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Carlos Galnares’ love for the custom scene started back when he was 12 years old and hung out with his older brother who owned a custom ’91 Crown Victoria.  During that time, cruising around the streets in Texas opened up his eyes to the whole custom life with cars and trucks being a way of life. In high school, Carlos had his eyes set on a lowered pearl white F-150 Lariat on a set of 15-inch chrome rims.  So, he put the pressure on his parents to allow him to purchase the truck. To his surprise his parents agreed, and a deal was made on the F-150. At that point, Carlos was hooked on the Texas truck scene. 

He had many emotions going through his head knowing he was the only one in the world to own a GMC Sierra single cab truck laying rocker like the one sitting in front of him.

Video by Shots By Acosta

After a few years had passed, Carlos moved off to Alabama with his family. Unfortunately, he also had to sell his truck, but he had the custom scene buried deep inside and knew that one day he would have another custom truck. While in Alabama with his brother, Tony, they both noticed more and more truck shows were coming to their neck of the woods. Battle In Bama in Mobile, Alabama, was becoming a big show that attracted many custom trucks and cars from all over the United States to their region. So, in 2019 both Tony and Carlos planned to hit up the next show and check it out.

While at Battle In Bama, Carlos got to meet Erick from the Team Billet truck club in their home state of Texas. Erick’s chapter was out of the Houston area, so they had a lot in common and talked about the Texas custom scene. Not only did Carlos get to meet Erick, but he also met one of his good friends, Sean Randall. Sean was telling Carlos about his own build that Phat Phabz had done for him. This connection got the ball rolling on the idea for Carlos to start a new build with a brand new 2019 GMC Sierra single cab. The new bodied single cabs were just coming out to the dealerships and that time and no one had customized one yet.

Since the owner of Phat Phabz was a vendor at the show, Sean introduced Carlos and his brother, Tony, to Jake McKiddie. At that point, both brothers were set on purchasing brand new trucks and delivering them to Jake so his guys at Phat Phabz could transform them into the first ever 2019 body dropped single cabs in the world. This was right up Phat Phabz’s alley, as these pioneers are well known for being the first custom truck builders to tackle the challenges that no one else has ever done.

For Carlos, seeing his truck was an unbelievable experience and was a dream come true! 

Soon after the show, Carlos started in on his adventure in trying to locate a GMC Sierra single cab. This ended up more of a challenge than originally expected as these single cabs were not yet in every dealership. After some very aggressive searching, a white ’19 single cab was located. Carlos then made plans to have it delivered to Jake’s shop so the transformation could begin. Jake had the goal of building Carlos’s GMC and Tony’s ’19 Silverado to be the first bodied ’19 single cabs on 28-inch Intro billets and show them at the 2019 SEMA show.

After several months had passed it was time for Carlos to see his truck in person at the 2019 SEMA show. For Carlos, seeing his truck was an unbelievable experience and was a dream come true! He had many emotions going through his head knowing he was the only one in the world to own a GMC Sierra single cab truck laying rocker like the one sitting in front of him.

Carlos would like to thank everyone who made this build possible. First and foremost, his family for their unconditional support though out this process. Also, Carlos would like to thank his brother, Tony, for joining him in this adventure. Last but not least, to all his Team Billet members for their welcoming and support from all over the country.



Carlos Galnares
’19 GMC Sierra SWB
Daphne, Alabama
Club: Team Billet


  • 4.3L Ecotec3 V-6
  • Custom Cat-back exhaust by 405 Muffler in OKC


  • 6-speed automatic


  • Full Phat Phabz chassis, powdercoated by Affordable Coating Solutions gloss black and silver
  • Front suspension modifications: Bags from Lowrider Depot, Accuair 5-gal CVT E-level
  • Front shocks: Fox Racing
  • Rear suspension modifications: Parallel four-link, 2,500-pound bags from Lowrider Depot, narrowed rear axle with machine work through Moser Engineering
  • Rear shocks: Fox Racing

Wheels & Tires 

  • Intro Twisted Vista II, 28×10 (f), 28×12 (r)
  • Lionhart, 305/25/28 (f), 325/35/28 (r) 


  • Raised bed floor
  • Color-matched bumpers
  • Rear bumper “hitch notch” shaved as well as rear steps
  • Shaved fuel door, Denali grille and badging, color-matched fender flares and handmade flare caps on the bottom
  • All paint work by Myers Bodyworks in Moore, Oklahoma


  • Carpet: Black carpet and Katzkin leather kit and door panel pieces by Curt’s Creations


  • Head unit: Stock touch screen