WE’VE SEEN THE aftermarket come to the aid of a decaying breed of special vehicles that stands at the very foundation of this country, the vintage American pickup truck. These classic workhorses can be found everywhere, still parked in garages or working on farms and ranches. Luckily, there aren’t too many rust buckets out there that are complete and total lost causes, even if they have been parked and left to rot.

From replacement panels to drop-in performance engines and full on chassis systems and suspension components designed specifically for F-100 trucks—they’re all out there waiting to be ordered. There are deals to be had in the vintage pickup marketplace. Even if you have to go through some hassle in order to drive (or haul) an old truck back to your garage, just know that parts for them are readily available with many more options and custom add-ons being released constantly.

To get a better idea of just what you can expect to find, feast your eyes on the products on the following pages. Most have been tailored to work specifically with your exact year and model truck, while others have been designed to fit the overall aesthetic of your truck’s classic styling. Whatever it is you’re looking for, these goods will help get your truck where you want it to be.


  • MSRP Starting at $770
  • Available in 17-, 18-, 20-, 22- and 24-inch diameters, American Racing’s VF509 wheel features two-piece forged construction and is available in an attractive polished finish. A wide variety of widths, backspacing and off sets are also available for a perfect fit.
  • American Racing
  • 800.959.1969
  • Americanracing.com


  • MSRP Starting at $675
  • Got room to run 20s but want the classic appearance of tucking 15s? Well, Deluxe Wheel Co. may be a great resource for you. Not only does its deep-dish whitewall rim replicate the look of an old school steelie wheel, it also includes a ½-inch whitewall that mimics a true whitewall tire with enough clearance for modern big brakes and lowprofile tires.
  • Deluxe Wheel Co.
  • 269.612.8926
  • Deluxewheels.com


  • Contact for Pricing
  • As a member of U.S. Mag’s Supreme Classics line of wheels, the Heavy Artillery wheel does demand the same attention as a booming detonation. The khaki-colored finish gives the wheel a unique appeal, and the featured large Ford cap groove (caps not included) enables the use of multiple styles for that perfectly curated appearance. Available in 17-26-inch diameters, these wheels will definitely be able to live up to your wildest street dreams.
  • U.S. Mags
  • Us-mags.com


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  • Big and bold wheel lovers will totally swoon over Billet Specialties Blvd series. The latest addition to the lineup, the Blvd93, is as bold as the rest. It features a truly unique design available nowhere else. Available in 20-26-inch diameters with a wide range of backspace options, the use of big brake kits is possible, making these an even better choice to make.
  • Billet Specialties
  • 800.245.5382
  • Billetspecialties.com


  • Contact for Pricing
  • Being part of Raceline’s custom Concave billet series of wheels, the Commotion blends the aesthetics of old-school styling with today’s modern take on wheel design. These two-piece billet wheels are available in custom powdercoat finishes, but the gunmetal gray suits the lines of the spoke pattern perfectly.
  • Raceline Wheels
  • 800.529.4335
  • Racelinewheels.com


The number of parts that fall under these categories is nearly impossible to count, but the group that we have gathered here are at the top of the heap. Accessories aren’t just those bright and shiny impulse buys at the checkout line, they are actually designed to make your truck much more fun and easy to drive (think creature comforts with a purpose). But there’s nothing wrong with bolting on a premium part just for fun. There is no denying that we are products of our modern environment, and these add-ons do their part to help our classic vehicles adapt better to today’s demanding driving climate.


