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Three Cool Ways to Spend Your Weekend

With a constant schedule and the recent lack of inventory in the marketplace, we felt it was a good time to spend our weekend completing some of those quick and easy jobs that are so satisfying, yet so simple to put off to another day. New Nexen Roadian tires for our tow hauler, a set of super nice Eddie Motorsports billet hood hinges for our 1995 OBS Chevy, and some DEI interior padding for our Hot Rod Power Tour truck are the three things on our to-do list. None of these take more than a few hours to complete, which is just enough time to do it later—but not today!

Year-long builds are the normal for the above-normal custom truck builder. Generally, while builds like that are in progress, nothing else really matters. New tires for the daily? Nah, the old ones still have some tread on them. Fix that broken hood prop on the weekend cruiser? It has a reliable LS engine in it, so we’re not going to need to pop the hood anyway, right? That’s the pattern we have made over the past few months. Tunnel vision on the trophy chaser is a thing I seem to struggle with, and I aim to be better to my ready to use trucks. A little grease here, tighten a few bolts there, and they are back on track—and I have a nice sense of accomplishment from very little effort. Feels great! Now, I am going to go grab a cold drink while you check out what spent our weekend wrenching on. What are you working on this weekend?

Weekend Install #1

First on the list is our toy hauler and booth supplies workhorse. This 2004 Ford F-250 Powerstroke has some old worn out tires that need to be replaced. So, we headed over to Eastside Auto Repair for a quick tire swap.

We are installing the new Nexen Roadian MTX Tires in a size of 285-75-16. The Nexen Roadian MTX features an aggressive design that is extremely versatile for on- and off-road driving. Each tire boasts a dual sidewall design that allows you to customize the look of the tire on your vehicle.

With such rugged traits, you wouldn’t expect the Roadian MTX to be as quiet as it is on the highway, but thanks to its patented tread block design the road noise has been minimized.

The old tires are useless, dry-rotted, and unsafe. If your tires look this bad, please do not sell them just to make some money. It’s dangerous!

With the old tires removed, it was easy to slap these Rodian MTX tires on. They are a soft rugged tire that is very easy to work with.

The new tires look amazing. The sidewall design is super cool, and we’re relieved to have a safe tow vehicle again.

Weekend Install #2

Next on the to-do list was a simple hood hinge replacement on our 1995 Chevy C/K 1500 truck.

The old hinges are in great shape, but they just can’t hold up the hood and don’t sit even when fully open.

The first step on the swap is to remove the wiper cowl to expose the hinge bolts.

With the hood propped up using the sponges, we unbolted the hinges with an electric ratchet.

The new Eddie Motorsports all-billet hinge fits perfectly and includes all the hardware we needed. Plus, they were made in America!

The final step is to add the provided hydraulic strut to keep it open. Wow this thing is strong!

Weekend Install #3

If you have been following along, we are putting together a 1995 Chevy C10 for the Hot Rod Power Tour complete with a 6.0-liter LS engine, QA1 coilover suspension and Wilwood brakes.

This weekend we are only focused on keeping the interior cool and quiet during our five-day road trip.

So, the call was made to our buddies at DEI, and they shipped this kit to us that is specifically designed for squarebody trucks. It includes the adhesive backed boom mat and the double layer thick padding.

Now we can lay down the carpet below bolting in the seats. Just wait until you see what we have in store for the cabin. See you in the next issue!