And The Winners Are!!! (VIDEO)

Street Trucks’ 2022 Truck of the Year Awards, Let’s See the Who Made the Cut! Thanks to your votes online at, we have a winner for 2022 Truck of The Year!

Truck of the Year – Mike Hill – 1991 Ford Explorer Standing out in a sea of modified vehicles takes something special—and that’s what Michael Hill from Edgewater, Florida, did with his 1991 Ford Explorer you see here. In 1998, Michael bought this truck when he was in school as something to get him around town. The Explorer had 33-inch tires, and Michael was known to bury it in mud on a regular basis.

Lifted Truck of the Year – James Stewart – 1974 Chevy K5 Blazer “After all that loss, I needed something to distract me,” James says. “I wanted something that I could focus on to keep my mind clear day or night, and I couldn’t think of a better way to do that than to build my high-school dream truck—an old-school Chevy K5 Blazer.” For the Full Story, Click Here!

Mini-Truck of the Year – Chad Louque – 2003 Toyota Tacoma “I needed a truck with more room,” Chad says about his dilemma regarding his truck’s simple lack of space. “To take care of that issue, I figured out the perfect way to keep my 20-year-old Toyota truck while still being able to pack up the entire family for a cruise.”

Manufacturer of the Year – DEI Engineering For 25 years now, Design Engineering, Inc. has been known for producing exceptional quality heat control products primarily sold through the performance distribution system. But there’s another facet of its business that it specializes in: working with other customers to help solve their heat- and sound-control problems. More on Design Engineering Here!

Builder of the Year – Fat Fender Garage – Jason Noel Three years in a row as Builder of the Year, Fat Fender Garage started as a hobby and a dream before it turned into a reality in 2013. The crew feels that becoming good at something requires being consistent at it. FFG specializes in Coyote swaps, full classic, and hot rod restoration builds. Developing brand new custom chassis and custom products bring the Fat Fender Garage experience to your garage at home. More on Fat Fender Here!

Club of the Year -Negative Camber Negative Camber is one of the oldest clubs around and has repeatedly set its mark in the history books of mini-trucks. Founded sometime around 1992, Courtney Halowell and four close friends from different clubs formed a new group of friends with the same passion for modified trucks. We have had the honor to feature quite a few trucks from this quality-first community of cruisers. Both the 2023 Truck of The Year and Mini-Truck of the Year are from the Negative Camber family. Club: Negative Camber Date Founded: Winter of ’92 Founder: Courtney Halowell Awards –

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