With the absence of the world’s largest automotive aftermarket event from the 2020 calendar, the SEMA show finally made its grand return in 2021. With so many builds and new product unveilings placed on standby for over a year, ’21 proved to be well worth the wait. Builders and parts manufacturers alike pulled zero punches, and the resulting level of amazingness on display this year was nearly off the charts. 

It was a big year for electric vehicles (and notable pickups in particular), as well as showings in gasoline-fueled horsepower—anything and everything was possible in the world of custom autos. Car and truck fanatics proved to be resilient, as they collectively bounced back fast from being bummed out by the COVID blues for the better part of the last couple of years.

Aside from the large number of show vehicles in attendance at SEMA ’21, there was an equal amount of healthy selections of fresh new products that are available now, with some still expecting to be stocked in early 2022. Of course, worldwide supply chain shortages are still affecting shipments of specific products, so it’s best to keep that in mind while filling your online shopping carts or calling local shops for these new wares.

With that said, let’s take a closer look at some of SEMA 2021’s new product releases.

Chevrolet Performance ZZ632/1000 Deluxe Crate Engine 

If you’re in the market for the biggest, baddest crate engine imaginable for your truck build, look no further than this beast. It adds the modern convenience of EFI technology and boasts 1,000 hp on regular 93-octane gas. You’re not going to find any other crate engine more capable than that, and being an official Chevy Performance creation, it’ll be a welcomed inclusion to your Bow Tie muscle truck project.

Chevrolet Performance

Ford Eluminator Electric Crate Engine

EVs are the future, and Ford went all-in with its latest addition into the pickup market—the Eluminator electric crate motor. It powers the 1978 F-100 pickup that debuted in Ford’s booth this year at SEMA, which showcased the possibilities of zero-tailpipe-emission. Two electric traction motors power the front and rear wheels with a respectful 480 hp and 634 lb-ft of torque, which is no surprise since the powerplant is based on the Mustang’s Mach-E GT traction motor.

Ford Performance

XMod Muffler System 

Magnaflow brings the configurable exhaust experience of the vehicle-specific xMod-Series of cat-back systems to all trucks and SUVs. This universal performance package features three interchangeable muffler modules and a built-in No Drone Technology that builders use to eliminate unwanted acoustic frequencies sometimes associated with an upgraded exhaust system.


60-inch Deluxe Bench Seat 

TMI Product’s all-new bench seat design is the result of two years of development. It’s a combination of the best qualities of a bench seat mixed with the comfort and functionality of bucket seats, along with a center console and a storage area. This 60-inch bench is available now and can be ordered in a variety of patterns and colors directly from TMI.

TMI Products

The Denver Stereo

Retro Manufacturing designed the Denver head unit to be similar to the RetroRadio with a smaller nose at just 3.5 inches wide by 1.5 inches tall, which adds hundreds of classic ’60s vehicle fitments to the already robust RetroSound lineup. Classic car enthusiasts with ’60s-’70s GM, Chevrolet, International and import vehicles can now seamlessly add modern sound to their classics without cutting or altering the original dash.

Retro Manufacturing

MB Quart Reference Audio Gear

When installation space is tight (inside single cab pickups, for example), Reference RA1 amps provide the luxury of creating ample audio output while remaining compact in size. These units feature top-mounted controls with several multi-channel and mono configurations that will work in any size audio system, but they  come in especially clutch when real estate is scarce. Pair the amp with a new Reference RW1 subwoofer that is available in two models to choose from, which includes a 12-inch, 2,000-watt subwoofer and a 10-inch, 1,600-watt offering.

MB Quart

Custom Seat Covers 

If you’re looking to cover up your truck’s brand new seats or need to hide your truck’s old, beat-up seats, Caltrend’s I Can’t Believe It’s Not Leather seat covers can do the trick. These covers are now available in a sport version with perforated inserts and 16 color combinations to choose from. These covers are easy DIY jobs that take about an hour or so to install, so no matter why you need them, putting them on is as easy as can be.

Caltrend Custom Seat Covers

AudioControl Amplifiers 

The car audio products that AudioControl offers can enhance OEM interface systems and aftermarket head units to work with just about any type of vehicle and its audio setup. The company’s amplifiers offer superb sound quality as well as technical features any audiophile can appreciate.


RetroBright LED Headlights 

Holley and Morimoto Lighting collaborated to bring new life into old school, sealed beam applications. RetroBright LED headlight housings offer plug and play connectivity, better visibility over halogen bulbs, and last 6 times longer. Available in many classic sizes, there is likely a RetroBright headlight housing to fit your classic pickup truck. Enjoy the timeless look of sealed headlight beams along with the benefits of today’s technological advantages.


PowerStep Smart Series Electric Running Board 

The new PowerStep Smart Series electric running board now offers an in-app override switch to control the deployment of the steps and LED lights. The actual design of the step has been redone to better blend in with the new body styles of the market’s latest pickups. A highly textured, powdercoated step surface delivers max grip and durability. In short, the PowerStep that you’ve grown to know and love has now been redesigned to work, feel and look better than ever.

AMP Research

Multi-Layer Vehicle Covers 

With non-woven, multi-layer fabrics being scarce since the onset of COVID, the folks at Covercraft have developed innovative fabric solutions to provide vehicle protection from the elements for just about any climate, including an indoor-specific cover that provides max protection of your truck’s fine painted finish. Shop around and find the one that fits your specific protection needs.