  • MSRP $95
  • The guys at Clayton Machine Works specialize in putting an exciting spin on items most people look right past. For example, check out its drilled I-beam interior door handles. The billet pieces feature an attractive chrome finish, and can be ordered with black and carbon-fi ber inserts to match your truck’s interior space.
  • Clayton Machine Works
  • 865.824.94778
  • Claytonmachine.com


  • MSRP $1,450
  • Summer months in an old truck don’t have to be miserable thanks to Vintage Air’s Gen IV SureFit AC kit for 1961-66 F-100 pickups. The system’s fully electronic microprocessor cleans up installation by nixing unsightly cables and vacuum connections, while still operating efficiently. Vintage Air’s SureFit package is engineered for each specific vehicle applications, and works with the preexisting equipment to ensure minimal alteration for proper installation.
  • Vintage Air, Inc.
  • 800.862.6658
  • Vintageair.com


  • MSRP $1,295
  • Dakota Digital HDX gauges come in either black or silver alloy colorways, and allow the driver to choose from independent illumination colors for gauge readouts and needles, as well as the digital readout section. Built-in buttons make personal settings and calibration simple. Personal settings can also be adjusted and monitored via a Bluetooth app for both Apple and Android devices. Installation is also made easy with the simplified vehicleharness and solid-state sending units.
  • Dakota Digital
  • 800.593.4160
  • Dakotadigital.com


  • MSRP $546
  • Flaming River’s new floor shift tilt steering wheel for 1953-56 F-100 pickups features a custom-designed shroud that can accept either a factory or OE reproduction steering wheel. Seamless compatibility comes standard for either option, as does a horn contact for full horn function. The column is constructed from 304 stainless steel and includes turn signals, hazards and a GM 4 ¼-inch wiring connector.
  • Flaming River Industries
  • 800.648.8022
  • Flamingriver.com


  • MSRP $189.95
  • Quit slamming your hood already. Altman Easy Hood Latches from Trique Manufacturing allow for gentle opening and securing of the hood with a simpleto-install bolt-on application. Altman latches are built tough but do their part in making light work of opening and closing your Ford’s hood. All components and hardware included in the kit are proudly made in the USA.
  • Trique Manufacturing
  • 866.987.4783


  • MSRP $995
  • If you plan on ’bagging your F-100, there is a lot to consider to make everything fit and function properly. Hood hinges might not be the most obvious, but Scott’s Hotrods’ new hinges for ’bagged applications make a lot of sense. They mount to the firewall using inner fender-well-mounting locations, which allow a truck with 28-inch-tall tires to lay out with fully functional hood operation.
  • Scott’s Hotrods ‘N Customs
  • 800.273.5195
  • Scottshotrods.com 


  • MSRP $925
  • Capitalizing on the popularity of it previous compact AC models, Restomod Air has introduced the latest in cold-making technology. A new distribution duct design gives independent adjustability between dash, defrost and floor modes, and includes multiple bracket options for simplified custom mounting. There is also a Bluetooth interface for Apple and Android mobile devices for full control, as well as fault diagnostics.
  • Restomod Air
  • 866.784.4278
  • Restomodair.com


  • MSRP $399.99
  • For the purists out there who aren’t too keen on incorporating obviously new technology into their classic vehicles, RetroSound head units are definitely the way to go. The Long Beach radio is designed to work with a variety of classic vehicles, but it’s built with the present in mind. The unit is SiriusXM and iPod/iPhone ready, and the built-in Bluetooth connectivity makes for hours of simple, hands-free operation.
  • Retro Manufacturing
  • 702.483.2222
  • Retromanufacturing.com


  • MSRP $599.95
  • This five-piece kit includes a speedometer, water temperature, oil pressure, fuel level and voltmeter gauges. The kit includes a fuel level, oil pressure and water temperature senders for accurate gauge readouts. The speedometer features a lit LCD odometer that is capable of registering one million miles and has two resettable trip odometers.
  • Auto Meter
  • 866.248.6356
  • Autometer.com


