We recently realized that there is a massive part of our market that we tend to forget about when we choose our tech projects. How many readers out there have had a nice clean and custom classic truck like this gold and white Chevy C10 for many years already? Rolling on a set of 20-inch wheels with custom control arms, spindles, and springs? This would be off the charts on the cool scale if this were 1995, but fast-forward to 2023 and it’s not so exciting anymore, right?

We are all about the #GoDriveIt lifestyle when we customize our classics, which means that this 1968 Chevy C10 we still haven’t named is next on the project list here at Street Trucks Garage. This truck has your standard ’90s coil-suspension drop and a set of American Racing 20-inch wheels. An older model LS from a Corvette is stuffed in the engine bay, although it’s coming out in the next couple issues. Why do all this to an already cool-looking truck? For just that reason; it’s just cool-looking right now, but we want a truck that is impressive to look at but even more impressive to drive!

To upgrade our classic Chevy C10 truck to a modern driving feel and performance, this new coilover suspension kit comes with everything you need to convert your frontend to coilovers with rack-and-pinion steering. The powered rack-and-pinion will give us quicker steering and a tighter feel on the wheel. We will also swap out the rear suspension with QA1’s coilover conver-sion kit before finishing it all off with QA1 front and rear sway bars. Now let’s talk parts!

This 1968 Chevy C10 has been well-maintained and customized over the years. A set of 20-inch wheels and some drop coils made it look cool, custom, and fit for the ’90s. Now it’s time to make it more modern with the help from our friends at QA1 Suspension

The truck looks great already, but the suspension leaves a lot to be desired. It’s soft, it handles like a minivan, and it has quite a bit of lean in the corners. So, let’s correct it.

QA1’s coilover conversion for ’67-’72 Chevy C10 trucks not only offers you an adjustable ride height to achieve the perfect stance with up to 8 inches of drop, but the new powered rack-and-pinion design from QA1 also provides an increased steering angle when fitting larger wheels and tires. The adjustable upper shock mounts increase travel for a great ride even at low ride heights. Double-adjustable shocks offer independent rebound and compression tunability all while reducing weight by 140 pounds Additionally, QA1 offers modular engine mounts to easily bolt an LS engine into your classic C10 with QA1 coilovers.

The crossmember comes powdercoated and ready to install. No need to cut or weld your frame. It easily locates the steering rack, and you can choose mounts (sold separately) for common engines.
 Total drop range depends on wheel/tire fitment
Will require you to trim inner fenders
 Engine mounts are year-range-specific to maintain OE bellhousing location
 Optimized bump steer settings require at least 18-inch wheels
 18-inch wheels can run up to 6 inches of backspacing
20-inch wheels can run up to 7 inches of backspacing
 Requires use of 1973-1987 C10 spindles
 May require different headers and oil pan (stock SBC & BBC pans fit)
 Steering shaft is not included
May require new power steering hoses depending on fittings, pump, and engine placement

QA1’s C10 bolt-on rear suspension system is designed to convert your truck’s original coil-spring rear suspension to coilovers. Relocating the coilovers to the outside of the frame rail, closer to the wheel, provides more cornering stability and allows room for popular aftermarket rear fuel tanks.
The factory truck arms are replaced with a 7-gauge DOM steel tubular design with an integrated pinion angle adjustment. With the adjustable-length truck arms, you can set the wheelbase to your exact specifications. Included in this kit are:
 Adjustable shocks
High travel springs
Coilover hardware
 Truck arms
Panhard bar
Brace bar
 C-notch kit
 All required nuts, bolts, etc.

This C10 rear-suspension system incorporates a bolt-in frame C-notch and allows for up to 6 inches of total drop. Luckily for us, this install can be completed without removing the bed, which would be a real pain with this real-wood bed floor

All the parts are in, so it’s time to unbox everything and see what it’s going to take to complete the install. We can’t wait to drive it!

With all the parts unboxed and laid out, it’s easy to see why QA1 is such a leader in the classic-truck suspension space. Incredible engineering from the product design to the finish, and even the packaging.

We are on the jack stands and ready to install. No lift needed, no removing the bed, just a bunch of bolts, buddies, and busted knuckles. See you in the next issue for the reveal!