Have you always wanted to buy a 1967-’72 F-Series truck but not blow the bank while making it happen? We thought the same thing, so we went out and picked up this 1968 F-100 longbed with its OG Holly Green and Wimbledon White paint and sporting its original 360 V-8 with a four-speed. We knew it was the perfect truck for this—especially because we got her for $5,000 from our buddy Chris Swenson (IG: @BumpingUglys). 

We installed the tailgate trim we got from Dennis Carpenter, and it set off the back end of this truck.

It’s amazing what buffing the original paint does for a truck.

Dakota Digital RTX Gauges.

Once we got the truck, it was go time. Knowing that reliability is the most important thing, we dove into the engine. We put on a Sniper EFI setup with MSD ignition, which really made her run and drive that much better. We installed a complete Painless Wiring kit. Dakota Digital RTX gauges were next on the list so we could keep an eye on all our temps and pressures. Once we had the mechanics lined out it, was time to jazz her up a bit. We got some engine dress-up parts from Holley, and it turned out great.

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TMI Products Deluxe Bench Seat with Plaid Insert complemented with a set of Bumpside DojaMats.

We had our buddy Danny from Big D-Etailing come out and do a full three-stage wet-sand and buff to get the OG paint to shine. Once it was looking good, we put a set of 22×9 Detroit Steel Wheels D-Towns wrapped in Toyo tires that went on perfectly. We even had Detroit drill them to run the 12-inch hub caps. We went with 22s because they would give her the look we were going for without needing to spend the money on suspension right away.

Now that the outside of the truck was looking A1, it was only right to get the interior looking just as snazzy. We opted for TMI Products 60-inch deluxe bench seat, with Dennis Carpenter rubber vinyl flooring and a set of Dojamat Bumpside floor mats on top. It is the perfect mix of comfort and style.

We gave ourselves a $25,000 total budget when we started this project, and the goal was to make a reliable, cool F-100 that you would be proud to drive and use. As it sits, we are just shy of $17,300. We have a few more ideas up our sleeves. You will need to check out the future issues of F-100 Builder’s Guide to see what we have in store.

We spruced up the engine with Holley Sniper EFI, MSD Ignition, distributor, coil, and Fresh Optima Battery for going strong!

Holley Sniper EFI Gauge

22×9 Detroit Steel Wheels D-Town Wrapped in Toyo Tires 265/35/22 Proxes ST

Here, we’re replacing the original gauges with a set of Dakota Digital RTXs.

Installing the EFI Fuel Pump in the tank.

The Painless Wiring Kit.