  • MSRP Starting at $554.68
  • Available for 1967-72 F-100, TMI’s Pro Series Sport XR/ Sport VXR center console is designed to work with its Sport XR and Sport VXR bucket seats. The classic waterfall-style design is constructed from molded fiberglass and comes covered in premium black vinyl with UniSuede inserts for a posh, contemporary appearance. Finishing the look is contrast stitching in multiple color options, and grommets available in either stainless, black or brass. Comfort meets style with TMI’s interior options designed specifically for F-100 pickups.
  • TMI Product Manufacturing
  • 888.460.0640
  • Tmiproducts.com


  • Contact for Pricing
  • Classic hot rod paint colors don’t get much more authentic than products from Lil’ Daddy Roth Metal Flake. The old school color options of yesterday are now available in today’s V.O.C.-compliant options, which makes Color Kraft products an excellent choice for new painters and veterans alike. When used with Lil’ Daddy Roth Flake and Pearl, the possibilities of perfecting an ideal classic finish are endless.
  • Roth Metal Flake
  • 415.663.5253
  • Rothmetalflake


  • MSRP $634
  • Mar-K’s Ford tailgates feature an inner handle to open and close the back of the bed. Designing the gate with the handle on the inside creates a custom-shaved appearance right out of the box, and the absence of chains makes operation much quieter and protects the paint from damage over time. The tailgate is available in a smooth finish for a clean, more streamlined look.
  • Mar-K Quality Parts
  • 405.721.7945
  • Mar-k.com


  • MSRP Starting at $19.99
  • RetroMat is a sound-deadening, self-adhesive mat designed to work with all RetroSound audio components to seal sound signals inside the cab. But SoundMat also works double duty because it reduces heat and blocks out road noise while enhancing in-cab audio quality.
  • Retro Manufacturing
  • 702.483.2222
  • Retromanufacturing.com


  • MSRP Starting at $89.95
  • Available in five different colors, LMC Truck’s replacement dash pads offer a quick and affordable solution for a faded or split dash. The foam-backed vinyl features a UV-protective coating to fight back against damaging ultraviolet exposure. The steel-reinforced pad inserts are designed to slide right into place via factory mounting points and hardware, which means absolutely no modifications are necessary for installation.
  • LMC Truck
  • 800.562.8782
  • LMCtruck.com


You really don’t want to rely on hills and fences to take on the responsibility to stop your truck. Attending to your truck’s old braking system will definitely help, but making some noticeable upgrades would be even better. Today’s market is filled with braking products that will keep you— and your truck—safe.


  • MSRP $643.99
  • Contrary to popular belief, big-name front disc conversions don’t have to be expensive. Wilwood’s Classic series front disc kit for 1948-56 Ford F-100 trucks is an affordable, easyto-install option for those who want to update or upgrade the existing drum brake setup. The Classic series kit comes with forged-aluminum four-piston Superlite calipers, BP-10 compound metallic-composite SmartPads and a heavy-duty 11.72-inch-diameter rotor. All brackets and hardware necessary to complete the conversion are included in the box.
  • Wilwood
  • 805.388.1188
  • Wilwood.com


  • MSRP $332.87
  • Precision-bored dimples vent pad gasses and protect against brake fade. In simpler terms, EBC’s Sport series rotors perform and preserve themselves for extended use at top-notch levels of function. The slots and dimples featured on the rotors also keep operating temperatures down while keeping the braking surface clear of dust and debris for maximum pad life.
  • EBC Brakes
  • 702.826.2400
  • Ebcbrakes.com


  • MSRP Starting at $829
  • Classic Performance Products offers a high-quality, directbolt-in hydraulic brake assist system—HydraStop—to replace the old factory manual or vacuum-assisted brakes. These kits come with everything necessary to complete the installation, and although there isn’t a specific F-100 unit in the CPP catalog, there is a universal firewall-mounted unit that will do the trick. Using all new parts, this Street Beast kit puts out 1,800 psi at the wheels for incredible braking power.
  • CPP
  • 866.593.2461
  • Classicperform.com