Covercraft Industries

’67-’72 Chevy C10 Billet Taillight Bezel 

This taillight bezel is CNC machined in the USA from 6061-T6 aluminum and is available in CVF’s exclusive finishes, including polished aluminum, C3 ceramic clear coat by Cerakote and black anodized. It’s a complete the taillight upgrade in one stop with CVF’s extensive LED lights in stock and ready to ship courtesy of United Pacific.

CVF Racing

Project X Rock Lights (RGB with Camera) 

These rock lights were designed to light the trail below and go even farther by utilizing integrated 4K ultra high-definition cameras included in two of the units to give you the ability to see every obstacle from your mobile device via the Project X app.

Project X Offroad

Sawtooth Stretch Tonneau Cover 

The world of bed covers has seen quite a bit of variable styles throughout the years, but the Sawtooth Stretch soft tonneau is different enough to get noticed. The sleek, durable heavy-duty composite textile is roughly seven times thicker than other soft tonneau materials, and it is able to secure and protect cargo items that sit higher than the bed rails. This design might not be what you’re used to seeing from a bed cover, but it might very well be the right one for you and your specific storage needs.


Ford Bronco Air Ride System 

We’ve always known Accuair components to be designed to bring vehicles down to the ground, but that all changes with the release of the new Ford Bronco system. Available early 2022, new Accuair components will be available to support the Bronco’s factory travel with the ability to enable height-based leveling with three preset levels, along with full manual control. Air springs developed in-house utilizing OEM parts will soon allow Accuair’s existing components to create a whole new take on the brand new Ford Bronco.


2021+ Chevy/GMC SUV Lowering Kit 

Drop your Tahoe or Yukon (with non air/active ride models) the right way with the correct struts. With the use of the ductile-iron front spindles, and adjustable rear struts, you can easily lower your new truck anywhere from 2-4 inches for a much sportier appearance than stock.

MaxTrac Suspension

Remote-Reservoir ADX 2.0 Shock 

Skyjacker has added to its healthy menu of shock options with the ADX 2.0 premium monotube remote-reservoir shock. It boasts improved valving capabilities, and will be available for a wide spectrum of lifted trucks of all heights. The ADX 2.0 will add roughly 15 percent more damping power than Skyjacker’s M95 monotube shock, which will surely come in handy to truck builders soon enough.

Skyjacker Suspensions

Thrust Wheel

The smoked satin black finish on Icon’s Thrust wheel will look great on any make, model or color truck. The 17-inch size has been designed to maximize caliper clearance and optimize wheel position for ideal suspension travel and steering function. With a 3,000-lb load capacity, the Thrust lives up to Icon’s hardcore history.

Icon Alloys

MO3C Wheel

Freshly debuted at SEMA ’21, the MO3C from Forgeline’s Concave Series is a custom, made-to-order three-piece wheel that features a striking, inverted and tapered 5-spoke design. Along with that classic appearance, there are creative machining details that would make this wheel right at home on any truck with an aggressive suspension stance. With diameter sizes ranging from 18, 19, 20 and 22 inches, there are a lot of options to configure just the right fitment.

Forgeline Alloy Wheels

Recon Grappler A/T Tire

Nitto’s latest all-terrain light-truck tire, the Recon Grappler A/T, is designed with a bold tread pattern to provide excellent traction off-road and unmatched comfort and low noise level on-road. Nitto created these particular tires to promote truck and SUV owners to take more adventures in any weather condition through heightened confidence in their abilities to handle the paved and unpaved trails ahead.

Nitto Tire

G15 Long Throw Orbital Polisher 

Any level of experience can make the most of the G15 polisher. The 15 mm orbit and 5-inch backing plate create well-balanced handling, which in turn boosts confidence immediately. Get show-winning results with ease and take advantage of professional-grade features that anybody can harness while shining up for their vehicle.

Griot’s Garage

CS Free Portable Battery Charger 

What you’re looking at here is the world’s first truly portable battery charger and maintainer with Adaptive Boost technology that can resurrect a dead battery within 15 minutes. Instead of the instant shock on a battery of a typical jumpstart, the gradual process of this unit allows it to analyze a battery’s individual power needs before beginning the swift recharge process. The CS Free also acts as a smart battery maintainer and a hi-tech power bank to keep your other important electronics fully charged.


Engine Enamel 

Create a smooth finish with this enamel spray that is specially formulated for use on automotive engines that reach intermittent temperatures up to 600 degrees Fahrenheit. The durable ceramic coating is chemical resistant and features superior color retention. Speaking of color, choose from 17 of them, as well as metallic gold and copper!


Bolt Buster BB2X 

A new and improved design of the trusty Bolt Buster now makes this flameless, handheld induction tool an ideal solution to removing rusted, seized or stripped nuts, bolts, bearings, gears, pins and more. Work smarter, not harder when battling against those annoying, tough-to-beat bumps in the road that tend to waste valuable time in the garage.

Bolt Buster

BOLT One-Key Locks For 2021 Ford Models 

2021 F-150 model owners can now take advantage of the added security and convenience of BOLT locks. The ease of using the truck’s ignition key in a variety of BOLT lock applications streamlines vehicle security. Maximize your pocket space by minimizing the number of keys on your key ring with BOLT’s helpful one-key lock technology.