A message from the editor about Mini Trucks!

Living the Life and Printing the Passion

WE JUST HAVE TO ADMIT IT: THERE’S OBVIOUSLY A SPECIAL STRING OF DNA THAT WE ALL SEEM TO HAVE IN OUR GENES. The love of trucks and the lifestyle behind them fuels our future while reminding us of our past. Constantly trying to evolve our designs while staying true to some trends of the past is a motto for most custom truck enthusiasts, especially those hard-core mini-truck guys.

If you’re like me and most gearheads in our scene, Nissan hardbodies and Isuzu Space Cabs were the trucks of choice growing up. S-10s were a dime a dozen at any major truck show, and the Mazda B2200 was taking over the scene as the truck to chase. Traditionally channeled and body-dropped trucks with CCE hydraulics were a must-have to take top honors, and dancing beds were simply out of control back in the days. As long as you had some angle iron, zip ties and a few quarts of 10W-40, your truck could drive to basically any event, spending little on gas while dragging frame for fun along the way.

Nowadays, these trucks tend to be on a trailer more often than not, but that’s not such a bad thing. Clean stock minis are getting harder and harder to come by as each and every year passes, so allowing the opportunity for someone’s nice little grandma to drag her Lincoln across your paint job at a grocery store just isn’t worth it these days. Am I right?

Flip through the pages as we go over some of the hottest mini-trucks on the scene right now and check out our in-depth history report on these awesome mini machines. Stay tuned as we show you how to build an extremely inexpensive mini-truck just to have fun with. Not a show stopper or panty dropper, but a simple fun mini that anyone can enjoy and be part of this great scene. Have any suggestions? Reach out and let’s hear it. See you guys out there!

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