  • MSRP $941.85
  • Upgrading to power components will dramatically increase the drivability and enjoyment of your vintage Ford pickup. One of the most important systems that could stand to be updated lies behind the wheels. Drum brakes are more than capable of bringing your truck to a stop, but if you want performance halting, SSBC’s front power disc big brake conversion kit is where it’s at. The 80mm kit comes with all necessary hardware needed for the conversion. Included in the box is a dual bowl master cylinder to help make power stopping possible.
  • SSBC
  • 800.448.7722
  • Ssbrakes.com


You can expect to replace a few suspension components on that old barn-find truck of yours. Even if you didn’t find it in a barnyard, chances are that previous owners might have dealt badly with the truck’s blown-out shocks and lopsided coil springs to save money. You owe it to your truck to increase it’s handling and ride quality because that’s what truly makes a vehicle fun to drive. If you’re thinking of lowering your F-100, this category is a must-read.

 1965-79 F-100 3/4 DROP KIT

  • MSRP $796.30
  • DJM Suspension is looking forward to helping you drop your 2WD F-100 in a hurry. Its 3/4 drop kit features DJM’s proprietary Dream Beams, which result in a 3-inch drop just by swapping them with the factory I-beams. The rear is brought down 4 inches with the use of a hanger/shackle kit that simply moves the leaf springs closer to the frame. Optional tie rod extenders are also available to help with alignment after the complete drop is installed. A rear frame notch is not required with this kit, which is a huge selling point for those who want to avoid altering the frame.
  • DJM Suspension
  • 310.538.1583
  • Djmsuspension.com


  • MSRP Contact for Pricing
  • For the ultimate in Ford pickup lowering, The Roadster Shop offers this 100% bolt-in chassis that will drop 1967-72 F-100 and give it a street-cred-producing 4.5-inch ride height. The front of the chassis delivers excellent ride quality with forged Pro Spindles, Strange adjustable billet coil-overs or ’bags with external shocks, power rack-and-pinion steering, and tubular upper arms and fabricated lowers. The rear of the chassis features a tried-and-true triangulated 4-link for excellent handling. The Spec frame also boasts all factory body and bumper mounts, as well as core support mounts with engine- and transmission-mounting points made specifically to your truck’s specs.
  • The Roadster Shop
  • 847.949.7637
  • Roadstershop.com


  • MSRP $699.99
  • Perfectly designed to give you the best steering possible with a straight axle, Performance Online’s power steering rack-and-pinion kit also includes new steering arms to help reduce bump-steer. This kit works with springs of any height and can be used with a stock or aftermarket steering column. No chassis modification is necessary for installation, and to make this package even more appealing, it’s 100% bolt-on.
  • Performance Online
  • 888.252.1303
  • Performanceonline.com


  • MSRP $259
  • Airbagit.com offers an axle flip kit to lower the back end of your F-100. Axle C-sections are provided as a weld-in application unless bolt-on hardware is requested as an add-on option. Parts come standard in raw metal, but can be ordered in a powder-coated finish for a nominal fee.
  • Airbagit.com
  • 800.842.8789
  • Airbagit.com


  • MSRP Starting at $41.20
  • Stock height and lowered classic trucks can be outfi tted easily with some of the best shock absorbers on today’s market. The level of performance handling has been bumped higher with these units as Belltech engineers aimed to tune both styles of shocks to provide unsurpassed ride quality for stock and altered suspension ride heights.
  • Belltech
  • 800.445.3767
  • Belltech.com


  • MSRP Starting at $18.60
  • The heavy I-beams that Ford trucks are equipped with can quickly wear out OE rubber bushings. Luckily, Energy Suspension’s heavy-duty polyurethane bushings are up to the challenge to combat the weighty beams. Built strong enough to handle off -road conditions, the bushings are soft enough to be ideal for everyday driving on paved roads. Fresh bushings promote better and longer suspension alignment and performance, making the experience of driving a classic truck much more enjoyable over the long run.
  • Energy Suspension
  • 888.913.6374
  • Energysuspension.com


