If you live, breathe, and bleed the need to work on cars or trucks as I do, weekends are generally filled with hobby-related activities like restoring trucks. My wife and I recently bought a house that was built in the ’70s, and we had immediate plans to restore a few areas, including the garage. Our experience rebuilding trucks definitely translates to home improvement skills, but there’s nothing like trial and error to achieve your goals. 

As a full-time automotive journalist, I’ve learned that having space to work in and out of the office is important. That space also needs to have some style as it will inevitably be on camera at some point. So, when it came time to clean and coat our garage floor, we knew that doing it right the first time was important. After a few phone calls and emails, we realized this is a pretty expensive process when you pay a professional, so we had to improvise.

KBS Coatings has proven itself time and time again on many of our truck projects. The company’s thick, high-quality coatings protect and seal metal surfaces like no other, but do they work on concrete? We learned that using the KBS Rust Seal and KBS Maxx topcoat is the trick to a total seal. A quick call to the tech service line was extremely helpful and gave us the confidence to move forward using the company’s sealer and UV topcoat. Gray, white, and black flecks were generously tossed on the topcoat, and we were done!

The product works, the price was within budget, and we did it ourselves. Weekend projects do not get much better than that! Follow along as we upgrade our garage floor!


KBS Coatings

This 40-year-old floor has seen better days, but thanks to KBS Coatings, it’s about to have an all-new life.

Before starting on the floors, we cleaned and painted the walls so the whole space has a nice, new feeling. Even though we are coating the floor, masking off the edges will save us the effort of cleaning the drips.

There are plenty of holes in the concrete walls, but they’re nothing that a little Loctite can’t repair.

We used a satin finish Valspar Signature paint mixed to a color code called Rocky Shelter. Perfect for Project Rocky!

KBS tech experts suggested the company’s all-purpose cleaner and degreaser to start the process. There’s nothing like a little sweat equity for a new homeowner.

Our experience rebuilding trucks definitely translates to home improvement skills, but there’s nothing like trial and error to achieve your goals.  

KBS’ two-part process includes a concrete sealer and a UV-resistant topcoat. KBS recommends a half-inch nap roller for application.

The first coat is the KBS Rust Seal. Even though concrete does not rust, this is the product that is designed for garage floors and other concrete surfaces.

After we apply two coats, we wait for the right amount of dry time. We want to be able to touch the surface and not leave a fingerprint.

Two coats look great, although the lines are pretty visible. That’s where the two-part topcoat comes into play.

As we add the final third coat, Nicole generously spreads the flake over the topcoat so it can dry into the surface.

We had to toss flakes over one large section at a time and move on to ensure they hit the surface before it dries.

Here is a closeup look at the final result. We are very impressed by this product and highly recommend it for anyone looking to re-coat their garage floor at an affordable price.

A good test of durability is a heavy toolbox, am I right? After three long days of drying, we pushed our full toolbox all over the floor with no marks or indentions. So nice!

on our garage makeover is a new tool storage system using Ryobi products. The company has hit the automotive industry hard with some great tools, and we can’t wait to test them out on some trucks!