension system including Articulink lower trailing arms and heavy-duty Dutchman 9-inch Ford housing with prewelded brackets and 31 Spline Pro Street axles.