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It’s Time to Recognize!

 Officially recognized as possessing certain qualifications or meeting certain standards is the basic definition of “certified,” but to truly embody the term, full-throttle all-out testing is the only way to truly prove your product. So, when the crew at Mittler Brothers and MRC Fabrication teamed up to design the Hydroshox hydraulic/coilover hybrid shock, Jimmy Bullard knew he would have to take these new custom shocks to the limit in testing—and then push them a little more to see how much they can handle!

The new, racing HydroShox Suspension System (HydroShox Kit) is engineered to replace bulky, rough-riding airbag setups common to older systems while maintaining the exceptional drivability of coil springs with big power applications. This suspension system combines traditional hydraulic lowering and raising capabilities, and also the latest in coilover shock technology.

Sure, this isn’t a standard setup for a race truck in the Pro Touring circuit, although Jimmy and the crew at MRC Fabrication knew that the engineering was correct and that the technology would outperform the other suspensions on the track. The only thing stopping them from racing was picking the perfect race truck for these new shocks. Not just any truck would do, however. This one would have to be special. So, they pulled out the drawing board and began the design work.

Starting with the chassis, the team at MRC Fabrication built a full custom tube frame from scratch that has all the proper mounts for the Mittler Brothers Hydroshox all the way around. They also mounted a Sweet steering box with a rack-and-pinion setup along with Earnhardt Technologies suspension components and a rear four-link Watts setup. The rear driveline has a tunable rear steering setup installed for a more accurate response. The wheels are also built in-house at MRC Fabrication. The front rim is a 19×10-inch design with 4-inch backspacing while the rear is a 19×14-inch rim with 5-inch backspacing. Tucked perfectly behind the wheels is a set of Wilwood brakes that look as good as they perform. To complete the look of the exterior, Jimmy and the team customized the body panels, including a radius tailgate, rear spoiler, carbon fiber bumpers from MRC Fab and 1LE styling in the roof and hood. You probably didn’t even notice that, did you?

Building the heart of this beast was no easy task, but they knew it had to be impressive. Jimmy called up the guys at Mullins Race Engines for a new 2020 Chevy LS7 that has 434c.i. of displacement with balanced and blueprinted heads. Inside the block hides the Mahle pistons with a 14-1 compression ratio, spring oilers, T&D shaft rockers and a Comp Cams roller camshaft. CNC ported Brodix heads by Mullins and Dart bottom-end compete the block and an Edelbrock intake manifold sits on top. The Wileys carburetor and custom MRC Fab headers are on display loud and proud while the 1 7/8-inch to 2-inch step headers send the exhaust to the back. An ATI Balancer and a Callies Magnum crank completed the engine build and an MSD ignition keeps the sparks in check. All the power is sent to the rear axle thanks to a Buzze Racing custom geared Andrews transmission.

The truck was originally built to promote the MRC Fabrication performance chassis and the Hydroshox system, but now it looks like we have a new contender in the Pro Touring racing circuit. And the competition had better recognize the new guys and step up their standards if they want to beat this certified savage.

Build Specs


Jimmy Bullard
’75 Chevy C10
Kernersville, NC


2020 Chevy LS7 434c.i.
Balanced and blueprinted
Mahle pistons with a 14-1 compression ratio
Spring oilers
T&D shaft rockers
Comp Cams roller camshaft
CNC ported Brodix heads by Mullins
Dart bottom-end
Edelbrock intake
Wileys carburetor
MRC Fab headers
ATI Balancer
Callies Magnum crank
MSD Ignition
Buzze Racing custom geared Andrews transmission


MRC Fabrication custom tube frame
Mittler Brothers Hydroshox
Sweet rack-and-pinion steering box
Earnhardt Technologies suspension components
Four-link Watts setup
Rear tunable rear steering


19×10-inch MRC Fabrication front rim with 4-inch backspacing
19×14-inch MRC Fabrication rear rim with 5-inch backspacing
Wilwood brakes


Radius tailgate
Rear spoiler
Carbon Fiber bumpers from MRC Fab
1LE styling in the roof and hood