Jonathon Barefoot’s CK Build Inspired by His Mom, Teresa

THE  1990s were a time filled with stops at Blockbuster Video, being plugged into Sony Discmans, watching the “Fresh Prince of Bel Air” on the TV, and let’s be honest … MUCH better music. The hip hop alone is discussable for days—from Wutang to Nas, Warren G to Beastie Boys, and Public Enemy to Big L, the music just hit different. Simpler times to say the least, and with that, simpler vehicles.

From clean body lines to interiors that came from the factory so, for lack of a better word, “ordinary,” they look almost comical compared to the complicated technology-packed interiors of the vehicles we have today. However, the simplicity of those ‘90s vehicles inside and outside is also the way that modifying them evolved the  industry forever. Wild paint schemes, flashy interior bits, under-glow, wild stereos and much, much more became the way to show your individual footprint and taste as an enthusiast no-matter what your background.

While many of the truck builders still in the scene today started their first builds back in their youth and developed their tastes into other things as time went by, others, like Jonathon Barefoot, were not able to pursue their love for this era and the trends from back then. They’re now taking full advantage of getting older and the freedom that comes with it.

Mom Would Be Proud

Barefoot did not have the means in high school to build the truck he envisioned having, so years of hard work later, he made sure to do so for himself and his mother, Teresa. Jonathon’s mom unfortunately passed away far too soon from a battle with breast cancer; a tough thing for anyone to deal with, but especially a 5-year-old boy. While he may not have 30 years of memories with her to look back on, one thing was very clear even in the few years he had—his mom wanted the world for her son.

…so years of hard work later, he made sure to do so for himself and his mother, Teresa. 

Having spent the last 15 years working with some of the biggest names among hot rod builders in the nation, including Detroit Speed, Roadster Shop, and now Alan Johnson, Barefoot has had this 1990 Chevrolet 1500 in progress for a while. He has been a part of the original build on the CK for its previous owner, so he knew he needed to make it his when it came up for sale.

He fully blew the truck apart and took it through quite a bit after acquiring it, and he still changes it often today. Being a vehicle builder and fabricator, most of us can easily imagine how quickly he changes things, or adds bits here and there as new ideas spark. One of Jonathon’s favorite touches he did on the truck, is the hand-built custom cantilever rear end he created.

“In my eyes, this truck is perfect!” Barefoot says. “It can pull the muscle truck type look, it can look RAD, and it beat the street while helping me stay true to my mini-trucker roots!”

Barefoot also wanted to give a few quick thank you notes to some indispensable people: the Johnson family, ARP Bolts, Mike Alexander from Flo Air-ride, Jacob at StoneFab, Jason and Christine Roach, Chris at Snowden Seats, Mike Howe, Shawn K at Traffic Jams, his No Regrets family, Mike Losh from Slosh Tubs, Sawyers Speed Shop, and last but most important, his mom for always being in his heart and mind and driving him toward his goals.

…One of Jonathon’s favorite touches he did on the truck, is the hand-built custom cantilever rear end he created. 

Truck Specs

Owner: Jonathon Barefoot 1990 Chevrolet 1500 Gadsden, Alabama
Truck Name:  Mother Teresa
Club Affiliation: No Regrets


  • Front/Rear Suspension: Firestone bags Ridetech shocks
  • Wheelbase 1/2” shorter than stock to close up the bed gap
  • Stone Fab control arms, narrowed track width
  • Hand-built chassis; cantilever rear was hand made
  • Custom-built fuel tank w/ factory fuel pump


  • Engine: Stock small block V8
  • Simple emission-compliant Holley bolt-ons
  • Custom made headers
  • Transmission: Stock
  • Custom 2 piece driveshaft by The Driveshaft Shop
  • Stock 12 bolt rear end, narrowed by 6”
  • Motor and Transmission lowered to allow for “true stock floor” body drop & stock hood.
  • Rearend: 9-inch Ford rear end, limited slip, 3:50 gears
  • Exhaust: 2.5” Borla bed exit exhaust


  • Smoked headlights
  • Front fender tubs from Slosh Tubs
  • Custom rear fender tubs
  • Removed stake pockets from bed
  • Removed third brake light
  • Removed fuel door


  • Axalta Hyper Blue Metallic


  • 1959 Chevy Impala dashboard swap
  • Omega Kustom gauges
  • 1990 Suburban seats cut down and reshaped by Thomas at Top Shop in Cairo, Georgia
  • Custom built door panels and center console
  • Interior work done by Wesley Copeland
  • Retro style billet steering wheel black half-wrap
  • Stereo: Pioneer head unit, Pioneer components, Pioneer shallow mount 12-inch subwoofer, two HiFonics amplifiers

Wheels Tires 

  • Wheels: American Racing Burnouts
  • Tires: Front:22 x 8.5” Nitto 255-30-22 Rear: 22 x 10.5” Nitto 295-30-22