Electric C10 Ep. 7 | GIANT 67″ Diffuser For The Tesla Swapped Squarebody!

This week Tim is fabricating one of the largest rear diffusers he has ever made for this twin Tesla swapped square body. The rear diffuser is not only going to help us gain some range from our model 3 battery pack, but it’s going to help us handle better on the track as well. While this piece of aero-kit doesn’t change the fact that the front of our truck is still shaped like a brick, it does help with how wind exits the back of the truck. The canards on this diffuser will help the air exit from underneath the bed, instead of creating turbulence. It will also give this truck more downforce which will help give this truck more traction at higher speeds and help us keep control of all the torque we’ll be putting down! There’s a lot of measuring, cutting, and welding involved with making a splitter like this, but we’re breaking every bit down for you, step by step! If you’re wondering how to build a rear diffuser for your truck or car, then this is the episode for you!

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