Gathering The Armies For Battle!

Building a truck can be a lot like going to war with all the generations that came before and after your finished product. Hundreds of shops around the country use their skills, minds, and available soldiers in their own particular way to wage war with opinionated opposition. Their tools are their weapons and national events are the proving grounds in which they battle it out. It’s always nice to bring home a trophy that shows you’re doing mental damage to your competition, but for the case of Ariel Paxon of Stuart Florida, the ultimate goal is to promote their custom fab shop and continue the dream of doing what they love.

With that being said, Ariel is entrepreneur minded first and army general second. Being the owner of multiple businesses including Armageddon Fabrication and Florida Vape Supply, The main focus for this functional fleetside is gaining attention and adding additional eyeballs to his highly successful enterprise. By spending around $45,000 and a little less than two years time, most businesses would consider that a bargain when it comes to marketing costs and customer acquisition.

Starting with a clean 1963 Chevy C10, the crew at Armageddon Fab simply added a scene arch to the factory frame rails along with air suspension in both front and rear. A few other simple modifications including a Boyd’s welding fuel cell, and a new power steering upgrade from classic performance products gave Ariel all the chassis additions he needed to go light up those 20-inch wheels and tires. These big chrome discs need additional stopping power since the factory brakes were engineered for something much smaller. CPP was also called upon for the massive disc brake conversion and dual power booster set up so he can keep it under control. The 9-inch rear axle came direct from Currie Enterprises with a 3:73 gear ratio and a locking differential. By adding a simple shift kit with tighter springs and a transmission cooler to a stock 2014 6L 80 E transmission, The crew at Armageddon was able to transfer all the power from their 5.3-L LS engine. New motor mounts, headers, and a wiring harness from made the swap just a little easier and a camshaft from Texas speed gave it the aggressive sound they were looking for. Borla headers and Magnaflow 3 inch exhaust push the air out the back before it dumps out under the truck near the rear axle.

Having a truck that sounds and drives as good as this one does, requires an amazing coat of color and smooth dowel classic body panels. Ariel turned two a professional he’s used in the past for the house of colors blueish purple paint scheme. Jacob at ChromeFish customs in Port St. Lucie is known for laying down some of the cleanest coats of color, and this job was no exception. A few final upgrades to the interior including a newly recovered bench seat, digital gauges and a billet steering wheel help the inside look as good as the outside, along with a combination of pioneer and JL Audio electronics to drown out the engine rumble during the long road trips.

As usual, there were no easy parts to this build. Not too many problems arise but when they did they just took their time and modified everything to fit and perform properly. In the future Ariel plans to add a bigger motor, a little lower stands, and a few more feature to this already insane influencer. Whether it’s on the street, at the dragstrip or parked in a few order, the crew at Armageddon Fab is ready to Battle for your blessing as one of the top truck builders on the East Coast.