Starting a new C10 truck project is always an exciting time, but some builds are just a little more meaningful than others. Billy Lane and his son Billy Lane Jr. of Marrero, Louisiana, started on their ’66 Chevy C10 soon after they purchased it back in October 2017. The two looked at the truck as a good opportunity to spend some quality father/son time together, but little did they know just what would end up fueling them to get the truck finished as quickly as they could.

Custom 1966 Chevy C10 Bonspeed Sweep wheels

In August 2018, Billy Sr.’s mother, Marilyn, was diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer. With so many things up in the air for her during this time, one of her wishes was for her son and grandson to complete the truck project they had set out to accomplish. Unfortunately, Marilyn passed away in January 2019 while the build was still in progress, which set a fire underneath the two Billys to work even harder on the C10 to build a completed show truck that their lost loved one would be proud of.


The guys had a bold plan right out of the gate, which was to take on as much of the labor on their own as they could—well, as much as they felt capable of finishing with good results. While a plan like that does have the potential of going south real fast, Billy and Billy Jr. kept the ship sailing steady as they made their way through the entirety of the four-year process, which naturally began at ground level.

“The guys had a bold plan right out of the gate, which was to take on  as much of the labor on their own as they could…”

Leather upholstery from Katzkin

The fellas had already pictured their C10 resting on the pavement, and to make that happen, they began building a full 2×4 frame for the truck. Putting the air-ride system together proved to be pretty straightforward, as the guys added custom control arms to the new frame, assembled a 2-link setup for the rear, and plumbed the entire network of compressors and Air Lift ’bags with stainless steel hard lines for good measure.


The guys had access to a 2003 Silverado parts donor and were able to utilize the front and rear disc brakes, along with a Wilwood master cylinder to handle the C10’s stopping power. To complete the rolling chassis, the guys began to shop around for the perfect size and model wheels that would later complement the C10’s timeless appearance. After an exhaustive search, a foursome of 24-inch Bonspeed Sweep wheels proved to be the most visually striking. To properly cover the oversize billets (including the two rear 15-inch-wide wheels), Pirelli P Zero tires were selected due to their good looks, size range, and all-season ultra-high performance.

“The guys actually have a certain proclivity when it comes to the color red,  but nothing but GM Victory Red in particular would do in this case.”

1966 C10 with GM Victory Red paint OEM replacement grille

Next, the Lane boys felt it was the right time to address the truck’s source of horsepower and torque. Since they wouldn’t be using the ’66’s original rundown engine, a ’70 496ci big block Chevy mill (as well as the matching transmission) typically found in SS Chevelle models was chosen for its sheer power and adaptability with the C10. While Billy and Billy Jr. were hoping to get their own hands on as much of the build as possible, they felt it best to outsource this portion of the project to a local shop, Phil’s Performance. The transplant engine was not only tuned-up to tip-top shape, it was also loaded with a healthy selection of aftermarket performance add-ons to increase its street prowess.


While the engine was being prepared for installation, the guys had already dived into the bodywork required to get the truck even remotely ready for paint. They were in deep, that’s for sure, as there wasn’t a single panel that was without substantial rust issues. This is where the guys hit the largest speed bump in the build’s progress but also where they were forced to learn a lot about the patching process. The work was tedious, but also endlessly satisfying as the father and son duo was able to identify the problem areas and utilize newfound skills to whip the truck back into shape.

Intro Rally steering wheel Wood bed floor Bagged 1966 CHEVY C10

Billy and Billy Jr. poured a lot of combined man-hours into not only straightening the C10’s exterior panels, but also restyling them where they saw fit. The guys shaved off what they felt was necessary in order to gain a smoother, more streamlined appearance. Custom rear tubs were then fabricated to properly house the wide rear wheel/tire combo in fashion. Soon enough, the Lanes began planning to have the truck painted by Jonathan Moya, but there was never any question about what color the truck would be: the hue of choice had been red right from the start. The guys actually have a certain proclivity when it comes to the color red, but nothing but GM Victory Red in particular would do in this case.

Intellitronix gauges 2003 Silverado disc brakes

While the guys were making very steady progress on their C10 project, they pushed to get the truck done to debut at the 2021 Battle in Bama show. That donor ’03 Silverado the guys were able to get their hands on proved to still be handy, as they plucked the bucket seats from it and covered them in autumn-colored, western-themed leather upholstery from Katzkin. The cab was then stuffed with a ton of high-end amenities in the way of Intellitronix gauges, a vintage-style head unit, speakers and subs, as well as an Intro steering wheel and an AccuAir switch box mounted in the dash.


Billy and Billy Jr. did meet their deadline, and successfully showed the truck they dedicated to their mother and grandmother. While the build wasn’t completed overnight, the fact that they completed the lion’s share of the labor with their own hands says a lot about their dedication to creating a quality end result. The two have made a lot of great memories together and have something tangible to show for their years of hard work. They can sit behind the wheel, fire up the engine, and take their Chevy out for a spin whenever they feel like it. While a fistful of money can purchase a completed truck of this caliber, the father/son experience of building it from scratch is simply invaluable. The sentimental equity that this C10 has is worth its weight in solid gold.

Build Specs


Billy Lane/Billy Lane Jr.
1966 CHEVY C10


  • Shop: Phil’s Performance
  • 1970 Chevy 496ci V-8
  • Custom engine mounts
  • Eagle connecting rods and crank
  • Sportsman Racing Products pistons
  • Total Seal rings
  • Erson Solid Roller camshaft
  • Ported and polished heads by Phil’s Performance
  • Edelbrock Performer RPM intake manifold
  • AED Performance 850cfm carburetor
  • Custom long tube headers
  • 3-inch exhaust system
  • MSD ignition
  • 1970 Chevy transmission with all-new mounts
  • ATI shift kit
  • B&M Stealth Magnum shifter
  • Freakshow custom torque converter
  • Tru Cool transmission cooler behind grille
  • Custom driveshaft
  • 2003 Silverado rearend

Chassis & Suspension

  • Custom 2×4 frame from bumper to bumper
  • 115-inch wheelbase
  • Custom control arms for air ride
  • Air Lift 2,500- and 2,600-pound ’bags
  • QA1 rear shocks
  • Two-link rear suspension
  • Stainless steel hard lines
  • Flaming River rack and pinion
  • Rhodes Race Cars fuel cell

Wheels, Tires & Brakes

  • 24×9 and 24×12 Bonspeed Sweep wheels
  • 285/30/24 and 405/25/24 Pirelli P Zero tires
  • 2003 Silverado disc brakes
  • Wilwood master cylinder

Body & Paint

  • Shop: Paint by Jonathan Moya, bodywork by Billy Lane and son
  • GM Victory Red paint
  • Grille support shaved to fenders, shaved antenna, bumper bolts, reverse lights, stake pockets, fuel filler, and cowl panel
  • Custom rear tubs raised and widened
  • Wood bed floor
  • OEM replacement grille, headlights, and bumpers from Brothers Trucks

Interior & Stereo

  • 2003 Silverado bucket seats wrapped in Katzkin leather covers
  • AccuAir switch box mounted in dash
  • Intellitronix gauges
  • Intro Rally steering wheel
  • Classic Car Stereo vintage radio
  • Custom console with 6×9 speakers, custom box with two 10-inch subwoofers