Down and Out and Up Again

If you go to a lot of shows in your general area, you’ll tend to see a few of the same trucks at almost every event. In some cases, you might even know the truck more than you do its owner. It sometimes happens like that, especially if you keep your face glued to your phone. Social media makes it so easy to look past the person who makes the effort to build and keep up with that familiar vehicle, so let’s take the opportunity to slow it down and take a closer look at particular truck that many of you out there may instantly recognize.

Bill Dubuisson is the current owner of this low and long 2004 Chevy 3500 dually. While his name might not ring a bell, a few of this truck’s previous owners’ names might.

“This truck’s name is Becki, and she has passed hands a few times already,” Bill says. “Max Dooly of Ekstensive owned her in the past, and when he did he had Phat Phabz build a full custom chassis for it to bring her way down low. Max skated all over the country in this truck in that condition, which is why I’m sure lots of eyes out there are already pretty familiar with it.”

Once Max was done with the truck, he then put it up for sale. His mark was permanently left on Becki though as the truck’s stance is still one its most valuable assets.

“Bobby Mast then bought the truck from Max,” Bill reports. “The first thing he did with the truck was contact Jason Feltham at Faltham Fabrication to do what he does best with paint and graphics.” Jason’s base color of choice, PPG Calypso Green, served as the perfect background for one of his trademark, colorful throwback-inspired paintjobs. It would now be near impossible to misplace this truck anywhere—you just don’t see laid out, fully painted duallys on 24s every day.

Jason feltham at faltham fab laid down all of becki’s paint and graphics.

While still in Bobby’s hands, Becki was also decked out with a full custom interior by the crew at Innerworx in Deltona, Florida. The entire cab was livened up with bright red leather upholstery on all four of the custom bucket seats, as well as on the door panels, center console, headliner and dash. The hot interior color selection is the ideal choice to juxtapose the cool exterior hue, and its quality make a cruise of any length that much more enjoyable.

Just as the interior was being wrapped up is just about the time Bill was given the opportunity to purchase Becki from Bobby.

“I loved everything about the truck, but with the help of my buddy Eric Hingle, I had planned on working on some finishing touches to really make her mine,” Bill says.

The guys ended up color matching the bedliner, building some panels under the hood and painting those to match as well. Some minor mechanical issues were ironed out as well, but that was really about all the truck needed for Bill to be ultimately happy with.

“My family and I have skated this truck all over the country to and from shows. Hell, I drive it on the daily half the time,” he admits.

It was while Bill and his family were at the latest Slamfest show at the Florida State Fairgrounds in October of 2021, when this lighthearted tale takes a turn for the worst.

“My wife and I decided to take our youngest child, Kade, to Disney World for a few days while were in town,” Bill says. “After a couple awesome days at the parks, we went out to dinner one evening and poor Becki was rear ended in the parking lot. Thankfully, we didn’t get hurt, but the bed and back of the cab were pretty much destroyed.”

Luckily, Bill had some great friends in John and Kim Lopez who were in the area, and were able to come to their aid.

“John helped me get the truck moveable enough to drive back to the resort, and the next morning I had it on stands so I could assess the damage better,” Bill says.

While all the vital organs were unharmed and intact, the majority of the problem areas were merely cosmetic to Bill’s welcomed surprise.

“The very next day, we loaded everything up and made the trip back home to Louisiana in nine hours,” he says.

After a nice chat with his insurance agent, Bill is now happy to report that everything is back on the upswing for ‘ol Becki.

“With everything now squared away, and plans to introduce a completely new look, I’m happy to inform everybody that we are now in the process of creating Becki 2.0—and she’s going to be even better than before,” Bill says excitedly.

While we hate to hear about any unforeseen accidents and setbacks, we do love a good underdog comeback story. We’ll be sure to keep an eye on Becki’s road to recovery, but in the meantime, feast your eyes on what this killer dually looked like just before what we’re hoping is only a very brief hiatus from the show scene.

“I just want to take a moment to thank my wife Jessica for all her love and support, as well as all of our kiddos, Jace, Lexi, Brennan and Kade. We’ll be cruising in the truck again as soon as possible, guys.”



Bill Dubuisson
Slidell, LA
2004 Chevy 3500 Dually

  • 2006 Chevy 6.0L V-8
  • 3-inch exhaust system
  • Flowmaster muffler
  • 4L80e transmission
  • Shop: Phat Phabz, Choctaw, OK
  • Full custom chassis by Phat Phabz
  • QA1 shocks
  • Air Lift 3H air management system
  • Custom aluminum fuel tank
  • 24-inch American Force wheels
  • 275/30/24 Fullrun tires
  • Shop: Feltham Fabrication, Deltona, FL
  • PPG Bright Calypso Green
  • Graphics painted by Jason Feltham
  • Painted factory grille and bumpers
  • Tubbed wheel wells
  • Shop: Innerworx, Sarasota, FL
  • Four custom bucket seats
  • Red leather upholstery
  • Full custom interior featuring custom door panels, headliner, carpet, and dash wrapped to match
  • Budnick steering wheel
  • Custom Kicker audio system