  • MSRP Starting at $1,489/kit
  • Available for 1935-60 Ford trucks, the CPP Ultimate Performance package is one of the most complete Mustang II kits out there. Suspension, stopping performance and handling are all well taken care of in one easy-to-order package deal.
  • Classic Performance Products
  • 800.830.3297
  • Classicperform.com


  • MSRP Starting at $150
  • Available in 2- or 3-inch options, Crown Suspension’s lowering coil springs are built to the highest performance grade and are powder-coated to protect them from road debris and harsh weather elements. Also available from Crown are complete lowering coil kits for front and rear, as well as a selection of other suspension components to lower your F-100 with ease.
  • Crown Suspension
  • 714.671.9500
  • Crownsuspension.com


  • MSRP Starting at $539
  • One of the downfalls of driving an old truck is not having the often taken-for-granted luxury of power steering. It makes maneuvering in and out of tight situations feel like you’ve just finished arm day at the gym. With CPP’s 400 series power steering conversion, your truck can handle well and look just as good. Handling will be noticeably smoother, and driver fatigue will fall to an all-time low. This update will be worth more than the price tag in the long run, especially if you’re building your truck to be a driver.
  • CPP
  • 866.593.2461
  • Classicperform.com


Aside from handling performance, getting your old truck in top running condition is usually also high on most builders’ list of priorities. Even if a full engine swap is planned, building a more reliable power plant is key to overall enjoyment. Let’s face it: Being left stranded on the side of the road is a surefire way to associate frustration and anger with getting behind the wheel of your truck.


  • MSRP $72.86
  • For those looking to build a custom dual exhaust system who need a compact crossover point, Flowmaster’s Scavenger X-pipe is the ideal solution for maximizing fitment and performance. The 409S stainless steel pipe has 2.25-inch (also available in 2.50-inch) slip-fi t inlets and outlets, and have been dyno-tuned for the best flow possible.
  • Flowmaster
  • 707.544.4761
  • Flowmastermufflers.com


  • MSRP $10.99
  • Old vehicles deserve a motor oil design especially for them. Vintage Car Motor Oil is available in three viscosity grades, and is formulated with a unique blend of conventional base oils and performance additives to help prevent and correct minor oil leaks while featuring 2,000-ppm zinc for max camshaft protection. The enhanced detergent and dispersant levels also protect against rust and corrosion that can become problems after long periods of storage.
  • Vintage Car Motor Oil
  • 866.970.7873
  • Vintagecarmotoroil.com


  • MSRP Contact for Pricing
  • With the Coyote Power Module kit from Ford Performance, all of the mystery of swapping in a Coyote 5.0L engine is swept away. All of the right parts (including electronic units), as well as all necessary hardware are in the kit, including a plug-and-play control pack, which makes converting to a modern electronically fuel-injected V-8 easier than ever for classic vehicle applications.
  • Ford Performance
  • 800.367.3788
  • Performanceparts.ford.com


  • Contact for Pricing
  • Speedmaster’s individual throttle body EFI intake system has the styling of classic induction but goes further by providing the higher state of tune and engine performance versatility of EFI. The system has the potential to deliver crisp EFI functionality, even at scenarios of up to 1,000-hp. Speedmaster’s EFI system is compatible with any speed density controller such as the FAST EFI fuel management system.
  • Speedmaster
  • 909.605.1123
  • speedmaster79.com


  • MSRP Starting at $1,695
  • Designed for 1965-76 390-, 427-, 428-ci Ford FE-based engines, All American Billet’s serpentine drive system is compact and a great method of adding a modern appearance under the hood while simplifying beltdrive setup. The components are constructed from 6061-T6 aluminum, and are 100% American made. All American Billet offers the kits in either a machined or polished finish, or in the exclusive Silverline series.
  • All American Billet
  • 844.245.5381
  • Allamericanbillet.com