Electric C10: Ep.4 | Full Race Chassis For Our Tesla Swapped Squarebody

This week we’re getting ready to drop the cab down on to our Tesla Swapped 1985 C10 Squarebody, but first we have to finishing fabricating our chassis! We’re finishing up the rear subframe and making some cross brace supports so the back end of this truck doesn’t flex under our 3,000+ ft/lbs of torque. Then we’re cutting and welding up our frame rails to connect the front and rear substructures to hold our Model 3 long range battery in place, giving us one unified chassis to start mounting our ’85 C10 body to. That original squarebody C10 is getting torn down so we can start transplanting the cab, bed, and body panels to our custom chassis! Watch until the end to see this chassis start looking like a proper electric drift truck!

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