No, we’re not talking about an angry guy bellowing from the rooftops in that headline. We’re talking about this gorgeous 1971 Ford F-100 with a supercharged 2013 Coyote V-8 that’s proudly owned by Quality Roofing Inc. in Tampa, Florida.

It roars, alright, and then some.

“We built it for a customer who wanted a restomod classic truck for marketing purposes,” says Michael Rolleri, who owns and operates Salvage to Savage, a full-service fabrication and speed shop in nearby Boca Raton. “It took a year to build at a cost of six figures.”

When you see and hear this green-and-white patinaed rig in person—and take a peek under the hood—the cost and time involved make perfect sense.

But first, the exterior. Everything you see is original: the grille, the bumpers, even the paint job. Well, kinda. The crew at Salvage to Savage added custom bead-rolled front fenders and rear tubs to fit those 304 Nitto tires. They also did some custom in-house patina work to make this F-100 look the part of a hardworking daily driver.

The chassis is also “stock-ish,” reports Michael. “We did some frame mods, including boxing it in, and adding a Heidts Superide IFS 4-link, QA1 coilover shocks front and rear, Nitto tires, and a stainless-steel fuel tank we fabricated in-house.”

But that’s where the “stock-ish” stuff ends.

Under the hood hides a blinging Coyote 5-liter V-8 with a horsepower-boosting, whining Whipple supercharger and a set of JC Custom billet valve covers. They used a Ford Performance wiring harness to control all this upgraded power. They also added custom headers that were made in-house and a 3-inch custom exhaust that exits on the side, NASCAR style.

“The biggest change was when the customer decided to go from a NA daily driver to wanting more power, which is when we decided to turn up the heat with a roots style Whipple supercharger,” Michael says.

To transfer all that power to the wheels, they crew had to upgrade the drivetrain. They started with a retired fleet work truck from Quality Roofing, a stock 2013 Ford F-150, and then added a Lokar Sport Shifter for superior control and Wilwood brakes and master cylinder to stop on a dime.

Inside the cab, the stunning custom features continue. They used a complete TMI interior with an oversized bench seat in luscious, caramel-colored leather. They fabricated and wrapped a one-of-a-kind aluminum console—complete with cell phone charger—and added custom green LED lighting, a JC Custom billet bezel, and restomod billet controls and vents. Autometer Digital Dash gauges keep track of the vitals, while a Rockford Fosgate stereo system keeps the tunes sounding perfect.

“The interior came out awesome,” Michael says. “It’s very roomy, the kind of truck you don’t mind taking on a road trip.”

The truck is headed back to Salvage to Savage for some more mods, so stay tuned for the new and improved QR F-100, Michael says.

“Now that the truck is on the road, it is due back for some upgrades to the heart of the truck,” he says. “We’ll be pulling out this tired F-150 motor and sending it off for some real motor work so we can see some real power going down the road.”

We can’t wait to see it!